Sikh's, Hindus and history - from a Native Sikh

***The print in the main writings of the blog were fine when I went to bed last tonight and this morning they are horrible. I will try to fix it, but now you can see why I have to do fund raising. There now is never any time to do other work to raise income. I don't mind looking like an idiot when I am an idiot but I hate looking like one when I am not. So bare with us and read this, since this messing with it means, he is exposing something they do not want out there. In that sense their messing with us on certain subjects, helps us to know whether we are on target or not. Thank you, foreign occupiers of our government for confirming information for us in so many good ways that you didn't mean to do. lol.

Vatic Note I received an email from one of our Sikh readers about what is going on in India that we have been publishing over the past couple of weeks, and I felt it good enough to publish, so I  got his permission and am doing that now.  Please understand it was to help us understand the context of the conflict in which the nation stands. I was surprised at the parallels to our situation, that this highlighted

One always needs perspective for understanding anothers points of view as if you were standing in his shoes.... so please read it with that in mind.  When you do, I hope you will help us to help them get the UN designation they need for the 1984 attempted genocide on their people that occurred throughout the country.  Please read, and enjoy the knowledge that crosses our boundaries into another world.  He has signed it with his cyber name.

As you read this keep a couple of things in mind.  Notice its always Britain (Rothschild controlled) that has had control over various large tracts of land around the globe such that the "sun never set on the British Empire".... the British, set up systems before they left and gave control back to locals that the British appointed that they control.  They did exactly the same thing in the middle east.

They set up the future conflicts for resources, which is clever. It allows the greedy ones to take over a large area one small country at a time. The middle east is proving that very well, with Israel as the point man for Britain.  Remember, the Khazars have 0 interest in Palestine for any thing, except as Rothschilds' Britain requires, such as a base of operations to create chaos in the ME so they can take over the resources of all the countries there.

I just don't know if they intended it that way, but no other explanation makes sense. What do borders imply??? CONTROL and total control at that, one small section at a time, rather than trying to conquor a huge swath of land. Anyway, just keep that in mind as you read this brief summary.


Sikh's, Hindus and history
by Artscape, for the Vatic Project

Remember, he is not in the inner circle of the powers that be, so this is from his perspective given the various circumstances and facts, like the infrastructure that we would never know about unless we lived there.

There seems to be a lot of double dealing going on.  (VN: Has someone made a deal with China? If China is controlled by the International bankers like America was for so long, then he has hit the nail on the head. China maybe negotiated with to give India to China in return for her cooperation with the NWO agenda).

On one hand there is the agenda 21. India subcontinent is a population nearly 1.5 billion!!

The long term strategy may be to have a zionist rule from mediteranean to the end of the sub-continenet with reduced population..the open discussions may seem plausible..but the balkanization idea is in the hot-pot  (VN: Since they also control Russia from the 1917's and now China through their exclusive brokerage houses, its likely then, in some way that half the world is already under Zionist banker control)

They probably have multiple options to see how the story(plan ) unfolds…changing their tack constantly with each variation of circumstances..the Big super computers and A.I.?????

Now the Indian premier unelected ,doing the bidding for the Rothschild family and the banks (ex world bank and Harvard), probably knows that the infrastructure in India is a sham, to say the least (antiquated, British admin…there is a waiting list of some legal cases of 20 years over such infrastructure damages….)

Maybe they want a war between India, pakistan, and China

India has had a number of them with Pak and China..there are disputed borders between India, China and covert with Pakistan…the Brtish drew the border lines before they left,,leaving the issues to be activated later on…like now!!


SIKHS are just a thorn in the Indian Hindus backsides,,,,they would rather get rid of them ,as they are doing with the help of RAW/MOSSAD (VN: RAW is India's secret Service and works closely with Mossad and the CIA. Remember, Bush met with RAW reps the day before 9-11 and RAW works closely with Israel, and that is who did 9-11 and now that makes sense.

I could never figure out what RAW had to do with any of it. This is why we best pay attention to these players we never think about.  ALL INTEL SERVES ARE NOW GLOBALIZED AND WORK FOR THE ONE WORLD ORDER, under MI6 direction and have 0 loyalty to any nation.

Panjab ifs full of alcohol and drugs….What is the real purpose

The land of five rivers has been the most fertile land on the planet..agriculture based for millennia

But thanks to the green revolution and pesticides(the knmaive and peasant village folk have no idea the harm it has done.

So the agriculture and the fertile land plus hard work which made the Panjab such a good place is now polluted, water table going down to a disastrous level, Education being destroyed from within…no wonder why most young Sikhs want to leave for abroad(legally or otherwise).  (VN: Now doesn't this sound familiar? Pollution, intentionally done with fracking, weather manipulation with HAARP, education destroyed by Federalizing, And now record emigration out of America by Americans. Its amazing how they have spread their plans across the globe and we are seeing the results in all large countries with abundantm resources, they can steal.)

CANCER IS NOW an EPIDEMIC…50 % plus effected,,,GMO? PESTICIDES ?

POLLUTION? Uranium from the nuclear plat in the middle of Panjab,,,disaster looms..the politicians (SIKH) are just the front men .. (VN: Same on our Mississippi River, with 9 Nukes they built intentionally on the Madrid fault. Nasty pieces of work, these Rothschilds. Our state pols also front men to do the dirty work as they are instructed.)

Various institutions in Deli. Aspenn Inst, Nehru inst, Club of 300, Common purpose etc are doing a damn good job of destroying.....

Through popular culture and media,everyone cares only about themselves (VN:  Narcississm on the rise, like here in America)(greedy selfish,,middle and upper class),,are only interested in lining their pockets..that’s how the sytem works,,and controlled by……….bankers.

And that is not the agenda generally. Is It? That is why they are under attack. <  

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the most important nugget of info to have come out of India...ever.
India is the first nation on earth to attempt the micro-chipping of the entire population, then putting all of the info into a giant database. First, it was just "bio-metrification" ie, the scanner problem and iris identifying details that are coming into vogue recently. but, apparently, they thought better of it and decided to dispense with dreams, and be upfront about it. (although I do not agree that being the first nation to chip your population would be something to "brag" about)

Even so, no other nation has of yet tried to chip the whole nation under the guise of it being a sort of national pride thing. Mexico has micro-chipped only its parliment..under the ruse that their kids might be kidnapped. And in Spain, only club-goers are being chipped...for now, ostensibly to "move up in line" while in the USA, they introduced the chip idea under a "medical safety" scenario.
Anyways, my point is that micro-chipping idea is already well underway and while the killing of an entire people based on the actions of a few always leads to ruin....every nation has a variation of this. I am just surprised that this ground-breaking nightmare hasn't recieved wider attention , is all I'm saying.