2 U.S. Naval Commanders Relieved Of Command As Obama Continues To Purge The Military

***UPDATE:  News is breaking fast, as more comes out I will try to put it up here, but will also, if it warrants it, a separate blog as soon as possible.  That is the case right now.  Global Research does a good job of showing how the Petraeus resignation and that of another General for the same weak reasons, were not about sex between consenting adults, rather deeper and more serious than that.  I have done another blog on GR's analysis and its a good analysis 

Having said that, its important to note that there are some in the alternative news community who consider global research a possible disinfo site, so keep that in mind when you read it. I have not had any experience with GR that would support that claim, so be prudent and cautious, but read. Remember,  even  if it is disinfo, they ALWAYS USE TRUTH, so ferret out the truth part of it.  This below is different and again, my vatic note makes it clear, I do not think these men got fired for having affairs, I believe they got relieved because they would not betray their country, or they were part of the treason currently going on in our military at high levels.  We do not know which yet, because we do not know who is doing the purging;  is it the Israeli's, or the bilderbergs or someone else. 

Vatic Note:  I am trying to find out if these are the good guys or the bad guys being purged from the military.  Clinton, Panetta, Geithner, and Holgren are gone saying they will not return to serve in Obama's second term.  So that implies its the bad guys who are being purged, but I don't know for sure.  Tex Marrs did a radio program about this issue and its now been purged before I could hear it.  I was also shut down today on both computers, but my new guy takes my call day or night and walks me through how to over come, so they are getting very very serious about all of this.

I have asked a friend who did hear Marrs Broadcast on the military purging, to summarize what he heard on the program and I will share it with you later.  Unfortunately this is the way its going to go from now on.  If we are lucky, the fight at the top is between good guys and bad guys and its the good guys who are winning.  We can pray for that. 

Having said that, and its the bad guys being purged, then why don't those doing the purging tell us what is going on and that they are cleaning traitors out of our house?  By the same token, I already know that those I mentioned in the first paragraph are definitely the bad guys working for the Zionist bankers, and they are definitely gone, so I don't know what to think at this point until we can get more information.  I think its time to get ready to back the good guys, no matter who they are.

What is probably more likely is, its the division between the bad guys at the top.  One set of bad guys is purging the other set of bad guys from the administration and pentagon.  If that is the case, we still have a major problem since they are both definitely bad guys, and neither one of them are acceptable as you will see with future blogs.

One final note, the commandant of the Marine corps was also relieved of duty.   There are probably more.  Remember, Lt Colonel Aquino is second in command of the Church of Satan and he appears to still be there, but I will check.  Also remember, satanism has been accepted officially by the military as a religion and their members allowed to practice it, which consists of many types of crime.

Then the NDAA included a taking out of the Military Justice laws, the act of Sodomy as a crime, and is now legal in the military.  That ties in very much with satanic ritual abuse, especially of children.   Read this and you decide. 

2 U.S. Naval Commanders Relieved Of Command As Obama Continues To Purge The Military
by Mort Amsel, Before Its News, Nov 21, 2012

Navy Captain Ted Williams was relieved of duty pending investigation into alleged misconduct.
Navy Captain Ted Williams was relieved of duty pending investigation into alleged misconduct.

Two more senior American Navy commanders have been added to the growing list of high-ranking military officers relieved of duty due to ‘personal’ misconduct.

Two commanding officers in US Navy’s 6th Fleet based in Italy were stripped of their commands on Monday pending investigations into “allegations of misconduct,” US-based journal Foreign Policy quoted a Navy statement on Tuesday,.
According to the report, 24 American naval officers have so far been relieved of their commands this year on charges of misconduct.

Cmdr. Ray Hartman, commanding officer of amphibious dock-landing ship USS Fort McHenry was relieved of his command on Monday. Also relieved was Navy Capt. Ted Williams, top officer of the USS Mount Whitney, an amphibious command ship.

Williams, according to the report, was previously a transitory replacement No. 2 officer of the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier after that ship's executive officer, Capt. Robert Gamberg, was found guilty of an "improper relationship."

A Navy official speaking on condition of anonymity is quoted in the report as saying that both officers were relieved of duty over offense of “personal misconduct… not anything to do with the operation of the ship or the mission of the ship.”

Less than three weeks ago, another ship commander and three naval officers were relieved of duty for drunken conduct during a port call in Russia.

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