From Iraq to Libya and Now to Syria, The Same Lying Faces

Vatic Note:  This is revealing and added to many other events, it appears the same players are close at hand doing the dirty work for the special interests of the world.  We just published a blog on the entire assassination of JFK and the "who" did the actual killing.

The coverup was in part 3, but I think after seeing the lead Secret Service pull agents off the back of JFK's car, we can pretty much assume it was at the highest levels of government, so this below would be an even less surprise, since it was done elsewhere, such as in Iraq. 

I am beginning to believe that all our problems started when the American people sent a message that murdering our President was ok to do, and thus, they could do just about anything to us and we would not react.  Stop  and think of all of the ongoing mafia type crimes that are continuing daily in this government.  

We are protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan,,, what?  That is the military's new job.  They now work, defacto, for the Wall STreet, mafia, drug running, money laundering criminals.  I am beginning to believe that if our military complainst about it, they are "Pat Tillison ed" or suicided.  Thus our children are being killed by our own zionist run government.... the satanists now think they own America.  We will see.

From Iraq to Libya and Now to Syria, The Same Lying Faces 

Published AfriSynergy · on Aug 26, 2013

Considering the Israelis being behind the 9/11 attacks, the US wasted nearly $4 TRILLION on war in Afghanistan, and Iraq. Remember, Trade Tower Building #7, a 47 story building, fell without a plane striking it. This building collapsed like an accordion. Who profited from the destruction of the Trade Center properties off of the insurance? Who stated that the 9/11 attacks were most "beneficial" to Israel?

It's far past time for the American people to collectively say, HELL NO and stop this government from wasting money and lives on a foreign interest that has spied on the US, sold US nuclear and other secrets. (VN: With allies like this, who needs enemies?)

Also, don't forget, Walid Shoebat, a Zionist operative, tried to use blackmail to bring pressure on Obama to move militarily against Syria when he wrote the article about Obama's brother's relationship, purportedly, to the Muslim Brotherhood. This was a day or two before the claim of a chemical attack in Syria.


About a year ago, Youtube blocked this video to help protect the cover of Zionist operative, Walid Shoebat: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=...

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