Common Core – Total Control of our Children

Vatic Note: If they pull this off, it will be a field day for the state take over of our children.  Keep that in mind as you watch your reality TV rather than know what is going on in your kids' school.  Watch the Movie "THE SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell and its all laid out there.  Notice the head of the Education board is a dual Israeli Citizen.  All Becks guests are as concerned as he is about this shift of power from parents to corporate controlled gov schools.
Homeschooling is beginning to look good right now.  Because the powers that be have shown no restraint in pushing the envelop in controlling us, we must assume anything like this is definitely not for our good, rather the good of the state and corporate/banker controlled America.

GE & BILL  GATES are heavily involved in financing and promoting this, and we know Bill Gates is obsessed with depopulation....however, GE is partially owned by the British Qeen, as a major  shareholder, so there is no separation between the schooling, data collection and politics as well as corporations who have no business in being fed this data.... since what can be gathered  can be used in total violation of privacy, to manipulate the students, families etc.  An example:  They can take your blood without your permission and manipulate your DNA and put it back in and change you at a basic level or give out gardisil without your permission and make your child take it and that child could die without your knowledge about any of it.  There is already a history of that. 

Remember, they always tell us in advance, through movies and TV,  what they plan to do to us and this below is in that movie, along with super soldiers,  cloning, etc.... now that we know them well enough to know they are capable of doing these sub animalistic things,  we need to rewatch these movies and see what they intend to do, if they are not doing it already.  Do you realize they can use the MRI to mind control your kid or put throughts into his/her head that go against everything you believe in?  Or that our society believes in and thus the entire society can be socially engineered into the society the Fascists/Zionists want.

Just look at Canada that was going to introduce Homosexuality at different grade levels so that by the time the child is in 6th grade, WITHOUT THE MATURITY NECESSARY TO GO ALONG WITH IT, they will have completely sexualized your child into a choice he might otherwise have not made.  Add that to the current agenda for destroying the family unit and you have a brewing storm of total loss of your children and soon they may well stop reproductive rights and start doing test tube babies and carrying them in the artificial womb they have created.  Who knows, with these insane creatures, just how far they will go. I trust not a single one of them. 

Glen Beck is doing a very good job with this and a good set of guests.

Common Core – Total Control of our Children
By Barbara H. Peterson,  Farm Wars

Published by August Refuge on Apr 22, 2013

Glenn Beck has done a few episodes on Common Core, which is what the federal government is trying to implement in our schools. This episode focused mainly on the data mining aspect of Common Core. You can read about it online.

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Anonymous said...

I have just begun homeschooling my two preschoolers, something I have always planned on doing since I myself was tormented and controlled by the public school system.
Most of us homeschooling moms tend to purchase a package curriculum, which either becomes the base education material, or supplementary to our own homemade curriculum. Many of the curriculum websites I frequent are also switching to Common-core friendly adaptable course work, so it's getting harder even now even with Homeschoolers. I don't know if I have the time to piece together a homemade curriculum for my kids, but I can at least be selective about what I purchase. Remember that the state laws protecting homeschooling are directly related to what local education boards tolerate and mandate. I live in AZ so it is pretty open and doable here for now, but this, too is going to change as the number of states create more hoops and restrictions for homeschool students go up. They are still using the "socialization" garbage as an argument as well, as if my kids need to be socialized to be conformist followers who act like souless minions and bang girls when they are 11. I am not even that radical, it's just the sad truth that soon homeschooling freedoms will be jeopardized as well. I know the many devoted, wonderful homeschooling advocates will fight with us parents to the bitter end, but I really feel that end is looking more and more inevitable for parent educators.

Vatic Master said...

Boy, do I hear you. And unfortunately you are not going like what I am going to say. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TIME AS IF THIS WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE to build that curriculum for him. Seriously. I believe you are right with where this is going and socialization is the crux of control by the Zionists. They invented socialism, have promoted it and installed it after killing off christianity, in nations they have taken over. Russia 1917, Germany 1933, and socialism leads to communism, and leads in end, to fascism. Its a long journey but that is the process complete control of a nation of people must take.

Capitalism is the enemy of that process, since its predicated on the "differences" between us that can be added to the pot to improve life, as opposed to the similarities to us that then make us all one in a narrow and limited way and then we can be herded like sheep. Notice why "dogs" can herd sheep? Because the sheep have built in common movements and reactions and all the sheepherder has to do is push one of the triggers that moves the herd. Its simply, easy and predictable. Notice Russia, Eastern Europe and other communie fascist countries have never risen above a country like the USA? That is why they have to bring us down using deception. None of the other "herd" triggers work. WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD, BOTH THE COMMON ELEMENTS LIKE TWO LEGS, A HEAD, TWO ARMS, BUT WE ARE EACH COMPETELY DIFFERENT IN OUR LESS PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES SUCH AS HOW WE "PERCEIVE" THINGS, AND HOW WE "EMOTIONALLY" RESPOND TO THINGS, OUR CREATIVITY IS DIFFERENT IN EACH INDIVDUAL AND BRINGING THOSE DIFFERENCES TOGETHER CAN CREATE AN INCREDIBLE WORLD. lOTS TO DISCUSS, BUT YOU ARE RIGHT.