Chile Files Lawsuit Against Israeli Prime Minister, Accuses Israel of Crimes Against Humanity

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Vatic Note: Now we will find out just how effective and useful the UN truly is, or whether its an arm of the elite illums.  Their handling of this will tell us all we need to know. While I am happy he did it and hope that my concerns are not supported, I am going to express them anyway.  Here is my problem with this below.   He is a member of the Communist Party, and we are now fully aware of what that means, who created communism and for what reason.  Obama's czars that he appointed and were NOT approved by the Senate, are all avowed communists.  Their stated objective is to kill off 25 million Americans who are capitalists.  If this is for real, then the Israeli's must be having a fit. 

Communism, we finally learn is used to confiscate land and do away with private ownership, with the state running the show with respect to such land.  Then the government controlling that land contracts with private industry, such as  Exxon or BP, or Shell, getting so called contracts by the government to extract our wealth through resources, that used to belong to the public but now is owned and controlled by the bureaucrats and thus the fascists no longer have to pay royalties to either the the people through their government or to the previous land owner whose land was confiscated by the government.

They then enjoy massive increases in profits and who sits on the various boards of directors of these companies?  Right,  international Rothschild bankers and illuminati bloodlines.  Don't get me started..... lol    Now this man below could be a good guy who is as fooled as the rest of us about our particular party.  This maybe an indication that he is waking up.  I am going with that for now, since I see no way that the powers that be can benefit in anyway from such action. We do have to allow for that eventuality, since we are working so hard to wake such people up and must acknowledge it when they do wake up.  So, read and see what you think. 

We, the people, could file a lawsuit of our own.   If we can get a copy of what this man filed, then we could do a similar one here.  With more than just one country filing, there is a greater chance we can prevail.

Chile Files Lawsuit Against Israeli Prime Minister, Accuses Israel of Crimes Against Humanity

Global Research, August 25, 2014

Hugo Gutierrez (EFE)
On Friday, Chilean congressman Hugo Gutierrez (Communist Party) filed a lawsuit against the Israeli Prime Minister for “crimes against humanity”.

He was accompanied by the Palestinian Federation of Chile.

The congressman noted that various international organizations, such as the United Nations, have already described the Israeli attacks as “crimes against humanity”.

No one should be able to commit crimes against humanity without believing that they could be judged for them, he argued. “Thats why I find myself invoking the principle of universal jurisdiction in regard with these crimes,” he explained.

The principle of universal jurisdiction was used by Spain in the case of Augusto Pinochet, while the dictator was in London, and according to Gutierrez, by Israel for detaining and judging the Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

According to international humanitarian law, a military strike is illegal if it kills civilians, except if the death toll is judged proportionate to the concrete and direct military advantage the strike provided.

Yesterday, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro also criticized Israel, calling the PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, a “Herod of today”, citing the number of children in Palestine who have been killed.

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