Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana & Spending Other Peoples' Money

Vatic Note:  I want you to take a hard look at this 98 YEAR OLD ROCKEFELLER.  Think of all the 98 year olds you know, or even just the oldest people  you have ever met and compare this photo of this 98 year old with collagen still in his face and neck, to those oldest people you know.  What do you think is the difference?   Hint:  Who supports abortions? Stem Cells ring a bell?  David Rockefeller, Kissinger, the Queen, Prince Phillip, etc.   Who supports The khazar zionists of Israel who organ harvest from 14 year old palestinian boys or girls?  Rockefeller and Kissinger etc  Basically the same people.

The organs that are harvested in Israel fetch $160,000 a  piece on the black market in the western world for all these "facile" ugly old men.  I just saw a recent photo of aging old Kissinger who is also in his mid to high 90's and that sucker is UGLY.  But he is still alive..... the same way as Rocky?   I have to give Rothschilds credit....When Evelyn was alive he  did none of this.  He died a natural age and way. 

At least with the Rothschilds there is some line they won't cross, but that is obviously not the case with Kissinger and Rockefeller.  I suspect
they have crossed lines that would shock a prostitute of 50 years.  The elite are misnamed and I think we should change from calling them "The Elite" to calling them what they really are.  The "Sub animals" or maybe lets just call them what they are "Lizards".  They are more like lizards than mammals.  Truly.   Think about it.  NEW RULE:  THERE ARE NO ELITE,  ONLY LIZARDS. 

AUTHORS NOTE:  Makow Comment-  Masonic Jewish central banking billionaires have always bankrolled socialism and communism because they want to extend their monopoly over credit to a monopoly over everything.  State Power is their instrument.  Apparently, they will now allow us to use marijuana to transcend their tyrannical hell.  (VN:  They will let us do Mary Jane to keep us passive and laid back, and that is the only reason, since they love to see us suffer and so the only reason is to keep themselves safe from a physical uprising in massive numbers.  It won't happen if everyone is on Mary Jane.)
Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana
by Henry Makow, Makow on line

mujicayrockefeller04.jpg(l. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica with David Rockefeller, 98, in NYC last week)

Our South American bureau chief, Marcos, writes:

"As suspected, the Marxists from the Forum of Sao Paulo are indeed partners with the Western Illuminati.

Last week, Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay who legalized marijuana consumption in his country, met with David Rockefeller and George Soros in New York, in order to discuss strategie$$$ to expand legalization of drugs in the region.

Meanwhile, crack use in Brazil has skyrocketed as has cocaine production in  Bolivia and Peru. Last week, a load of 1300 kilos of cocaine was found in Paris in a plane from Venezuela.

Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru (all Marxists) are huge cocaine producers. Brazil is the main consumer in the region, and Lula even gave Bolivia money in order to build what is called the Coca Highway to Brazil (because the drug helps Bolivia's economy). The Workers Party here is behind many NGOs which fight for legalization. This week a study was issued, stating that 370,000 Brazilians are addicted to crack only in the state capitals.
(left. Uruguay is a member of the Marxist Forum of Sao Paulo. Uruguay is not a producer, it is a consumer of drugs, like Brazil. Below is a map with the members of the forum in red. Only Paraguay, the Guyanas, Chile and Colombia are outside.)

Here in São Paulo, the governor tried to implement a plan to force these people into health care, but the NGOs said this was "against human rights". Now we have what is called Crackland in a large area in downtown, where they use freely, steal from people and prostitute themselves. You don't wanna go there for a walk.

Notice the dialectics: The Forum is supposedly pro-Iran, Palestine, Russia and China and haters of the US and capitalism in general."

See Makow Comment below article

From "25 Seconds" (Caracas)
(Translated by henrymakow.com)

According to a statement issued by the Presidency of Uruguay , Jose Mujica , 78 and David Rockefeller , 98, [met Thursday] at Rockefeller's residence in New York and exchanged ideas concerning the process of regulation of the marijuana market in Uruguay.

Rockefeller , a founder of the Bilderberg Group , the " club" of the most influential people in the world, is enthusiastic about marijuana legalization. Mujica gave a speech Tuesday to the General Assembly UN.

The Uruguayan President who once belonged to the Tupamaro guerrillas , said the meeting was a "crossing of the Rubicon " , which means that a decisive step knowing the risk involved . The expression recalls the decision of Julius Caesar to return to Italy , crossing the Rubicon river , without permission of the Senate.

However, Mujica said that Rockefeller is the " symbol of a reality " and that his party "always recognize the realities" .

The President reported that the billionaire told him that his father originally supported Prohibition in the U.S., "changed utterly after seeing its effects and went to the other side."

"He realized that ( the ban ) had been a blunder in practice. Thus he realizes that anti-drug and anti-narcotics policy are not successful " , said Mujica.
muj.jpg(left, Mujica, Marxist president of Uruguay. )

The President , for his part, explained the reasoning behind the legalization of marijuana in his country of 3.2 million inhabitants.

"The central thesis is snatch the drug market away from the traffickers and try to create a market of consumers who are not acting illegally. And when we detect an addiction, to treat it as a health problem," Mujica said.

On Monday ,Mujica, who has been described as the world's poorest president for his austere lifestyle because he donates his salary to charity, met with another billionaire investor George Soros, of Hungarian origin .

Soros , chairman of the Open Society Foundation , offered Mujica all possible assistance to the process begun in Uruguay. They agreed that the current general policy regarding drug trafficking is not working.

Soros then reasoned that changes can be made internationally in the future depending on Mujica's success, and offered to support educational programs in Uruguay to combat drug and other addictions .
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Vatic Master; On Hilton Head Island in South Carolina there was a Doctor who did Collagin Treatment to VIPS...They took aborted babies and took the Collagin and made a IV drip`to take every 6 months. The treatments cost 15 thousand dollars. The Doctor guranted you would live at 10 oer 20 years longer. An Abortion Group put a hidden camaera in front of the Doctors office. And Guess who went for treatments..here is a few---1.) Sen Strom Thurmond of SC 2.)Dick Clark 3.) and guy who played GOD in a movie with John Denver and the list goes on and on, Extremely rich elitist went for the treatments...The Anti Abortion Group made a big pamphlet about this and its is banned by USA governemnt...Amazing about Uruguay Leader meeting with Soros and Rockerfeller..really crazy how leaders are..Peronist in Argenbtina are trying to take over Argentina again..by the way Juan Peron was a mason....