Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!

Vatic Note: If this is true, then  the scam was expansive and deep, and included the whole doggone town, and this proves it.  Remember, this is the town that is the central headquarters for the eastern seaboard's Satanic Society.   That speaks volumes right there.  It should cause us pause to know that one town contains so many  of them that it becomes the headquarters for this insane satanic coven.

I say "If this is true", because these devils are experts at deception, so who  knows, since they can bogus up any public records they choose, but I am putting it up anyway, just to show that either they paid these people off or they are so deceptive that you can believe nothing of what they say about anything.  We are truly on our own and we need to start thinking that way.  All we have is ourselves and each other.

This below makes sense since I had always wondered why the town people never made a peep about all the abnormalities involved in this venture. Almost every town has dissidents, but we have heard from none of them, if there are any.  Remember, that school had been closed since 2008, so it was not functioning as a school with students and teachers when this farse was created.  And not one person told the alternative press about it. 

This was just another movie production by the khazars who run the movie industry and their actors were used and none of the towns people were complaining or telling us the truth about the school.  So I guess this was the payoff for such cooperation. Once this gets out, watch and see if they don't try to make it a mistake of some kind, but too much has happened to let this go unquestioned and unanswered.

Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses! 

Published by LogicBeforeAuthority, on Mar 16, 2014
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The Sandy Hook vid is private