Secret Veterans Death List Discovered

Vatic Note:   I am a veteran and I belong to our local "Veterans for Veterans" group.   We come together to help other vets who are in trouble, homeless, jobless, etc.  Our group is growing and it is rewarding to see the vets coming out of the wood work to help others. 

Its obvious this was written by a liberal, as he equates militia with White Supremacists, at least he does today, but tomorrow, when that militia shows up to protect him and his family,  that may change.  I do want to address this comment he made since its a comment of "division", that we, the people, cannot afford at this time.  I would like him and all who do not know much about the militia, to listen up a minute.

Read this at this link below.  Its important and you will see why our founding fathers knew it was critical to have a citizens militia and with what is on with the attack against our trained soldiers in so many ways, then this below becomes important, especially the training and the 3 ways to identify a mole from enemies domestic.   Without a standing militia of citizens at the local level,  we are without protection should the need arise.  The need has certainly arisen.  

Its time we got to truly know our own Constitution and why these things were included.   The framers knew what they were dealing with way better than we do, but we are learning fast, unfortunately.  We have a foreign occupied government and that alone makes this a critical issue and a uniting one.


Secret Veterans Death List Discovered
by Gordon Duff, Senior  Editor, Veterans Today,  4/24/14

Editor’s note:  The story below outlines the criminal abuse of America’s veterans.  Were these cows, perhaps the white supremacist militias might be involved.  Sheriffs around the US are fully complicit, not only failing to investigate crimes under their jurisdiction but also have used their “blue gang” to silence pro-veteran whisleblowers.

We have many instances of this.  Similarly, the American Legion has been too busy worried about the Mohave Cross to involve themselves in veterans healthcare scandals.  Even CNN has done more.  Sad.g

When CNN reported on this, for a third time, they acted surprised.  The DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) had ignored their three previous reports of acts that constitute, minimally, negligent homicide in some cases, in others, 2nd degree murder.

They list over 40 dead.  It is our suspicion, and hardly unfounded, that the number exceeds 100,000.

They were suprised that congress has done nothing yet has known about this for years.  In fact, this is barely an issue for service organizations.  The “bingo and booze” brigade has other items higher on their agenda.

(VN:  go to the link above and watch the video at Vets Today site.  I can't obtain the embedded, since the PTB do not want this one up, and I don't blame them, since its part of their targeting depopulation agenda, not only because many are seniors, but because vets are a threat to them in helping us win WW III, since we are the designated losers, they cna't have good VA health care, he said there is as much as 100,000 on that death list.)

Please watch the entire video, all of it.  Veterans Today thanks CNN for this excellent report.

When one of our own groups picketed a massive VA facility for its acts of denial of care and massive corruption, the VA sent out police and then thugs to attack our members, average age 76. Two of our own died during the protest, Steve Palmer and Daniel Overmyer, both decorated World War II veterans.

On another front, over 200 veterans who made complaints to the Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General were illegally prosecuted in order to shut them up.

The OIG went directly to local and federal prosecutors, after scrounging through healthcare records of veteran whistleblowers. However, the DVA/OIG has no police power and is legally prohibed from such acts, which are, in themselves, criminal.

Can we call it terrorism?
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Anonymous said...

Vatic Master: Let me point out that POST TRAMATIC STRESS SYNDROME PTSS or Disorder is a smoke screen used by Elite CONTROLLERS TO HIGE AND COVER UP THE TRUE CAUSES WHICH IS CHEMICALS AND dEPLETED uRANIUM AND THE vACINATIONS THEY GIVE. PTSD IS A WEAPON THAT fEDS USE AGAIUNST vETERANS. ALSO fEDS Reject TOXIC BRAIN SYNDROME...What JB Campbell of American Defense Party saying how Feds use Vets and then trash them is true. Death to ZOG amnd all its Judeo Masonic Controllers who are traitors....and the Khazar Scum Bags...

Vatic Master said...

I believe you are right. In fact, it was Kissinger who said, right in front of witnesses, that soldiers were just cannon fodder for their wars. He does not realize he was talking about our spouses, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, so good luck getting us to fight in any of their bogus so called wars. They are nothing more than false flags on a much larger scale.

Well, lets see, since I can feel people seething with a slow building anger like nothing I have ever seen before and when that cover goes, I would not want to be one of those bankers and everyone knows the difference between the "international bankers" and our local community bankers.

What we need to get out on the streets every where are quotes from these khazars, like Kissinger, who say these things like we are nothing more than a piece of meat to them. We will see who the piece of meat turns out to be.