Smoking Gun: Predators Draft "Sex Education"

Vatic Note:   If he is a khazar, and not a semite Jew, and if he is pedophiling children or using child porn, then that fits with the khazars worshipping the Phallic Symbol as we showed on here in a blog.  That is why prostitution is legal in Israel and the courts won't rule on kidnapping foreign women and forcing them into prostitution in Israel.  

GETTING AN IDEA NOW WHAT YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE?  Would you rather Live like this or die fighting it?  That is the decision that must be made now.

They talked below about voting being rigged in Canada and I realized this is not just the case in Canada, its everywhere now.  I think we need to demand going back to paper ballots, boycott their voting system, and do a polling place with hand written ballots that a rep from each candidate can monitor the count as they are being counted.  

It appears we may try doing that here for our sheriffs race.  The good news is, at least in Canada,  the system is still working against the lizards (remember we are no longer going to call them elites, since they are anything but "elite".  They are sub animals. 

Smoking Gun! Predators Draft "Sex Education" http://henrymakow.com/2013/09/ Child-Porn-Perverts-are-Behind-Sex-Ed .html -September 27, 2013
Just because his trial is 14 months off, we shouldn't forget the case of former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Benjamin Levin, left.  Released July 9 on $100,000 bail, Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography.  As Deputy Minister of Education, he drafted a "sex education" program to sexualize Ontario children. 

This is more evidence that a Masonic (Cabalist Jewish) satanic sex cult controls society using liberal and "progressive" groups as fronts. He was a professor at the University of Toronto; his brother is Registrar and another is Canadian ambassador to Cuba.

by Reality (Real Women of Canada, September Ed.)

FROM 2004 to 2009, Ben Levin served as Deputy Minister of Education of Ontario under the lesbian Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne, who is currently the Liberal Premier of the Province.

During Levin's time as Deputy Minister, a new sex education curriculum, called the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES), was developed. According to this curriculum, 6-year-olds were to be taught "gender identity" in grade 1, sex orientation and different genders in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and oral and anal sex by grade 7.

In a letter, dated April 6, 2009, Mr. Levin stated, "Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, realizing the Promise of Diversity... This province-wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me."

(kathleen-wynne1.jpgKathleen Wynne, left)

This program was introduced in September, 2010. Horrified parents raised such a storm of protest, that the then Premier, Dalton McGuinty, was forced to withdraw the program after two days. Undaunted by this rejection, Premier Wynne, who succeeded McGuinty, announced in January, 2013, that she planned to bring back this controversial sex education program.  (VN: Oh, my gosh, I thought she was a man when I first saw the photo before reading the name. LOL  Sorry about that, no wonder she is reinstituting it.)

In June, 2013, Mr. Levin published an article in the Literary Review of Canada, in which he criticized the provincial requirement that all adults working with children be required to undergo criminal record checks. He claimed that this was a barrier to partnerships between the schools and the communities.

Mr. Levin was so highly thought of by Premier Wynne that she appointed him a member of her transition team in January, 2013. He also sat proudly in a privileged front row spot next to Ms.Wynne, federal Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, and Bob Rae, at Toronto's Gay Parade in June, 2013.

Mr. Levin has now been charged with two counts of distributing child pornography, one count each of making child pornography, counseling to commit an indictable offense, and agreeing to or arranging for an indictable offense against a child under 16 years of age.

Two further charges were also levied against him for possessing and accessing child pornography.


It was not by mere chance that Mr. Levin, in his position as Deputy Minister of Education, was promoting the horrendous, early sex education program for children. There is a purpose behind it. By sexualizing children before they are ready-- psychologically, emotionally and physically--children may begin to engage in early sex activity, believing that such sexual activity is normal, acceptable and expected of them.

This makes them both vulnerable and an easy prey for sexual predators. That is, children learn from this curriculum that sexual behavior, both deviant and otherwise, can be carried out without regret, concern or reservation at any time, by anyone, with anyone.

It was only the common sense and intuition of concerned parents in Ontario that stopped this sex curriculum from being implemented. Former Deputy Minister of Education Levin is obviously Premier Wynne's good and trusted friend. It seems they share the same values. One wonders, however, whether Ms. Wynne will now dare to implement her sex curriculum program with a provincial election looming and Mr. Levin's inconvenient arrest.

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First Comment from Dave:

And we all do need a reminder, constantly.

rw1.jpgIt seems the way they get away with this crap might be because they are all part of the same big perverted club. Take as an example Russell Williams. He was base commander (CO) at Trenton AFB. He flew the prime minister around as well as the queen (more club members). He was placed in a position of trust, duty and responsibility.

And he raped and killed women as well as broke into about 80 other homes just to sniff and grab panties. To make matters even more ridiculous, Williams went to university at the U of T Scarborough campus with Paul Bernardo and they knew each other well. Allegedly well enough to conduct rape contests.

So one has to question, with all the surveillance that has been going on for years, at least back to Martin Luther King, why didn't CSIS know what Russell Williams was? The fact that CSIS didn't know (or didn't tell) what was going on is a case of either gross negligence, stupidity, incompetence or a deliberate attempt to assist putting someone in a position of power that could be easily controlled through blackmail, or all of the above. 

Obviously, this would be considered circumstantial evidence based on a cause-effect scenario, but to be honest CSIS knows more about me and my offshore dealings in South Africa in the 80's than they do about Russell Williams in their own backyard in the 80's. 

I've got a letter from CSIS during my FOIA requests on myself that indicate 9 national security statutes/reasons why CSIS won't tell me about me. What's wrong with this picture???

rw.jpgTo compound matters even further, after Paul Bernardo was arrested, charged and convicted, Russell Williams continued to operate within the military and was even promoted. One really has to give their head a shake and wonder, "What the hell is in control of our government?" 

It sure isn't the people or our ridiculous laws that destroy the innocent and protect the guilty. I can only presume that an evil as old as time operating through the meat puppets, we call politicians is in control. A person cannot serve two masters and we know politicians don't serve the people who elected them, if the vote counts weren't fraudulent like they are everywhere else it seems. 

And what's to vote for anyway, three different turd flavoured parties? They are all the same and dealing with any of them is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end. I could go on for hours about these garbage governments and every one them before it, but I won't. 

Suffice it to say that nothing is what it seems, trust no one in government or business and as my CO used to say, "Perfect Paranoia is Perfect Awareness."

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