Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill? Part 1 of 2

Vatic Note:  This video is a good part 1 of 2 to be put up.   Its like a summary of the second part which is extremely comprehensive and very well documented on Hillary's career.... yes, she had one even as Bill was Governor of Arkansas, she had her role and played it as you will see in the video below.   This fully covers all of her doings from when they first married on through to the White House, her stint as Senator of New York, and her ongoing relationship with the khazars of Israel and banking.

These are up because we can see preparations once again for another Presidential election and this time, we doggone best have a better understanding in all areas of her history, both past and more recent in order to better judge than  we have in the past since JFK was assassinated.   We are on the verge  of losing our nation, and there is a point in which we have to start taking some responsibility for what happens to us, by being a lot more diligent in monitoring, recording and analyzing those who wish to lead us into the next century.   I believe this will be one of the most important elections of this century.

I started with this one because Brother Nathanael is Jewish and a convert to Christianity and so far, he has been spot on in his knowledge, sources and truth fact finding about all that he has brought to us and now we have a back up in part 2, of this one, that technically, and documentably supports Brother Nathanael in his presentation on this video below. 

We need to view these candidates with a fine tooth comb before we decide.  Remember, there is no difference between the parties since they are both handled, managed and controlled by the khazar Rothschild Zionists in International banking.  Unfortunately we found that out the hard way with both Bush and Obama.  Lets not make the same mistake twice.

The good news is that the people are waking up big time, since MSM viewing has dropped on all stations a whopping 60%.   That means they are losing revenues from  advertisers.   Maybe they will wake up and take back from us, the job they were suppose to be doing as the  nations fourth column to warn us of evil doings.  The bad news is "they may not care at this point".   Anyway stick with it.  It will definitely be worth your while.  

Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill?   Part 1 of 2 

Published by Brother Nathanael on Mar 17, 2012


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