Obama - Political Equivalent of a Suicide Bomber?

Vatic Note:  Henry, where in the world did you get this author?  This is pap!!  Or naiveté!!!  This entire article is written as if Obama was doing all this by himself with the help  of questionable friends. Well, he is not doing any of this. He is doing what he is told to do.  All of this is contained in the agenda the globalists have for a huge takeover and depopulation agenda.  Its called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and its a blueprint for global domination. Obama knows full well, he is a cog in a wheel that he did not know about until after the election.

I am sure if he made a noise, the handlers simply ran the JFK assassination film by him and I am sure he got the message.  Mum is the word for Obama.  We have not had a functioning President since JFK.  All of them were "handled" by the Zionists assigned to the various Presidents.

Kissinger was President and Nixon was the front man. Rubein was President and Clinton was the front man.  Bush Jr had Cheney as his handler, Jimmy Carter it was  Zbig and now with Obama, its Zbig again.  Give me a break. This sounds like a disinfo piece to deflect your readers away from the truth.  That is not you.... Did you read this before you let it go up??? The Satanic Zionist bankers are the bad guys and damn near everyone on the planet knows it.

Obama - Political Equivalent of a Suicide Bomber?

obamcommie1.jpg"What if Barack Obama is the most successful suicide bomber of them all,  a political suicide bomber?  A man who reached the highest office in the world for the sole purpose of ensuring our demise as a nation."

by Robert Armstrong

As I have been listening to all the talk from both sides, a crazy and very frightening thought hit me. What if the Democrats, and specifically the President, refuse to compromise specifically so the President can wield the discretionary power over what is funded and what is not. And what if he doesn't use it for political advantage but to bring about the total collapse of the United States economy and with it, the United States itself?

I know, it sounds crazy and I only suggest it as the remotest of possibilities. But think about this. Since President Obama has been elected he has done everything he can to make our financial position untenable. He has doubled the national debt, an amazing feat all by itself. He has hamstrung the economy through taxes and regulation. He has put through massive entitlements we can't pay for. (VN:  the worst is the massive amounts of our wealth being used to empire build, militarily, in the middle and central asia, for Israel/Rothschild/Britain, not including both civilian and military foreign aid to Israel in the billions. The entitlements are but a bump compared to the military's growing arse and "entitlements" to Israel.)

In the face of overwhelming evidence that nothing he has done works and has, in fact, made our economic situation worse, he wants to do more of the same. He wants to spend more, regulate more and borrow more.  (VN: his zionist international Rothschild bankers want to do that, not Obama, since they don't even tell him what they are doing.  He finds out when he gives the speech they write for him).

That is not all, however. Consider all the evidence that he despises this country, its ideals and our republican system of government. He has placed socialists and outright communists in his cabinet or the ambiguous "czar" positions. He coddles and befriends brutal dictators and alienates our staunch allies.  (VN: oh, this is interesting, who are our staunch allies?  Not Israel, not Britain, so who?)

He apologizes for American exceptionalism at every opportunity. He bullies congress, the supreme court and major corporations to get his way. He is more than sympathetic to Muslim terrorists. He has demonstrated vindictiveness to those who don't support him. His ideas are out of touch with reality and every time he tries to support them in a speech, he lies and lies and lies about everything. (VN:  you call torturing, rendition assassinations without a trial,  Calling Christians terrorists, creating wars for pure profit etc "AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM?"  Henry, where did you find this guy?  He still thinks Muslims are Obama's best friends, and we both know that is not true.)

He was brought up by people who hated America, found a pastor in Chicago that hates America, married a woman (VN: a tranny)  that hates America. It is obvious he holds in contempt everything that made this country great. His words and deeds demonstrate his desire to see America lose its unique status as the leading force for liberty and good in the world because he doesn't value liberty or believe America has done anything good.  (VN: he is void of any higher thoughts such as those you describe.  He is mind controlled and hard wired... haven't you seen the scars on his head.  My goodness, where in the world have you been?)

What if, for our wonderful President and some other radical members of the Democrat party, discrediting Republicans is secondary to the destruction of the United States? (VN: Oh, FINALLY, you get it.  The protocols are in play as we speak.  This is definitely about the destruction of our republic and its being played out just like these Zionist bankers did in the Russian Rev in 1917, and again in 1933 with the overthrow of the German republic, and now the United states, to weaken us for WW III so we lose it, and then they will take over and "fix" everything globally, their way.  Resisters dead etc. )

If the debt ceiling is not raised and the President instructs the Treasury not to make interest payments on August 4th, our credit rating immediately falls below Greece's. We will no longer have the option of borrowing because few will buy our junk bonds.

The dollar will collapse. Our economy will be destroyed, we will no longer be able to afford much of our military or our social programs. In one fell swoop, we will go from the first first world nation to a third world nation. Such a crisis will give him the greatest opportunity of them all to seize even more power.

That is ridiculous, why would the President do that? It would be political suicide. Yes, it would. But what if Barack Obama is the most successful suicide bomber of them all, a political suicide bomber?

A man who reached the highest office in the world for the sole purpose of ensuring our demise as a nation. A man who reached this office out of nowhere with no qualifications and no experience. A man who easily defeated the Clinton machine, the most effective political machine in recent history. A man who has demonstrated total incompetence in office while at the same time attempting to force an unrealistic ideology upon us all.

He spends most of his time on vacation or on the golf course, swooping into the office at opportune times to cause more havoc. On top of all that he has professed adherence to, and demonstrated sympathy for, a religious ideology that desires our annihilation.

 As President of the United States, the keeper of the American legacy, and leader of the free world he is an abject failure. As a destructive agent of our enemies, he has had much success. If he finds himself wielding this kind of power, he could do more damage than any bomb ever could.

Is Barak Obama waiting for the opportunity to completely destroy our nation? I don't know. It seems like fantastic speculation, the stuff of conspiratorial fiction. But be honest, would it surprise you if it was true? The circumstantial evidence is rather compelling. Is it outside the realm of possibility that Marxist ideologues who plan for generations have manipulated this man into office and steered us into this financial corner for this very purpose? Is going into the oval office like going into the bomb-maker's lair?

It looks that way. President Obama does not use C4, wires and cell phones to destroy things; he uses taxes, regulations and the Fed. While I don't think we should borrow another dime as a country, we are placing the detonator in Barak Obama's hands on August 2nd if no agreement or stipulations for dealing with our finances under the current cap are in place before hand.

That is a power no man should have but our slide into collectivism and away from our founding principles has made it possible. That slide ends in disaster one way or another. Whether that end comes in the first week of August depends on whether President Obama is after power for himself and the Democrat party or if he is the most dangerous suicide bomber in history.
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Anonymous said...

Ms. Vatic -- I will point you to a particular blog thread here -- http://cotocrew.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/september-11-the-new-pearl-harbor/ .

It is in the comments section you will find this -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLXOtR9Gr3E
by Dr. Garrow. You can read my comment regarding this short 20 minute interview.

I hope you will do a thread on Dr. Garrow, and work with his information to assist in revealing the "Plan" to take down America.

But, WE Do Not Fear! For No Man or created being can tie the shoelace of HE who knows ALL.