NJ Cop On Power-Trip Tries To Steal Teen Camera For Recording Incident

Vatic Note:  This is what happens when you have the kHazars running Homeland security and training our LEO's in Israel and teaching them how to be brutal and murder unarmed citizens, and pick on children for no reason in order to instill fear sufficient to have citizens grow up to "CONTROL THEMSELVES" for you.

Its a lot cheaper than doing it forcefully with a hired army.  "FEAR" is their new security force.  Imagine the horror of growing up afraid all the time.  We must fight that like nothing else we have ever fought for.  Its for the "children".  Let them be kids for as long as they can.

Just look at the Israeli children and young adults.  They speak hatefully and fearfully.  What a sad indictment on that society.  We must NOT let that happen to us.  When you grow up in fear, then hate becomes your protection against others who are not like you.  WE must never let that happen here.

Now, tell me who is training our cops that NEVER used to be like this until the past several years?  FUSIA centers run by the foreign occupiers of our government are the ones training these cops and we don't know if that training includes a form of mind control.  That would be interesting to persue.   Check out these links and tell me that is America as we grew up in?  Not my America.  But it does look like some foreign countries, that we all know, when they deal with their own indigenous population.

Now watch these videos to see just how bad this has become.   We best get a handle on this right now before they take it too far.

Cop Breaks 84 year olds neck, for touching him.

Tyranny USA -- Unarmed Man Shot Dead By Police While Watering Neighbor's Lawn

Cop Loses It When Denied To Search Without A Warrant

Now we know why everyone is responding to the emerging police state as if it were some other country, and not the America that we have known for 240 years.   We need to clean out those "foreign Occupiers" doing this kind of work here to try and get us to overthrow our government.  

Its long past time to officially start arresting officers who break the law, and if the powers that be do not, then they are eligible for arrest for not enforcing the laws, which then they qualify for the same penalty as those would have who were not prosecuted.  Its actually something we can force to happen.  

NJ Cop On Power-Trip Tries To Steal Teen Camera For Recording Incident 

Published by James on 12160,  Sep 28, 2012
A New Jersey cop, who did not appreciate being video recorded by a 15-year-old boy, threatened to steal the teen's camera forever.


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