The Killing of President Kennedy (very rare 1978 BBC documentary) - Part 1 of 2

Vatic Note: This is a serious foundation piece from 1978 about the Kennedy killing. This laid the foundation for the more recent film that is going up tomorrow and so both are critical to watch.   Here in this film is the introduction and role the "mafia" played in setting up the assassination.  
In part 2, it follows that trail all the way to Europe and Canada and confirms not only the mafia's role but also about who may have hired the mafia to do the job. These two blogs puts to rest all other speculation about who did the actual killing of JFK.  Oswald was not one of them.

There was no question that higher ups in our government had contacted and worked with the mafia in setting up the assassins.  I use plural since its now confirmed by these two videos, the evidence that 3 assassins were involved. The entire plan was so professionally done, that it was not until recently that this all could come to light through definite proof and documents that support their final conclusion. 

The Killing of President Kennedy (very rare 1978 BBC documentary) - Part 1 of 2
Published by Sollysound on Mar 28, 2013
Anthony Summers 1978 documentary on the Assassination of President Kennedy is one of the best films on the subject, even if you may not agree with the direction it takes towards the end.

Contains many rare interviews with direct participants, including the first interview with Silvia Odio and interviews with Dallas police chief Jesse Curry, Carlos Bringuier, William Gaudet, Richard Schweiker, Richard Sprague, DA William Alexander, Warren Commission member John Cooper and Antonio Veciana.


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Kosta said...

Thanks for posting this video, one I've not seen before.

I found a video called "Dark Legacy"
to be the most revealing of the characters around the the Kennedy Assassination; identified by JE Hoover as a "misguided anti-Castro" group


Vatic Master said...

Kosta, wait til you see the one tomorrow that I found, they actually found the assassins who killed Kennedy and got how they did it and where they were located and who did it. I was shocked, and then the beginning of the coverup in the second video. There are more videos of this series we will be putting up as the cover up goes higher and higher up the chain of command and the ultimate players.