Dan Bongino, Former US Secret Service, @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD

Vatic Note:   This agent worked for 16 years in the White House, which meant he worked for Presidents in both parties and did his job until he couldn't.  For some reason tonight none of my videos on my set plays for more than a few minutes, and then never starts up again, so try anyway and if they have blocked them or there is an electric disturbance, then go to Utube to watch. 

This is a brave man.  I have seldom, if ever, seen a secret service man give up a career job for a principle.  Watch this and see how he has made a commitment to the Bill of Rights protection by this act of support for those supporting our Bill of Rights.   Check out this video below.

There is a legal way to change the Constitution, but the powers that be won't use it to do away with the second amendment because  there is no support, in todays current environment, for submitting to a nazi police state.  It is one of those things that if you did submit could cost people their lives and history supports that possibility many times over.

Now, on the other hand,  the powers that be have not been able to declare martial law because we refuse to get violent.  I am questioning whether he is truly believing what he is saying or is he still working for the powers that be to get us to become violent and scare  the sheep which will divide America and make the evil ones safe....

If the evil ones strike first, it will unite  this country with the sheep on our side, faster than they can say "sheep".  So you have two choices on how you may want to see this.   I will keep an eye open, listen, observe and see which it may be.   I suggest you do the same.  Never act rashly since time is on our side as is the ending.

Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD

Published by opditch on Jan 20, 2013
Dan Bongino, former US Secret Service Agent and former US Senate Candidate speaks at the Annapolis, MD Guns Across America Rally. Jan 19th, 2013. SIGN UP!  


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