Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection

Vatic Note:  This story could and will be about your children if these evil foreign occupiers of our nation ever gain total control of the globe.  These methods for depopulating this planet are called "The Soft Kill" method of extermination.  It avoids the attention they would have gotten if they had been killed in a camp somewhere, as was the case in WW II.

These zionist bankers were the same ones that did WWII where the fascist NWO was suppose to emerge, but did not.  As you can see they use the same tactics that worked in the past, and had to find new ideas for the ones that did not work which is why they have still not achieved their agenda.

Think about the time, emotions, energy, life force, that this woman contributed to the life of her boy and contributed to what he would have become had he lived and now its all gone.  Its as if her life around  her son had just disappeared like it never happened and all because of squalene and mercury in those vaccines.

The Doctors are still trying to say it was rare and not common fr this to happen. Maybe if they asked their owners nicely, (the drug companies) they might let the doctors tell the truth on every tues at midnight.  Eyes rolling upward !

Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection
by admin, Vaccine Liberation Army,   11/24/2013
SANDY, Utah –A Brighton High School graduate is dead and his mother believes it’s because of a flu shot.

Lori Webb is beyond grateful to the doctors who tried to save her son, and she said even they can’t agree on what killed 19-year-old Chandler Webb.
She said his health unraveled right after a flu shot.  If that’s what killed him, health officials said it would be a first in Utah.

“You can’t describe how hard it is to lose a child,” Lori Webb said. “I hate that I have to bury my son.”

A month ago, Chandler was his typical happy and healthy self. Gearing up for an LDS mission, he went to a Sandy pediatrician for a physical.  “This was his first flu shot, he never had one before,” Lori Webb said.

Less than 24 hours later, Chandler became violently ill.  “He said he never shook so hard his whole life,” Lori Webb said. “He had the worst headache, throw up.”
 On Oct. 23, he ended up at IMC in Murray with a team of six doctors trying to understand why the 19 year old was so ill.

“They checked every virus, every tick, every fungus,” Lori Webb said.
The tests came back negative.  Lori said most of the doctors dismissed the flu vaccine. Only one said it was a possibility. By that point, Chandler’s brain swelled, and he slipped into a coma he would never wake from.

“He was 19, he was so happy,” Lori Webb said. “I hate what he went through in the hospital. when you’re in a coma, you still suffer.”

Doctor Allyn Nakashima is the state epidemiologist and is aware of Chandler’s case. Health officials said, as far they know, there’s never been a death in Utah due to the flu vaccine but Dr. Nakashima said it is possible.

“We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine,” Nakashima said. “It’s very rare, and we can’t necessarily say there’s a cause and effect here, we can say there’s an association.”

If the flu vaccine took Chandler Webb’s life, Dr. Nakashima says it’s one of those extremely rare cases and she hopes it doesn’t discourage the public from getting flu shots.   (VN: Now that comment is proving these people are totally insane. This kid was a grown man, can you imagine what it would do to a child?  We are as crazy as they are if we ever take another flu shot.  More are dying from the shot than from the flu.   So its a no brainer.)


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littleangel911 said...

I get so much redicule when I speak against these shots of death. I refuse to take anymore d/t being violently ill after receiving hep b shot. I work as a RN & last year every person who had the shot had the flu. Some very ill & hospitalized. One died. They make me sign,a paper stating that I refuse. My son had his first flu shot this year & had same symptoms as this young man did in this article, severe headaches, throwing up,no energy. If I'd known his company was implementing them I would of advised him to refuse. Look at what they done to all these beautiful babies, they will never have a normal life. Evil doesn't even begin to describe.