Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Part 2 of 2

Vatic Note:   There are two ways to look at this exposure which is awesome, and truely supported by witnesses and documents for this film.... First, you could see this as her enemies trying to bring Hillary down by those that do not want to have to deal with her mano et mano since she has a habit of winning and getting her way.

The second way you could look at this was to show the true nature of this woman which is no different than the true nature of all the Zionist bankers candidates  that they had total control of on both sides of the aisle.  But in her case, she would be slated to lose the election since its now the GOP's turn to bring down the final hammer in order to facilitate that revolution they need to weaken the nation for WW III and ensure our loss.

All we have to do is look at what has gone on in the past.  After Kennedy was killed, the Zionist bankers took over complete control of our government and how they did that was using the "false bogus" divide between right and left.  Then assigning a CFR advisor in all areas of government under the guise of helping the candidate navigate the various issues, like Foreign affairs, or interior, etc.

We all now  know that the CFR is the operational and controlling arm used by these Zionist bankers and their illuminati bloodlines to complete their infiltration in key areas such as defense and intel in order to use the US's advanced weaponry, techniques, strategy and various tactics, so the PTB could then pass those on to their infiltrated minions who then  would militarily achieve the goals of the zionists for Israel.

So far, through Kissinger for Nixon (GOP),  Zbig for Carter,DEM, Then Bush controlling Reagan (GOP) who was suppose to lose to Bush, but won anyway, then Bush tried to assassinate Reagan, and failed, so things got out of order at that point, so it was  Bush Sr, (GOP) who made it next, back on schedule, it was then Clinton (DEM) and  Bush Jr, next, GOP and finally Obama DEM.   So now its the turn of the GOP to finalize the last stage, and after the war and our loss, the
DEMS would take over if there is even an election at that point.

This is explaining why the PTB are setting Hillary up to lose the election to the GOP, and that GOP person will belong to the men behind the curtain, just like Hillary is.  Needless to say I am voting for the second option, since these PTB know how to clean up the background and history of anyone running for office, as the case of Obama proved.  Since they have not even attempt to clean up her stuff and in fact, had to have leaked much of this out and supplied the supportive witnesses to ensure she loses.   That is why I believe all of this has been released.

The final objective was to end all in a major third and final World war, with the USA as the loser and occupied by the winners, Russia and China.  At that point the PTB would be safe from our 380 million rebels while keeping the country under the thumb of those occupying foreign troops just like they did in Nazi Germany with the allies as the occupiers.

Notice the alterating party in each 8 year election cycle that would win the White House,  do dirty deeds to attack America such as 9-11 so they could implement a full fledged police state without us rebelling by blaming the party in office.  That kept the nation divided.  Well, this is a continuation of that practice, unbeknownst to Hillary.   She actually thinks they are going to let her win, when in fact, its not the dems turn, rather its the GOP's turn to finalize this take down.

Remember, the POWERS THAT BE NEED AND HAVE PROMOTED A DIVIDE BETWEEN  AMERICANS BY PARTY, BY DECLARING A MAJOR CIVIL WAR IS COMING.  Now are they prescient?  NO, are they truthful?  NO, are they manipulative and prone to engaging in false flags?  YES.  That is why all these deceptive gyrations to manipulate us into hating each other.  THIS NATION HAS NEVER DIVIDED AND THERE FORE HAS ALWAYS REMAINED UNITED AND WARLESS WITHIN, except under Lincoln when the states divide by geography.

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full- Part 2 of 2 
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