Hotel CCTV Proves It Wasn’t A Plane That Hit The Pentagon

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Vatic Note:  Well, well, finally, hard evidence ordered through the court, and supplied by the FBI, that no plane hit the Pentagon.  Its been a long time in coming.  I kept telling everyone that, on 9-11, during raw live feed, that I saw an interview that day with a woman who stated that a "missle" had gone by her head as she was walking and it hit the pentagon.  I never saw that again after that morning on replay on TV.  It was then I knew whatever was going on, the press was in on it.

However, much later, I saw everything I saw that day on raw live feed, on CNN IN LONDON, on foreign news reports.   Its how they knew it was a false flag before the American people knew it.  It was when their press in Europe was still operationally free.   Thank goodness that at least some of our courts are still honest and functioning like a real system should.  To bad about the other two branches of our government.  Someone needs to be arrested for lying about the pentagon.

If they lied about this, then there is no doubt they have lied about everything else.  Its time to call these people to account and for us to bug our congressmen to do their damn jobs, that we elected and pay them for doing.  Its pressure time. Call every hour if you have to and bug them for the answer you want to hear, which is "Yes, we are going to do an independant investigation into 9-11".  Accept nothing less.

Hotel CCTV Proves It Wasn’t A Plane That Hit The Pentagon 
By stompk, Before It's News

Video is a bit grainy, but you can clearly see the freeway that the plane was supposed to pass over, and the subsequent explosion. Of course, there is no plane.


Video of Pentagon explosion on 9/11 with no plane, This is cctv video seized by the FBI released by the US District Court of Eastern Virginia

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