Child Psychologist: six year old kissing girl normal behavior

Vatic Note:   Here is the news broadcast where a child psychologist makes the observation that not only is it normal, for a 6 yr old to hug and kiss a girl on the cheek, but punishing a 6 year old for sexual harassment can be seriously damaging which makes a whole lot more sense to me.   What is happening in our schools is any child that exhibits a unique and genuine personality is considered abnormal and is either suspended as this one is, since he is apparently quite smart,  or he is drugged to mold him into being like everyone else and allows the adults the pleasure of not having to deal with a child being a child.  

Its a dictatorship/tyrants wet dream to have the ability to kill the initiative in children when they are young instead of having to deal with them and their individuality and independance later in life when  they are adults.   This is the best way to ensure that does not happen for these tyrants.   This has nothing to do with what they are saying it has to do with.  It has to do with "TEACHING CHILDREN, WHO IS IN CONTROL OF THEM AND THE USELESSNESS OF RESISTING". 

I have said this before, and I will say it again..... rent the movie "THE SOLDIER" and that will help you to understand their plans.  Remember, these people who control also own the movie industry and they tell us fully what they intend to do, and that movie fits with the bigger picture.  This below is only one small step to see how we would react, and I am happy to say we reacted very good as far as I am concerned, but not as far as the powers that be would have liked.  So many sites that have posted this story, have had comments in the hundreds.  That is just how offensive this has been.


Child Psychologist: six year old kissing girl normal behavior
Published by UCCSnews on Dec 10, 2013
UCCS's Sandy Wurtele was interviewed for an expert opinion in "Child Psychologist: boy kissing girl normal behavior" which aired December 9, 2013 on KRDO.

A Canon City school six-year-old boy has been accused of sexual harassment and the school suspended him for kissing a girl on the cheek and hand.

A child psychologist said the tough treatment could have negative consequences. She said the kissing is normal behavior for children of that age.

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