Study: Nearly 5 million elderly go hungry in US

Vatic Note:   It has come to my attention that all elderly and "permanently handicapped"  have had their food stamps cut down to $15 per months, in order to provide food stamps to the illegal immigrants coming into our country.   What we are seeing here is an excellent example of what we can expect in a global One World Order. This is "EUGENICS" that was criminalize in the 1920's when the robber barons first tried to get public acceptance of the concept of "killing off the useless feeders"  which would be the seniors and permanently handicapped that are not productive slaves within the system.  So starve them to death.

This is a shift by our "foreign infiltrated and occupied government" from a sovereign nation willing to take care of its poor elderly and permanently handicapped who spent their lives helping build the nation into what it was today,  into a "global government" determined to rid the planet of her so called elderly and disabled "useless feeders" (what is good for the individual) in favor of the more productive younger slave workers (what is good for society, which really means "What is good for the fascists pocket book and profits" GMO is the same thing.  You eat the food that kills slowly, work til you are 40 and then drop dead from organ failure and they don't have to support you then.  They can then steal your retirement accounts since you are already dead.  Pond scum! ).

That was written up by Rahm Emanuals brother, Ezekiel, (Obama's appt to the Obamacare board) on Eugenics, which was about trading in our national culture of valuing individual life, for  a new cultural perspective, of "What is valuable for society".  Even that is a  lie,  He really meant "What is valuable for the Corporate fascist grinding machine."

What this article shows us is that shift in real terms without all the window dressing.  It means intentionally killing off all useless feeders (Except the "useless feeder elites").  What got to me is the cruel way they chose to rid the planet of these people.  Starving them to death is one of the cruelest and least humane of all the choices they had.

Its a cruel and inhumane act to "tell these elderly" that after following the rules and playing the game as demanded, they are now no longer wanted and to "hurry up and die".  I can't imagine how horrible that must feel after all those years of giving, paying and contributing.

What a reward for doing right all your life based on societies values at the time.  These people occupying our government and running it into the ground, are totally incompetent to run a laundrymat much less something as serious as a government.

Study: Nearly 5 million elderly go hungry in US
By Press TV,  April 25, 2014


Nearly 5 million senior citizens above the age of 60 in the United States suffer from food insecurity and go hungry due to financial strains, a shocking study has revealed.

"In 2011, 8.35 percent of Americans over age 60 faced the threat of hunger - that translates to 4.8 million people," Craig Gundersen, a professor at the University of Illinois, said.

These seniors who are dealing with hunger experience negative health outcomes, according to the study that used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Due to inadequate access to food, seniors end up consuming fewer calories, vitamins and other essential nutrients, becoming vulnerable to an array of ailments.

"Seniors who are food insecure reported higher incidence of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, gum disease, and a host of other health problems than adults their age who are food secure," Gundersen said. "In addition, food-insecure seniors have worse general health outcomes, more daily activity limitations, and are more likely to suffer from depression.”

The presence of grandchildren at home also impacts food insecurity of the elderly, said the study.

"Food insecurity rates among seniors were almost three times as high if grandchildren were present in the home in comparison to homes without grandchildren present," Gundersen said.

Hunger and its serious health consequences are one of the most formidable public health challenges facing the United States today, particularly among older people.

According AARP, nearly 9 million Americans over age 50 are at risk of hunger every day, a staggering 79 percent increase since 2001.

The recession has made the hunger problem much worse, particularly among older people 50-59 who are usually too young for Social Security and Medicare and too old for programs that help families with children.

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