Cop Punches Woman In The Stomach, Crowd Outraged [VIDEO]

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Vatic Note:  Its time to put up a reminder of how all this works.   Homeland Security was created by the foreign infiltrators and controllers of our government after they had done the 9-11 terrorist act, just like they did the USS Liberty in 1967 and murdered 38 sailors and tried to blame it on Egypt.  We had survivors so they did not get away with it.   While we may not like those involved, it still does not negate the right to protest or free speech without police brutality.  She was unarmed, she was a woman, and not trained, he was trained to be able to bring her under control without punching her in the stomach.

So, now the foreign occupiers of our government have DHS where all of their terrorism, false flags, and spying can take place under their total control.   The dual israeli citizens have been running homeland security through SPLC and the ADL, which is the Mossad arm for spying etc on America.   So, whatever happens under DHS, is what the Israeli's want to happen and then protect those that do the terrorist deeds.

One of the functions of DHS is to set up and run the Federally funded FUSIA centers that train and militarize local law enforcement.  If you read the protocols written by these people in 1897, through Rothschild, you will see they believe that abject violence will intimidate the people and keep them under control, so the training of our local law enforcement has that concept at the heart of the training centers and its working to some degree.Remember some LEO's were trained in Tel Aviv to see it working there against the Palestinians.

Just a reminder, don't forget that the Attorney Generals office is under Homeland Security and that is why there is no prosecution, arrests, and convictions for all these terrorist acts that are done by these dual israeli citizens.  Same with all the mafia type crimes being committed as well.  Stock market manipulations, theft of trillions from retirement accounts,  pedophilia, etc etc.

Once you understand what, why and who, then this below makes perfect sense.  They are trying very hard to get us to respond violently so they can get our guns. Their false flags, like the Boston Marathon did not work, so now they are using real life to try to get us to react. After watching the video, I now know why they don't want us filming their fascist acts against the people.

Cop Punches Woman In The Stomach, Crowd Outraged [VIDEO]
by Chuck Ross | Daily Caller | June 17, 2014
Pittsburgh woman suffered a beating from a police officer, and the scene was caught on video.  (VN: See below article)

The attacked occurred on Sunday at Pittsburgh’s Pride in the Street festival, a gay and lesbian event.

A 15-second video posted online by a woman who witnessed the incident shows Pittsburgh police officer Souroth Chatterji tossing 19 year-old Ariel Lawthler to the ground and punching her in the stomach several times, according to WTAE.

The video begins with Chatterji tossing Lawthler to the ground.

A voice is heard on the recording shouting, “Well now she’s going to get arrested” over a bullhorn.

And then things got violent.

Lawthler struggled with Chatterji before he is seen punching her several times, landing a few blows in her midsection.

The crowd voiced their anger, with the videographer heard yelling, “What are you doing?!”

A police complaint filed after the incident sheds more light on what happened.

Lawthler was involved in an altercation with a group of people protesting the gay and lesbian event. When Chatterji intervened, he said that Lawthler began pushing him and striking him in the chest and groin area, according to WTAE.

Chatterji described the situation as a “rapidly evolving and tenuous situation.”

“I turned and saw Lawther who still had her hands up in a combative stance and her head lowered, thus I grabbed her hand,” wrote Chatterji in the complaint.

“Thus, to diffuse the situation quickly before I was attacked by the crowd once more, I punched Lawther in the left abdomen several times to distract her enough so I could handcuff her.”

Chatterji wrote in his report that Lawthler apologized after the incident, saying that she was not aware he was a police officer.

The incident is being investigated by the city.


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