AIPAC Eric Cantor Defeated By University Professor Tea Party Candidate David Brat In Virginia

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Vatic Note:  Its time for all the sold out traitors to be kicked out of office and pronto.  I don't care which party is at risk, since both parties have sold out to the powers that be, as we saw with Obama's continuation of the Bush Jr's policy of attacking the Bill of Rights with Obama finishing the job.  

Remember, that Obama kept Gates as Secretary of  Defence who was a Bush appointment.  I asked myself "Why?".   The only reason I could come up with is that Bush and Obama were on the same team and they needed Gates for continuity between the two leaders.   I bet I was right. 

Bush was the set up man and Obama was the hammer to bring it all down.  Now there appears to be a battle occuring at the top of the evil ones pile.   Rockefeller vs Rothschild.  That has filtered down to the grassroots level and its beginning to show.  

Its the only explanation for the 28 dead bankers.  It will be worth the effort to track these candidates across the nation to determine if this is a result of fraudulent vote count or just another more elaborate scam with the teaparty candidate as the new Eric Cantor working for AIPAC and the khazar bankers. I trust neither party at all. 

AIPAC Eric Cantor Defeated By University Professor Tea Party Candidate David Brat In Virginia
by Admin,  Culture of Life News,  6/11/2014

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The exact same wave of revulsion that swept Europe this year is sweeping the US.  Liberals are doing poorly.  As I have warned over and over again, backing open immigration is a direct attack on workers who are citizens and this is increasingly unpopular and then there is good old global warming: this is roasting liberals badly especially as it has been cooling lately.

The average person gets quite angry when, the first week of the month, they stand in line in grocery stores with a few items in the cart and worried about severe food inflation and a food stamp person has a huge cartload of stuff and gleefully gets $150 in groceries for free.

All this is due to the depression we have been in.  Across the planet, liberals backed open borders to let in floods of economic refugees seeking jobs, social services and criminal opportunities in first world nations.

This, in turn, has destroyed the working class in these countries and now we are in a full scale backlash. We see in Europe how the elites are now bombing civilians in Eastern Ukraine and the billionaire ruler put in power there talking openly about launching WWIII with Russia and our elites cheer this on, too.

The election in Virginia threw out the #1 AIPAC Republican, the enforcer for that foreign lobby who hoped to be the first Jewish Leader of the House. Instead, he was slapped down, big time, by conservatives worried about open borders.

The real irony here is, Cantor HATES open borders…in his home state of Israel.  There, wall building and stealing land is a great idea and no one can come there without permission of the Jews here in the US.

What I like about the NYT headlines is the one saying, ‘Cantor’s loss is not easy to explain’.  HAHAHA.  It is very easy to explain.  Immigration ‘reform’ was all about legalizing illegal aliens who were brought in to force down wages and have compliant labor fearful of being deported.

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The ‘reforms’ are now dead.  The Washington Post is wondering if Democrats voted for the ‘bad’ candidate in the primary.  In the Confederate South, this is due to states passing laws allowing voting in each other’s primaries mainly so GOP supporters can vote in really awful candidates in Democratic primaries. Now, this is backfiring on them as expected.  Corrupting the concept of party loyalty is a true boomerang.
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I have run primaries against powerful, entrenched figures and won.  Elizabeth Holtzman’s first office in NYC was courtesy of my support, we ousted a top Democrat who was head of the City Council, a very powerful position.  All you have to do is not have lots of money but lots of street support.  We frantically went around the community bringing our supporters to vote in the primary, we even provided babysitting services or drove people to the polls.  It works like magic.

The Huffington Post is happy Cantor was defeated but on the other hand, refuses to recognize the true story which is all about illegal aliens pouring into the country:  So Who’s The Guy Who Just Beat Eric Cantor? Meet Dave Brat

Brat is an economics and ethics professor at Randolph-Macon College. He has an average rating of 3.4 from RateMyProfessor.com… He got a bachelor’s degree in business from Hope College, a Masters in Divinity from Princeton and a Ph.D. in Economics from American University…

He’s a real stickler for attendance.

According to the course outline for a class he taught in 2004, he required his students to submit “typed notes summarizing the day’s reading to enter class,” while “Four misses in this class results in automatic dismissal from the class.”

Brat has taught classes for a program sponsored by BB&T bank that aims to spread Ayn Rand’s principles to college students. Brat got a $500,000 grant from the bank to bring the program to Randolph-Macon College and co-authored a paper titled “An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand.”

Cantor’s campaign labeled Brat as a “liberal economics professor,” however.
Eric Cantor deserves to be slapped down, big time. His ploy of painting an obvious conservative as a liberal is typical GOP fear mongering.  The other funny thing is, this professor kept his classes in line via severe punishments if they goof off and he forced them to prove they studied for the class in a way I totally approve.  Classes are now a joke on many campuses where one can drink, have sex and be on perpetual vacation while collecting money from the Feds.  Which has to be paid back and sadly, many young people don’t think about the future much.
These Pinocchios think universities are Islands of Bad Boys.  Then they are turned into donkeys harnessed by a lifetime of heavy debt they can’t escape, ever, not even in death if mom and dad sign the debt papers for them.

Obama vows urgent action as children flock into U.S. illegally: the hour that Obama and the Democrats said unilaterally that immigration will do nothing if children are dropped off at the border, thus letting them in, a flood of children were produced like magic.  They filled all the immigration holding systems and now army bases are being opened for this tsunami of illegality.  This is highly unpopular and couple this with the huge jumps in electricity costs with zero efforts to help people living in cold climates cope with blizzards, all in the name of making it even colder in winter, will hammer liberals in two years.

All the good liberal things are being drowned by the ‘let’s let in all illegal aliens’ and ‘we are going to roast to death in winter!’ liberals.  This disgusts me.  For the right wing is very anti-civil rights of full citizens, gays, women, blacks, etc.  I am 100% against this.  And the US right unlike European right groups, is against social services of any sort.  No national socialists here.  They are for the primitive Victorian model forgetting that that model depended on…cheap immigrant labor!  And worse: SLAVERY which drove down wages of workers very hard in the South.

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