A MUST READ: Australia, A fractured Country - CSG Coal Seam Gas lock the gate2

Vatic Note:  Well, this is what happens when the Australian people ignore all the warnings their more aware people had tried to give forth about  what was coming and the direction they were pushing this country and got rejected.   It has happened here in Canada and the USA already as well.

The flood in Northern Colorado destroyed so many of the topped off field equipment as a result of the fracking in Colorado, resulting in serious pollution on a level never before experienced and the pollution is unassailable.   No one knows what it will take to recover the lakes, rivers, streams, and soil and what impact it will have on our farm land and food growing.  This video below is extremely educational since it deals with the uncontrollable effects on our health of having these things in our world, and the destruction it is doing to the earth.

We put this up because this could be our country once these banker/energy companies take total control of our nation with no accountability for their actions.   We have already seen more than we wanted to, in their attitudes about being accountable.   In watching this video below, you will see just how vulnerable the earth and our lives are to this fracking.  Just the damage to our water alone is unfixable.

These fascists zionist bankers commit felony crimes with no prosecution so this is going to be even harder to get any control over where they are concerned.  Remember these bankers own most energy companies,  thus we have this problem,  and they also own most of the "military industrial complex companies' and thus we get wars that kill our children. 

To be honest,  gas heat is the worst heat source so far that I have experienced.  The best is wood heat since it radiates into the entire structure and lasts a long time after the fire dies.  Oil is next, but gas is actually a cold heat and expensive for the lack of performance that I have experienced with it. 

A fractured Country - CSG Coal Seam Gas lock the gate2
Published by Bodog Hima · on Nov 6, 2013
This is a factual documentary showing how Fracking for CSG is destroying our country in so many ways.

I am by no way a green person, I am a capitalist (if that's the right way to put it), but this is government corruption at its worst in Australia. 

Australia will be destroyed and will literally become a gas mine field. The CSG companies will come to your town, your neighborhood. Your water will be unfit for household use. This will be much worse than asbestos!

A shocking, must watch documentary.


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