Eugenicist Have a Dangerous Mental Illness

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Vatic Note:  This was a well presented reality check on eugenicists in today's society, and are the same creatures (bankers) who were forced underground back in the early 30's when they peaked in their force in society.  They fronted for the robber barons like Rockefellers, who tried back then to do what they are doing now.  Their disdain and disregard for human life is obvious. 

That goes for dems as well as the GOP wealthy.  Rahm Emmanuals brother, Ezekiel is a Eugenicist and Czar for Obama's health care law.  Read it and you will see its a eugenicist dream.  Unelected boards with members who are not doctors get to decide who will get medical care and who will not.  Ezekial wrote extensively on the subject of how society must change its definition of "The value of life" from one based on just life itself, is its own value, to one that says "The value of a life is dependant on its value to society". Major big difference.  They tried this in the 20's and 30's and then again in Nazi Germany and failed.  In fact, many were hung by the Nuremberg trials for their actions along those lines.

That is why Eugenics has shown/reared its ugly head again in modern times, they never went away, they just came out of the closet very gradually.   They want to genetically create their perfect society and get rid of anyone that does not fit into "their" definitiion of an acceptable human being.  Right now you can see it in progress.  The poor, the elderly, and the racially unacceptable.

The Governor of Colorado has led the charge in eugenics in Colorado, by cutting food stamps for seniors and permanently handicapped (useless feeders) from approximately $165 per month down to $26 per mo,  which is the same as cutting them OFF from receiving any. 

Now think about that.  Starving someone to death because they are unproductive.  Since when did Americans ever think that way?  Why didn't they just cut them off??  They don't because they qualified on the criteria adopted by the state, thats why they did not cut them to $0 since that would show their discrimination against the handicapped and elderly which is a sueable offense right now under the law.     

Eugenicist are Sick in the Head with a Dangerous Mental Illness.

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?   Psalm 94:16

Eugenicist are dangerous to humanity. They are a threat to the family unit. I feel threatened because I am a father of two sons. For people to be obsessed with death to depopulate the world have a sick mind.

Eugenicist have a mental illness that makes them dangerous. They are cunning and deceptive who will look the world in the eye and lie to the world with false compassion pretending to care.

Eugenics was exposed after World War II with the Nazis. Eugenicist were exposed and had to hide themselves and their evil agenda. (VN:  Many of them were actually hung for their eugenics work funded by Rockefeller, who managed to escape the hangmans noose, but that may not be the future.) 

They changed their names to Environmentalist or conservationist. They became known as Planned Parenthood or Animal right groups. All these organizations degrade human life with propaganda claiming humanity is the threat to mother earth.  (VN:  I do not believe all Environmentalists or conservationists are evil eugenicists.  Many I personally know and they have been devastated by horrible toxins dumped in their neighborhood that harmed their children beyond repair, but having said that, I do know, like all things, evil ones do hide behind legit causes to achieve their insane agenda, Prince Phillip comes to mind who is a conservationist and goes out and shoots endangered elephants as if they were ants).

Eugenicist like Margret Singer and David Rockefeller believe in depopulation. Do not believe me? Go see the Georgia Guild stones. They want the population reduced down for 500 million people. They will use wars, famines, disease and bio-weapons to achieve their goals.

Eugenics have hidden themselves behind a veil of organizations pretending to care about people. Eugenicist have used the Indian Reservation experiments and the most vulnerable as a training ground for eugenics.

They use children for their experiments. Many orphan Children died in the early 1900s because of formaldehyde added to the Milk.  Was this experiment pushed by the eugenicist behind the scenes in Indiana?
Black Foster children have been killed having pesticides tested on them in New York.

Children in CPS custody have been used for experiments testing new drugs for the pharmaceutical industry have died
. Eugenicist have used the most vulnerable and defenseless to carry out there experiment and agenda. Foster children died horrific deaths having untested vaccines tested on them.

Eugenicist are not normal people. Still they are given noble titles of being Bio-ethicist trying to twist morality to justify murder in the name of dying with dignity. They will not hesitate to get rid of the sick and handicapped like retarded children or cripples calling them useless eaters. Eugenicist are the real useless eaters and a parasite on our society.

They have no value for human life.  (VN: except as a productive worker in society and that is the only value they care about.)

People who think like this are not in their right mind. They are narcissistic and narcissist. They are devoid of compassion and empathy for their fellow-man. They do not want to build up humanity.

They seek to destroy innocence and prey on the innocent. They are sociopaths and psychopaths. They have no pity or compassion for human life. Therefore they are a danger to humanity and must be dealt with. Any person who seeks death for others for no reason but for their sick world view is mentally ill and dangerous.

We have to call out the eugenicist for what they are. Murderous wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are criminally insane and therefore mentally ill being a danger to others. A danger to humanity if they are not removed from positions of authority and power. Humanity cannot coexist with these eugenicist in a free society. They are dangerous people sick in the head. It does not take a Harvard PhD to see these people are dangerous and certified insane.

Remember we must stand up for those who cannot defend themselves or speak up. They are the children and the most vulnerable. If we expose how these eugenicist prey on the weak and the defenseless. We can stop them in their tracks. Taking on the New World order and the Eugenicist is not a hobby. It is our duty from our Lord.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Ephesians 5:11-13

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