Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails - Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering

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Vatic Note:  This is awesome, indeed.  This is one subject that we know a lot about but very little technical background and information, so we do not really know what anomolies exist in this subject, which limits our knowledge and the evil ones exposure.

This video and this speaker has that technical information and thus the anomolies were extremely interesting and in some cases brand new information that I never saw before.  It was really helpful to have his expertise as a meteorologist on  this subject.  Its like looking at this from a completely different angle.  Please watch, its incredibly enlightening and if I had the money I would by the entire set of CD's.   Its truly awesome.

On a personal note.... in my little corner of Colorado, here is what is going on here, "The chemtrails are taking on a completely different nature.  They are not opaque as in the past.   They still leave long trails which spread, but they are almost transluscent and when finished spreading they are like a haze which destroys our pristine blue skies normal for fall." 

Further, whatever they are using is taking all moisture out of our atmosphere and leaving behind no snow in the mountains which we have always had loaded up by this time of year..... so their bogus false flag drought is in progress.  I keep thinking about Bush and Reverand Moons' purchase of thousands of acres of land in Paraguay located right over the largest fresh water aquifir on the planet.

Those two facts,  the drought conditions and the ownership and control of the largest fresh water aquifir, together, constitutes a condition for asking questions, such as "Are they manipulating the weather in order to ensure our lack of water, thus relying on them to supply our basic element all humans need to survive?

If so, that is a Nuremberg protocol violation and a crime against humanity which carries with it a death penalty.    You know, when this finally comes down, its going to be bigger than the trials at Nuremberg in WW II, and the net capturing all those who aided and abetted in this massive crime, is going to be so full, it will take years to finish prosecuting and executing those involved.   I can hardly wait.

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails - Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering
by Zen Gardner, source listed above video.

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