Just Look at All the False Flag Operations Done to "TRY" and Take Our Guns, While Stirring up Hatred Against Muslims Again..

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Just Look at All the False Flag Operations Done to "TRY" and Take Our Guns, While Stirring Up Hatred Against Muslims Again.
by the Vatic Master,  Vatic Project, 6/17/2014

I saw this below on a link about the shooting hoax in Iraq, and realized just how desperate these insane ones are to try and get our guns.  They cannot succeed without them.   They must have the guns if they are to prevail and right now, nothing is working.   We simply will not give them up.  That means they have to violently get them from us and who knows what that will trigger.

The sheep will wake up suddenly and completely once the powers that be try to take their weapons.   It will finalize their awakening since the seeds of dissention have been planeted by blogs like this one, and they will grow and take  hold, once the evil ones try to take the guns.  That will result in the "second shot heard round the world" if they try.  The geography of this country will not allow them to prevail and hold territory, if they do not get the guns and they KNOW it too.

This country is still too wild and rugged to be contained and held as the British discovered during our first revolution.  Then it was a no brainer, but until they can get them from us, they will remain behind in their scheduling of the final take over of this country.  Even WW III would have to be put on hold  until then.

That will tick off the Bilderberg money people, to no end. I suspect this subject was the full agenda of the Bilderberg meeting this year. Too bad we did not have Tucker this time to tell us what was on their agenda like he has in the past.  That is one good reason we miss him.

Read all these links below and see just how desperate these evil ones are getting, since none of their false flags are working.  Every single one has been exposed so far and that has made the grassroots even more determined to keep their guns.

Why do they need the guns?  

We are the bankers designated losers of WW III, and then, like in WW II, the enemy occupies the conquored subjects of the land.  If the US is occupied but armed, in numbers bigger than the military of both Russia and China, then they will definitely have a major problem.  Remember, both Russia and China work for the elite bankers as we have discussed before on here. So they will do the occupying for the bankers as the allies did for the bankers in Germany. 

That means these countries would lose valuable military men to sniper shooting and guerrilla warfare, which ensures a loss for the occupiers. Remember, there are currently record sales of guns right now in America and the last count I had heard was 308 million guns are out there in the hinterland.   Just how is a military of a million men going to collect 308 million guns from 380 million people, without serious loss of life of their trained experienced military men?    THEY AREN'T!  I can assure you of that.

So read this below and see just  how desperate these evil ones are. This was all done to try and get the support of the liberal gun control advocates. Who controls the movie production industry?   Who controls the News media?  Both electronic and written?    Yup, so the only way they had left open to them was to produce false flag events to scare us and it got exposed and hasn't worked.

What it has done is made the apathetic become more responsive to voting and becoming much more vigilant. Cantors loss to a tea party member, proved it.   That was not in the bankers plan for taking over this nation.  So read and see what I mean.  Each link covers in detail the false flag and how they were discovered to be false flags.   These are well worth the read.

The False Witnesses of the Canadian Shooting Hoax

June 16, 2014

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