David Duke Downplays Jewish/Khazar Connection. Henry Makow Responds!

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Vatic Note:  I really like Henry Makow's mind.  His responses to David Dukes ruminations are well thought out, rational and carry with them, true common sense and thoughtfulness.  This is very well done and food for thought, on both sides of the issue.   Just to add my two cents,  lets remember these khazars migrated into eastern Europe and no one denies that, and they did so after they had converted to Judaism.

You don't have the Torah Jews that had to seek asylum in London and NY, running around calling themselves "Khazars", now do you?   But we have these Khazars running around calling themselves Jews and yet they are practicing pagans and have paganized the Talmud.  They wrote in the protocols, which we published on this blog twice, that they were going to work through deception and use "Antisemitism" as a weapon of war to manipulate everyone for different reasons.  The biggest reason was to deflect critics from the "truth" and do it using that slur. 

The biggest deception was their using Jewish people as a front for blaming their acts against humanity, on the Jewish people.   Thus they decided to promote and advance "anti-semitism"  for just such a purpose and to manipulate, through fear,  those Jews who were truly trying to follow their faith, and those khazars who were thinking and beginning to act independent. They were manipulating them with fear to try and grab palestine with their support.

Rothschild had to have Palestine for his purposes, and the unity of the Jewish people was critical to his claim on Palestine.  So he used fear and intimidation. That fear and intimidation scared those calling themselves Jews, into migrating to Palestine after the war.   We presented evidence on this blog that Rothschild financed the KuKlux clan.  Now why would he do that if he were Jewish?  I mean real Jewish, not Khazarian Jewish. It would only make sense if he had an agenda he did not want publicized. 

David Duke Downplays Jewish-Khazar Connection 

June 17, 2014

khazar rabbis-1.jpg
(left, Khazar Rabbis)

The Khazar-Jewish connection
is too important to be dismissed.

Common sense tells us that five million Jews could not appear in Poland/ Russia
after the decline of the Khazarian empire in the Tenth Century unless they were Khazars.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We owe David Duke a debt of gratitude for continuing to sound the alarm about Jewish Supremacism. But lately Duke has made statements that undermine our cause. Recently, I chided him for calling The Protocols of Zion a "work of imagination" like George Orwell's 1984. The protocols are genuine.

This was the second of two missteps. In April, Duke wrote a long article,"Rethinking the Khazar Theory" that rejects the widely held view that the Jews descend from the Khazars.  He cites numerous genetic studies that link modern Jews to the Hebrews; compares their appearance; and reminds us of the continuity of Jewish warlike and predatory behavior.

This article had Duke's supporters scratching their heads because it seems to support Zionist claims to Palestine. Not so, says Duke.

"No matter what the case, there is no moral justification for the Jewish terrorist creation of Israel.  It is a crime against humanity to drive hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from their land and homes, terrorize them and murder thousands, just because of a claim that one's distant ancestors supposedly lived there millennia ago. 

If this "logic" is carried through to its conclusion, then it would be "justified" to drive from their homes 99.9 percent of the people alive on planet Earth--because there is hardly a region on earth that has not been subjected to invasions or migrations throughout history."

duke-on-video.pngSo why does the Khazar theory bother him? He believes that somehow the Khazar theory was constructed by "Communist Jews" to cover up the fact that Jews are a race. Duke writes:

"How convenient it is to suggest that Jews are not a race, not a related people that gives them a unity and strength in conflict with other peoples.
One cannot explain the power of Zionism unless one understands Jewish tribalism. Jewish tribalism (racism) and favoritism and preference for fellow Jews combined with discrimination against non-Jews ultimately enables them to take over almost any institution. 

Without Jewish racism, Zionism could not flourish, for that is what gives the Jewish extremists its enormous economic, media and political influence. This is a Jewish Supremacist tactic: They disguise Jewish racism through religious dogma, rather than admitting ethnic nationalism.

Their psychology in saying the Jews are not a race goes like this: "How can the Jews be racists if they are not a race?"

This begs the question, why can't  Khazars be a race? Why can't Jews descend from Khazars (Turkish Mongols) and follow a racist agenda? If they bought the "Jewish" franchise by converting to Judaism, they regarded themselves as "God's Chosen People."  The Jews are a self-created, reality-creating people. They are the "Jewish" race of Khazars. ( While Jews exhibit many racial characteristics, I still believe that Jews are primarily defined by Cabalist Judaism, which is a satanic cult.)


Duke is mistaken to downplay the Khazar theory. The New World Order is a recrudescence of Khazar imperialism. The Bolshevik Revolution was payback for the defeat of the Khazars by the Russians in the Tenth Century. For every genealogical study that says Jews descend from Hebrews, there is another that says they are Khazars. Common sense tells us that five million Jews could not appear in Poland/ Russia after the defeat of the Khazarian empire in the Tenth Century unless they were Khazars.

elena kagan.jpg(left, Jewish Supreme Court Judge Elena Kagan. Kagan was the term for the Khazar king.)

Jews have long acknowledged that 95% of today's Jews descend from Khazars. The Jewish Encyclopedia for 1925 writes that the "Khazars are a people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginning of the Jews of Russia."

Abraham Poliak, Professor of Medieval Jewish History at Tel Aviv University writes, the descendents of Khazars "constitute now the large majority of world Jewry."  (Khazaria-The History of a Jewish Kingdom in Europe, 1951) 
According to to the American Peoples's Encyclopedia (1964), "In the year 740 AD, the Khazars were officially converted to Judaism. A century later they were cursed by the incoming Slavic-speaking people and were scattered over central Europe where they were known as Jews." (15, p. 292)
The Encyclopedia Americana (1985) states: "The Khazars are believed to be the ancestors of  most Russian and Eastern European Jews."

These Khazar Jews were known as Ashkenazi and they make up over 90% of the Jewish population, not just 60% as David Duke says in his article. 

Valdas Anelauskas writes: "The Khazars' and their modern day descendents claim to being Jews is strictly religious." 

He says these Jews flourished in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine throughout the medieval and modern periods. They administered feudal oppression for the aristocracy and thus earned the enmity of the peasants. They monopolized the alcohol, timber, textile, fur and luxury trades, and competed with their hosts for political control.  Jews were distinguished by their black coats and side-locks, and "their nervous gestures, continually emphasizing the spoken word, and their characteristic feverish haste."  The Yiddish language was adapted from constant contact with German traders.  (Russia and Zionism, Lecture Two.)

The tendency to "continually emphasize the spoken word" struck a chord with me, a Khazar Jew. Jews are very verbal. Law comes naturally because the spoken word is a contract. But this tendency has severe limitations. Language is only a part of communication and lends itself to deception. In terms of true understanding, words are superficial.


David Duke's motivation for arguing that Jews do not descend from the Khazars is gratuitous. The Jews are as much a race as Khazars as they would be as Biblical Hebrews.
His dismissal of the Khazar connection is hasty, irresponsible and makes no sense.

The Jewish New World Order is a recrudescence of Khazar imperialism. As Anelasukas writes, Jews view Russia as "the force which caused the ancient so-called empire of the Jews, the Khazar empire to collapse. Having once dominated much of what is present-day Russia, the Khazar Jews still want to reestablish that domination-- and for a millennium they have been continually trying to do just that."  

  - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/06/David-Duke-Downplays-Jewish-Khazar-Connection%20.html#sthash.6RP6c3ya.dpuf

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