Synagogue of Satan Jewish Ritual Murder MASSONERIA talmud kabbalah 2_24

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Vatic Note:   THEY WILL NOT LET ME PUT UP THE TEXT FROM THE VIDEO ONTO THIS SITE, so, go to the link and read it.   This is a very good David Icke video done way back in 2011.  We have done blogs proving much of what he says.  We even did blogs early on, about the Tavistock group which he mentions.  I like the format he used with the "City of London" inside the "City of London"  used as a backdrop to his history lesson which was also very good indeed.   Most importantly, it shows how much he knew before anyone else and he tried to tell us way back then, 3 years ago. 

There is no doubt this is a daunting read, but an extremely necessary one if we are to truly know the full extent of our problems and sources of those problems, along with their tools used to gain control over the globes population.  David also goes into "WHO" these people truly are.  With that one you will have to listen and decide for yourselves.

Part of this very long and arduous video is an interview with someone involved with the Illuminati at a very close level and who was mind controlled and worked for them under that control, so its a good video to pay close attention to and keep an open mind.  Do not decide what is truth until you have researched and checked it all out.  I am doing that myself. 

The detail with which he describes the historical path taken by these ancient psychopaths is impressive and well worth the time and attention that you will invest, in order to understand fully what is happening in your world as we speak.  Some say that David is part of the cabal, but I have no evidence that is the case since much of what he says is provable.

I realize that the cabal is perfectly capable of truth telling, that suits them, and they can then use it to manipulate us into doing their bidding and our own demise when the time comes. I believe we are seeing some of that right now in 2014, which is 3 years later.  Everything he is saying back in 2011, has come to pass or is in the process of coming to pass.  So, I would not discount him just yet. 

Even some of the comments on this video are very educational as well.  David goes into some serious depth on this video.  He even covers mind control, and mass manipulation of the public psychology.  Unlike many analysts, David even carries the entire issue of mass mind control over into the military and how that affects us all.  He covers "TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL" and explains the basis for it, and its good he did this because the illuminati use Trauma based mind control on their own children, to ensure they continue to carry on their agenda.  That is why they are so insane, and its worse each generation.

Synagogue of Satan Jewish Ritual Murder MASSONERIA talmud kabbalah 2_24 
Published by WakeUpUSAxRonPaul on Dec 2, 2011.


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