Who Killed 14 Yr Old Autistic Alex Spourdalakis?

Vatic Note:  This is a must read.  I knew so little, when I started this blog, about autism and other medically related issues, that I have gotten a huge education about just how bad this has gotten.  These are courageous and committed people who have decided to take on this issue to the end.  Please read, digest and support their mission and help others who are being sorely abused as we see daily now.  We will have lost our humanity if we do not stand for the helpless and the infirmed.

Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?
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Autism: A Game-Changer

A Great Documentary Can Change People's Minds: Shooting for Nothing Less

The Autism Media Channel was started  by a mother and a physician who are not prepared to remain silent about the iniquities and injustices faced by autism families. Film - unambiguous and universally accessible - is their chosen medium. During the shooting of an autism reality series, addressing the failings of a healthcare system brought us into contact with young Alex Spourdalakis. For that system to change, his extraordinary story needs to be told.

Engraved into the short life and tragic death of Alex Spourdalakis is the history of autism - systematic failure on almost every level: medicine, psychiatry, social services, the pharmaceutical industry, public health, health care insurance, and the media.

With unique and unprecedented footage that captures the prelude to a killing, we have teamed up with A-list professionals to put that story together as a documentary. Now we need you to help us tell the world.

What We Need 

  • Personal funding has got this project to where it is currently - production 75% complete.
  • Further critical interviews are needed to fill the gaps.
  • Your contributions - $200K - will help us to complete production, post-production, and marketing of the completed documentary. 
  • Right now, become an Executive Producer for a donation of $5,000 or more. Contribute as a group or organization and get an Executive Producer credit for that entity. Further perks will be posted as the campaign progresses.
  • Whether we reach the entire goal or not, the documentary will be made; it will just take a lot longer. The autism crisis does not afford the world the luxury of delay.


The Impact

The potential impact of this documentary can be gauged by the reactions of those who do not want it to be made. Whatever their motives, on some level they get what a powder keg this story is. Let your commitment to the project send them a clear message.

You Can Also Help By...

  • ...getting the word out and making a lot of noise about this campaign. Include friends, relatives, social media groups, and every other possible contact. 
  • And remember, please use the Indiegogo share tools!

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Vatic Master: Vacinations cause Autism. There is a report out that by 2020 and onward---all children who get Vacinations will be Autistic---so that means we will produce only Autistic Children. It will be rare to see a normal person. James P. Wickstrom has this report about Autism and what it will be like in future...STAY AWAY FROM VACINATIONS....