The real, inside scoop on school shootings

Vatic Note: There is prima facia evidence of felony crimes being committed by law enforcement officers and public elected officials. That means jail time. So where is Homeland Security who is suppose to be protecting us from terrorism? Oh, dear, out committing terror, well no help there. Must we do this on our own? Is the system that far gone?

Do we have legalized terror now?  DHS pretends a bad guy shot someone, set up the pretend killer, kill him and then use the production with no dead souls except  the scape goat they wanted to off anyway, as justification and terror seeding to scare enough people to "politically" support the foreign controllers agenda? That is a classic definition of Terrorism.

So what happens when you find out the very agency  the gov created to fight terror with all those tax dollars, is the agency under  foreign control, that planned, war gamed and pulled off the production.  Its basically "felony fraud" on most of it and first degree murder on the set up person.... Lanza.

Now the real mystery is who really killed the mom and was it related to the LIBOR scandel going on at the time with her husbands involvement? So, the son and wife are dead,  so now, the question is, "Is the Dad now dead?"  And why did they purge the son's computer?  Uh oh, they put up an error sign and won't let me schedule this.  I hit on something with the son's computer and the Dad and the Libor scandel. 

Raise your hand if you still believe all these shootings were random acts of violence, and our foreign occupied government had nothing to do with it?  Ok put your hand down and you can now read this below if you believe the official story, and you can change your mind when you are through. 

The real, inside scoop on school shootings
by Marcus Allen, Truth in 7 minutes, Sept 27, 2013

It's hard to ignore the statistics here in the States…
school shootings are on the rise (again):

As a father of two amazing young boys who go to school each day,
these shootings are top of mind… constant talking points over the dinner table.
Questions such as, "Should I worry about my children every moment of the day" to "Am I going to get that horrific call" to even "Should I never send my children to school again" are thoughts anyone with school-aged children probably share
with me and my wife.

While history never interested me, 9/11 changed everything for me.
Since 2001, I've been obsessed with looking at history with an open mind.
And every time I look into things in the past, I stumble upon major holes in
the official stories we're told by our government (and more specifically,
their media outlets).

We've been through 18 different notable school shootings since 9/11.
And each one becomes harder to believe.  I also noticed these shootings have similar oddities… impossibilities - some "facts" even bordering on the ridiculous.

I've been keeping track of these similarities and "coincidences"… and
the latest Sandy Hook school shooting is repeating history's oddities:

Senseless motive
According to official accounts:
"On December 14, 2012, Adam Peter Lanza, aged 20,
fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members and
wounded two at Sandy Hook Elementary School in
the Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut.

Before driving to the school, he had shot and killed
his mother (Nancy Lanza) at their Newtown home.

After killing the students and staff members, Lanza
committed suicide by shooting himself in the head as
first responders arrived."
Now, I've actually spoken to a few people who have admitted shooting and
killing people they hated (don't ask). And while they seemed tough on the outside,  they admitted that pulling the trigger was REALLY tough. It wasn't as easy as  the talking heads on TV make it out to be.

The idea that hard-core, psychopathic serial killers have an easy time pulling the
trigger and killing a person makes for a great CSI story on TV.
But in real life, it's different.

Government officials and the media tell us this "lonely" and "isolated" 20-year old adult had the gumption to mow down 26 people in less time than it takes to scramble eggs?  Sure. I could see someone killing their mom. A lot of people aren't thrilled with their parents. I get that.

And sure… getting bullied in school could certainly
set a person off. And maybe… just maybe it might get someone angry enough to
pull the trigger on that bully. I get that, too.

But come on – shooting 26 people dead in just 3 minutes?
Really? I don't think so. I'm not buying that (and a lot of people
I talk to aren't buying it, either).

Shooter almost always commits suicide
This too fails to pass the gut check. We're told school shooters typically arrive on the scene in full riot gear.  And in this case, Lanza is no different… armed with a rifle, shotgun and two handguns.

He also donned a bulletproof vest – wanting to protect himself from getting shot.
Yet in this interview, Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe and Captain Joe Rios claimed their presence triggered Lanza to take his own life.

Why would someone wear a bullet-proof vest and commit suicide?
Also, how in the world could two cops get the emergency call, arrive on the scene, and search the entire school and find the shooter in just 3 minutes?

I'm not buying this.

15 minutes hours of fame
Everyone knows that real people would be an absolute mess after the senseless loss of a child.  My uncle went into seclusion for several DECADES after his 11-year old son committed suicide.

If my child was gunned down, the LAST place you'd see me would be in front of a camera and reporter. And I'm pretty sure most feel the same way.
Yet, when it comes to these school shootings, there's an endless parade of
smiling and gleeful participants ready to be interviewed.

This is HIGHLY suspicious… as if they're actors ready on cue to perform.
Look at all of the smiling faces being shown to us for this "horrific" and
"incredibly sad story" (these are all pictures and shapshots provided
to us by the media):



What in the world is up with this?
I know a tiny fraction of people smile when they're nervous…
… But why is everyone RUSHING to the cameras while the bodies are still warm?

Faked crying and dry eyes
In addition to the off-the-charts number of people smiling during this tragedy…
… Others are trying hard to cry. The problem is, I've yet to see a single tear shed.
Not a one.
Take a look at this interview of Robbie Parker – father of deceased Emilie Parker:
By the way, the above video has been altered and edited since it was first uploaded to YouTube…… What's missing is the beginning when Parker is smiling and then slowly getting into his role as a bereaved parent.

Here's the full video again, no tears… all smiles – and obviously reading from a
prepared script:


This video (above) is creeping everyone out. No wonder it's hard to find the original… both the media and video sites like YouTube are taking down the raw, uncut versions just as soon as they're uploaded.  That's off-the-hook problematic.

That means the media and the video hosting sites are in collusion together.
Because YouTube doesn't allow anyone to edit a movie (that I'm aware of).
And even if they did, why would the media edit a previously-released press conference?

Every single interview I've inspected in these school shooting
is lacking tears. No exception. Not a one.
When most women cry, the first thing they reach for is a tissue.
(Men are cool with using their sleeve – much to the chagrin of their spouse).
And when most women cry, their mascara drips down their cheeks…
often looking like a clown.
But in these interviews, tears are ALWAYS missing:

This is just REALLY bad acting.

Serious actors who shed real tears put a little more effort into the job…(VN:  I bet you get what you pay for.  These guys are not paid like serious actors are.)

… For example, he's a behind-the-scene's video of the master of faking it
(Glenn Beck) using Vick's Vapor Rub to inspire tears during a photo shoot:


Emergency drills as a cover
Every single shooting I've looked into over the last dozen or so years
involves a similar drill coinciding with the publicized event.
No exception… every single one.
Check this out:
"By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events
were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning, the
Putnam County Emergency Response Team ("ERT")
happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel
, and
team members were at that very moment engaged in a
mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school.
The ERT is comprised of specially trained and heavily armed officers
from the Sheriff’s Office and the Carmel and Kent Police Departments.
When news broke of the Newtown shooting, the Putnam County ERT
commander called Newtown Police and offered to have the ERT
respond to the Sandy Hook school, but that response was
not needed because Connecticut police had already secured the scene."
Source: Southeast-Brewster Patch
One of the largest drills in Colorado history dubbed the Political Panic Mass Casualty Exercise took place on 11/11/2009.
Look how realistic these drills are:


And as I show (below), these actors sign a waiver to allow the media to film them participating in these exercises.

It would be one thing if ALL schools practiced the same active shooter drills.
But they don't – only a handful do… and eventually, these schools
(coincidentally) have shootings.

These drills feature the EXACT same scenarios as the real event…
… In fact back in 2011, one brave whistleblower was able to dig up a
secret, preplanned drill and get the drill canceled.

Here are the ExPlan PDFs from this exact drill:

As we see in this PDF, every single detail is scripted out.
Nothing is left to chance.

Here is the participant waiver form (PDF)
… These participants WILLINGLY agree to let the media
take video and pictures of them in these drills – it's right there
in the waiver form:
I also understand that video footage and photographs will be taken for
use in the evaluation process, future trainings for school and public
safety officials, public relations/outreach presentations and
media releases and agree that any footage or photos of me may
be used in the manner described.
And then there's this participant handout form (PDF).
What's most disturbing to me (and should be to you, too)
is this paragraph:
Real-world emergencies and participant safety take priority over
exercise conduct. In a real-world emergency, notify the nearest
controller and state, "This is a real-world emergency."
Cease all exercise play immediately, and comply with
exercise control staff instructions.
Why in the world would a faked event turn into a
"real-world emergency during a drill?"

The answer is simple. Because that's how the criminals
at the top get away with all of this nonsense…
…Everything from 9/11 to the London bombings to school shootings feature a
linked emergency drill to the actual event.
For example, the 9/11 "attacks" featured a preplanned evacuation drill the
exact same morning:
Source: City Releases Tapes of 911 Calls From Sept. 11 Attack

Just a coincidence, right?
But there's more:

This Sandy Hook shooting featured a Department of Homeland Security drill just two years before the actual shooting:

Sandy Hook HSEEP (9/22/2010)
Another coincidence, right?

If you believe in coincidence theories, then take a gander at this link:
And when we click on that link,

we get this amazing coincidence:
HOLY CRAP – on the exact same day at the EXACT same time
we have an exercise going over scenarios for
"Planning the Needs of Children in a Disaster."

This event takes place in Bridgeport, Connecticut… and when I get directions from Sandy Hook Elementary, this drill is exactly 20 miles south of the school…
on basically the same direct road:
I'd be VERY interested to see how many real
Sandy Hook Elementary School teachers were taking this (no cost)
class that day.

Professional actors
In order to make the drills seem as realistic as possible, actors are used.
Not just any actors – professional thespians are hired.
There are several agencies that specialize in the merging of school shooting
drills and actors – here are just a few:
Crisis Actors – Trained Players and Actors Making It Real
Waterbury Connecticut Crisis Intervention Team Training
CIT Crisis Actors Troupe (backup)
Update: 1/6/2012 @ 3:58 p.m. – as expected,
they're covering up stuff now… the CIT Crisis Actors Troupe page
has been deleted quietly overnight. The good news is Google still had a
cached copy of the page – I converted it to PDF here.
So get this… we have the government (and the military) in a joint venture with
professional actors – both sides admitting to participate in VERY real simulations of terror situations… "practicing" everything from school shootings to handling severe weather to even dealing with unruly school volunteers.

It's easy to understand why some are suggesting that these crisis actors
might be assigned to Sandy Hook, Connecticut and playing the roles of victims
in this latest school shooting.

Actually, this isn't much of a stretch. Because this is EXACTLY what happened
(and was admitted) on July 7, 2005 …

Remember the 7/7 London subway bombings?
I do. And I distinctly remember hearing a guy by the name of Peter Powers admit that he led an active shooting drill that actually flipped and went live.

Take a listen to this:

So, can we actually prove that these same crisis actors are
actually used in real life?

The good news is we can – meet actress Chloe Anderson…
… This video shows Chloe acting three different times
in the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado:

Here are the individual links to each video:
Link to part 1
Link to part 2
Link to part 3

Are you beginning to see the con here?

… To keep things simple, it's best to
have just one big family play the role
of all of the actors involved.

Keeping it all in the family is a surefire way
to keep everyone quiet.

(And I'd imagine the pay is just awesome.)
One such family exists. They're known as the
Greenberg-Sexton-Kaplan-Blumberg family.

Here's a link to their Picasa photo album
(started in 2006)…

… When we flip through this album,
we start to see familiar faces.
In fact these same faces are victims and
witnesses we see on TV from all kinds of different events…

… Everything from the Gabby Giffords' shooting
to this latest Sandy Hook school shooting.
This video is (mostly) awesome. Watch this ASAP
(before YouTube deletes it):

I'd give this video my full 100% endorsement,
but some of the connections are leaps to me.
Plus side-by-side shots were be easier to understand…

… But most of the video is just AMAZING.
Obviously a lot of time went into showing us
how the Greenbergs and the Sextons are
playing the roles of victims.
Wow – I mean just wow!
Update: Too late. Video deleted.
And now for the smoking gun of all smoking guns
(at least for me)… here's SOLID proof video that
Sandy Hook was nothing more than an exercise
made for TV:

Flat out fraud
A lot of people are looking into the shenanigans of this school shooting.
As a result, some are using TRULY investigative skills to look into
problems with this story.
And one intrepid investigator tracked down flat out fraud
in this story:

Take a look at this Mail Online article dated December 18th… it features
this graphic of two victims – Madeline Hsu and Allison Wyatt:

But here's the problem… the girl on the right is alive and well.
Except her name is not Allision Wyatt… her real name is Lily Gaubert …

… Her mom is HORRIFIED that someone has claimed she died in the
Sandy Hook school shooting.

Here's an Instragram page of Cathy Gaubert begging to put
an end to this horrible mistake:


Update: 1/23/2013 @ 9:31 a.m.: Just got alerted that this
particular Instagram link has been deleted. The coverup never
ends, does it?

Of course I have a backup snapshot of this deleted Instagram page
(I knew they'd eventually nuke it) – here we go:

Now I can already hear some try to argue that this was merely one newspaper's miscue …
… But here's another newspaper with the same EXACT picture:

Source: www.independentsentinel.com

Update: 12/29/2012 @ 6:55 p.m.: One of my site's readers just informed me that Lily's (a.k.a. "Allison") picture has been quietly updated… it now looks like this on the Independent Sentinel website:

And if you're REALLY skeptical (and I applaud critical thinking), here is Lily on
another family member's Facebook page:

Impossible evidence
No evidence of damage to the front of the school
The media tells us this crazy, lone gunman shot up the front door to
bypass recently-installed security and access this school.
Unfortunately, the official photos do not support this claim…
… In this picture shown in a December 30th edition of The Morning Journal:

We see the front doors are still in place. Not a single bullet hole or
piece of shattered glass exists.

Gun never used
The official medical examiner (Wayne Carver) concluded that every person
who died was shot by the "long rifle." (See the video below for his news conference.)

But five days after the event, the media reports that the same rifle used in
the shooting was actually left back on the shooter's car… so that long rifle
was never used:

The medical examiner states that everyone died from a long-rifle shot,
when in fact the official story now states they were killed by regular handguns.
Either "officials" are lying or the medical examiner is lying. Either way
someone is telling us a whopper of a lie.

Also, at the 1:20 timestamp in the video (above), we see the police clearing
the gun's chamber. Isn't that against official protocol and destroying
crime scene evidence?


Oddities & absurdities
There are many ridiculous side stories going on here…
… But this takes the cake. Because according to this Jewish online newspaper article,
Veronique Pozner (a victim's mom) has gotten a tattoo the very day after her son's death.
Here's an interesting snippet from this article:

So in addition to lots of victim's family members smiling and not shedding a single tear,
we now have the absurdity of a Jewish mother getting a tattoo to honor her
loved one less than 24 hours after the death of her son…
… It's equally absurd because tattooing is an explicit prohibition from the Torah
(i.e. a summary of five holy books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy).
It's VERY VERY unusual to see a Jewish person voluntarily bare a tattoo
(even in modern times). At the very least, this Jewish newspaper would not glorify
(or even mention) this tattoo, because it would enrage its readership.

Gene Rosen
Just watch this video:
At least Mr. Rosen is consistent. He always says the
same thing and always cries without tears.
Update: 1/15/2013 @ 8:02 p.m. – holy WOW…
… Now we see Mr. Rosen fake crying in Spanish:
This has become the comedy of the century.

Codes in plain site
Many psychological operations (aka psyops) use hidden codes.
It's hidden-in-plain-sight code for those in the know.
One code used in a lot of these events are the hook-'em-horns/
I-love-you hand sign.
The vast majority of people never see this code.
But when you see a pattern, it's hard to ignore:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svaYCysOdZk

Source: This Week With George Stephanopoulos (archived version)

Source: Daily Mail Online

Source: Facebook photo  
Sloppy imaging
Photoshop craziness
One of the most frequently-used personas in this event is one Victoria Soto…
… Here's a picture from the Boston Herald of
Ms. Soto sitting on a rock:
Pretty innocuous picture, right?
But the Photoshopped imaging is obvious when
you take a closer look:
But wait… there's more:
In this sappy CNN interview of the Soto "family", we see at
this point of the Anderson Cooper interview
(he was trained by the CIA by the way)
that the brother is wearing his "sister's" school ID badge:
When we take a close look at the picture in the badge, we see
it's the same cloned version of this widely circulated photo:
This is quite strange to me. So I asked a first-grade teacher I know
how school ID badges are made. She said they take head shots – no exception.
Yet in Ms. Soto's case, the ID has both a head shot and a body shot. Odd to say the least.

Even the official records of Ms. Soto are suspect…
… Take a look at this Guardian (website) article
claiming Ms. Soto was a first grade teacher for five years:
But here's the problem with this story -
the official PTA Sandy Hook Elementary School Handbook
(on page 8) claims Ms. Soto was an intern just a year ago:
Another oops.

Impossible arm length
Take a close look at Emilie Parker's right arm
(the taller girl in the middle) – it's S U P E R L O N G
(physically impossible):
Just sloppy image creation going on here.
But wait… there's MUCH more:
Take a close look at the Parker family picture (provided to us by the media):
Sandy Parker Family Photoshop
There are MANY glitches with this picture, but I'll focus on
three obvious impossibilities:

Issue #1: Missing legs
Take a look at the girl sitting on her dad's leg (pictured between mom and dad).
She has no legs. Instead, we see her dad's right leg. This too is obviously Photoshopped.
Issue #2: Impossible fingers
The middle-pictured girl twists her hand toward us and seems to bite on
her middle two fingers. (I've had my children try this maneuver and
they couldn't pull it off… but even if they could, the index finger is
not jointed to bend left or right.) This too is obviously Photoshopped.
Issue #3: Head too big
Once again, the middle-pictured girl's head proportions are too big
(especially compared to her older sister). More sloppy Photoshopping.

Is the shooter even real?
Watch this VERY revealing short video showing how
even the media admits Adam Lanza (the alleged shooter)
hasn't existed for years (if at all):

Raw helicopter video footage shows no chaos
This is video shot by Eyewitness News 3 on the
same day of the shooting as it was occuring -
take a close look and this raw footage:
We're told there are 27 dead people inside at this moment…
yet there are no (visible) children fleeing from the building…
no ambulances rushing to the scene… no medical staff
attending to the injured… no panic (in fact everyone is super calm)…
no bomb sniffing robot analyzing the shooter's car-
and most obvious is there's no law enforcement officers
surrounding the building.

The bottom line
We've been had.
The media is faking these school shootings to control us…
Click here to find out more about this …

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