Vatic Note:  If the American Media, including Time Magazine is owned by the Khazars, AND THEY ARE AFRAID OF PUTIN, then why did they use their media, back in 2007 to make him "Man of the Year"? Further, when he was under the communist regime, he moved up the ladder learning all there was to learn about governance, and he ended up in one of the top positions within the KGB. At that time and long before, Russia was controlled by International banking Khazar Zionists.

They filled 90% of the top governing positions within Russia and controlled the Bureacracy. So,if Putin is Christian, which the zionists purged to the tune of killing 63 million of them, how did they and why did they let Putin live? Something smells like "deception" and is worth holding off any opinion until further evidence is received. Also note the Baphomet hand sign that the Prince of Jorden is giving to Putin and notice the knowing smiles on their faces.

Brother Nathan may well be fooled and naive about the true workings inside of Russia. I keep remembering Mossads sign on the wall.... "And by Deception We will Conduct War". Is this one of the deceptions? They used it to get Obama elected, you know,  ..... the Nobel Peace Prize that has turned out to be a flaming joke.  Know this, all leaders of all major countries on both sides of any conflict have been put in power by the Rothschild zionists international fascist bankers. That hand sign confirms it. Notice the knowing look upon both their faces.

The khazar Zionists "manufacture" of Obama over many years, has made me aware of similarities and thus discernment when it comes to conclusions about any international leader from a Zionist controlled country. Our country is a flaming example. I also remember too many blogs where whistleblowers out lined how the zionists intended to take over the world.  And all of it included using deception to a high degree.

Even the protocols outlined how they would use deception since the goyim are so "...stupid, they will believe anything we tell them" was the quote from those protocols And then they would create chaos which they have, and then place just such a man pretending he is not their man, to step in and rescue us by assuming global dominance through WW III, exactly like Nazi Germany. Russia, China would win the war against us, and Putin would assume the role of governor until the Anti-Christ could arise and take over, which will be the Queens Zionist son, William.  And,  VOILA, they have their global empire back again.

I could be wrong, but so far in 12 years, I have not been wrong, unless they change the script like they did with Obama. I called Obama a fraud before he even won the primary against Hitlary. The first indication I right was his first or second debate against McCain when he said that we needed to take on Pakistan.  I knew then the game was rigged. Zbig was his handler on the campaign trail and his NSA advisor on foreign affairs.What does that tell ya. LOL.  The "Grand Chessboard: American primacy and its Geostratic Imperatives", ring a bell?  Zbigs, policy wonk book, written in 1997.

by Brother Nathaneal, Real Jew News  

THE JEWISH CONTROLLED American media paints Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an evil demagogue. 

Here is an example from Time Magazine’s A Tzar Is Born December 2007 article:

“No one is born with a stare like Vladimir Putin’s. His pale blue eyes are so devoid of emotion that the stare must have begun as someone who understood that power might be achieved by the suppression of ordinary needs, like blinking.

Putin is unmistakably Russian with chiseled facial features and those penetrating eyes. One senses that Putin pays constant obeisance to a determined inner discipline. He is a believer and often reads the Bible.”
The Jewish owned Wall Street Journal also recently published The Perils Of Putinism scorning Putin for preserving “order and stability” which the Jewish Media works against.  (VN: right, since they know how much we do not listen to the MSM, what do they do?  They try to make us think bad about the WSJ for being against "order and stability" and make us think Putin is great for being for "order and stability".  These PTB are not stupid, just psychopathic.

The Jewish ‘political scientist’ Arnold Beichman published an article under the same title on Hoover Digest comparing Putin to Ivan the Terrible Here

But Vladimir Putin knows all about the Jews. That is why in a November 2007 speech to Russian Military Cadets he said:

“There are those who would like to build a unipolar world who would like to rule all of humanity themselves.” Here.  (VN:  wow, and they let him live? Bet JFK is jealous.)


IMMEDIATLY AFTER the inauguration of Putin’s chosen President Dmitri Medvedev on May 7 2008 a Russian Orthodox Church service followed.

Medvedev, who admits being baptized “at a mature age” Here and who also denies rumours of being Jewish (VN: yeah, right!)  affirmed his commitment to the Church saying, “The state’s special relations with the Russian Orthodox Church will be maintained and further developed to the benefit of the Fatherland” Here. (VN: We also posted a blog showing the King of Jorden and Putin sharing a "hand sign" of Baphomet, See photo in the vatic note section, so you decide, since Putin picked him.  Like Obama, they will say whatever will make us feel good about Putin, until they take over the world after defeating the US.  Then it will be the beginning of what they truly intend to do to us, just like with Obama.  We have learned to trust no one that is not clearly and decisively kicking them out of their system and their country.)

Just prior to this, Medvedev said in his April 27 2008 Easter Sunday Message, “The growing role of the Russian Orthodox Church opens new possibilities for the cooperation of the state and the Church in resolving current questions of the moral health of the nation in bringing up the young generation” Here.

Putin sent his own message on Easter Sunday 2008 saying, “The state will continue to support the Church in all its work to enlighten the moral education of our citizens, strengthen the influence of family values, and consolidate unity in the Orthodox community.” Here(VN: this is a new tact being used, and it makes me wonder what the new deception is that they have planned.  Could it be something to do with the new one world religion they have planned to control the various people of the globe, so they don't have to spend their wealth on military for security?  Isn't using religion a lot cheaper, since its only payoffs  to the church leaders??)

Immediately the Jewish Media sprung into action with, “Putin’s message could deepen worries among Russians wary of efforts to press Russian Orthodox teachings on children.” But the only “Russians” that Putin’s message would worry are Jews Here.

Putin & Medvedev have already begun the enlightenment of the youth with a new Orthodoxy 101 Curriculum in Russian Public Schools. And this is what the Jews fear most.


In Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year 2007 Interview With Putin, the War In Iraq and the threatened US War Against Iran were discussed:

Time: What do you think should be done in Iraq?

Putin: I said it was a mistake from the very beginning. Developments have proved that we were right. The US now believes it is impossible to impose time frames for a withdrawal.

In my view if the Iraqis know that a deadline is there they would be more proactive. But this is a decision that we must make together at the level of the United Nations.”

Time: What about a possible war against Iran by the US with regard to their alleged nuclear program?

Putin: "Any military action against Iran would be a mistake. Russia’s foreign-policy stance is guided by objective and verified data and intelligence.”
THESE ARE ANSWERS that the Jews fear. Is it any wonder then that the Jewish controlled Media paints Vladimir Putin as “Ivan The Terrible?”

But “Terrible” Things Could Happen Soon
Unless The Jews Repent Of Their Actions
& Embrace Jesus Christ Now!

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Of course Putin is cabal player. As you stated, ALL major country's "leaders" have been planted. So much so (and minor countries as well), that it makes sense to actually try and find the few (if any) that are Not owned.

Yeah, the Bush clan were painted as "christians"...LOL!

Anonymous said...

But WHY do they fear Putin ? you never mention this on any of the posts ....

Vatic Master said...

Boy, you were right about that. The bushies are the satanists of our day. It was Bush Jr that was being investigated by the sheriff of brownsville, Texas for the murder of a slew of people in Brownsville who were done as a sacrifice to Satan and it was overdone and Bush Sr had to intervene and stop the investigation. Bush Jr was seen leaving the premises with blood all over him. Nothing happened, so whats new. Crimes are no longer prosecuted if you are part of the satanic cabal.

JFK 11110 JFK 11110 JFK 11110 said...

Barbara (pierce) Bush Father is MR satan himself
Alester Crowley

BUSHs PD $80MIL to Holocaust Survivors War Crime Court Ordered Penalty 2010. Because Prescott Bush forced slaves to make steel for HITLER @Auschwitz IG Farben Pharmaceutical Death Concentration Camp
Shared Office with Josef Mengele Dr Death

Prescott Charged WAR CRIMINAL 1945 via Nuremberg War Crimes Court

IG constructed all the Death Concentration Camps
Ordered By Nuremberg to DEFUNCT immediately considered most notorious on Earth. NOW BAYER

BUSH ROCKEFELLER created Trilateral Commission one of the seats of present day ILLUMINATI Round Table VATICAN being CENTER CIRXLE.

BUSHs real last name is SCHERFF grew up with JOSEF MENGELE, Dr Death.

Lincolns real last name is Springs AA Springs was his father. A Rothschild ILLUMINATI

These ALL own everything on Earth, basically specialized in cornering the market on everything.
Genocide for GREED

Sacrificing innocent lives, for created wars. For Commerce , Finance / Usury and to rape all natural resources internationally.

Genocidal Philanthropists

Rockefeller gave HITLER all the OIL for WW2


BUSH Skulls n Bones, BUSH Trilateral Comm
BUSH Bay of Pigs, BUSH JFK, BUSH Brownsville Tx,
BUSH Scherff, BUSH TESLA, BUSH Otto Skorzeny.
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JFK 11110

JFK created EX ORDER 11110 abolishing the FED RESERVE, He DIED for that EO.
US TREASURY is America's Reserve…
Free Education, Medical, Banking, Utilities,
NO WARS Depressions Genocide.

At the Same time JFK shut down BAY OF PIGS where BUSHs ZAPATA OIL was. Financed By NAZIs

Bushs are black nobles of IRAN, where muslims are from. As well as Shemites.

Look all that up, it's elementary but who would figure, right? type in two words I gave you'll find an array of documentations.

BUSHs are PURE NAZIs, you'll find everything is better than fiction. PURE TRUTH…
Don't Believe what you hear, research know what you're professing well.

LOOK up GEN Smedely Darlington Butler most decorated Gen. was bushes CIA Hitman.
YouTube has his famous speech. EXPOSING
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Its all there for all to read, it was deliberately kept out of history books, THE ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI CURRICULUM controls everything.


Some say BUSH was Related to HITLER, ALL Presidents are related, via one KING.
Churchill HITLER Lincoln Bush were related
American History is 3 Centuries Old, Europe Asia have had Civil Wars since 1000 BC. 3000 BC BRONZE AGE. The Flood. The spread of NOAHs Ham Shem Japheth SYRIA IRAN EGYPT, Silk Highway.
AshkeNAZI Khazar.

BUSHs are Khazars. Snake Worshipers, PHALLACs.

These EVIL Ultra Vires been inbred incest for Millenniums. Believe what you read, all is in Histories Archives.

Paco said...

Putin is a jew. All goyim nations are controlled by jews.
Jews only agree on the security of Israel and on their supremacy over the goyim. For the rest they compete ferociously all the time. Different powerful jewish factions use the goyim nations as toy soldiers and cannon fodder.