UPDATE: 8 am - 11/18 - The Worst Crimes Are Against Our Children, Part 2 of 2 - Solutions

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The Worst Crimes Are Against Our Children, Part 2 of 2 - Solutions
by Vatic Master, Vatic Project
November 18, 2012

In part 1 of this series on crimes against our children, we also mention that its not just the crimes, but also the various forms of abuse of children by adults, both family and non family which damages a child, in some cases, for life. Its a serious and increasing problem in todays society.

The health of our future society will depend on the physical and spiritual health of our children who are going to be the adults of the future. Love, Safety and a strong spiritual foundation are the three most important gifts you can give to a child when he is young.

The Love, sustains him through tough times, and the safety he feels in his environment allows him to explore who he is, explore his environment, test himself and test others for learning limits, etc without damaging the self esteem he will need to navigate his world with confidence.

If he is hyper-vigilant, due to abuse issues, then he is unable to spend time within himself, to connect to his spiritual self or to God for support. He will be unable to question, understand and learn about himself or his environment. Rather he is constantly on "danger watch" and survival mode which does not allow him to explore the higher realms of thought, of the spirit or of his God, who ever that may be within his world.

I do not intend to proselytize here, but there is no doubt that we do have a spiritual body as well as a physical and psychological/mental one that needs as much attention as any other part of us. I, personally, learned to talk with my God as I grew up and that helped me more than you will ever know. But that is not enough, since we adults are the example by which children grow up. If we are abusive, the child learns that is what adults do, so when he becomes an adult that is what he believes is his role with his children.

AS we showed in Part I, the problem has become monumental, globally and deadly serious, and must be addressed by all of us, not only within our own families, but also within society as a whole. The health of our nation depends on the health of our future adults as they grow in their formative years.


I searched everywhere and of course there were suggestions about teaching children to report such abuses, and defining for him what is an abuse, but if the abuse is within the home, then who will teach him these things? Then when the child travels he is sexually handled by TSA agents, that sends a confusing message to the child. Is it sometimes OK for a stranger to touch me inappropriately and when is that the case?
I sought guidance from various groups such as churches, religious organziations, and from agencies that deal with these issues within their area of expertise. What surprised me was the lack of serious treatment, time, and effort in addressing these issues. In fact, I discovered some agencies are actually perpetrators of abuse within the system, so that was no help. However, I did find one publication that published a televised conference talk on this very Issue and it was from a church.

After reading it, I was so encouraged, that I called and asked permission to publish the article since it addressed the problem on so many different levels and solutions that we could all do, and they said yes, with conditions since it was copywrited. So, what I am going to do is to summarize the article, and do some excerpts that were profound in their observations and then give you the link to read the rest of it.

Please keep in mind this is a religious publication which will be discussing somethings you may not agree with, however, please read those issue in "CONTEXT" of the main issue of children.   We already know these people in power do nothing for the benefit of us either as a people, culture or nation, they do it all, to shore up their agenda of globalizing all nations, to depopulate, and to destroy our culture, morality, and nation state.


This article at the link below was a result of a Conference talk world wide to the Churches 14 million membership, so that is a good thing.  This link carries the transcript of that talk and it was titled "Protect the Children" and was given  by
Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am giving you this link up front  in case I cannot finish this due to intereference but rather have to continue putting it up throughout the day.  That way you can skip my summary, excerpts and comments, and read it directly.


It is an excellent talk about what we have been discussing on here for two and a half years without delving into the politics of it since they are a non profit religious organization and are limited in their talk to only that which is directly church related, so keep that in mind.

To begin, here is an excerpt which was profoundly true..... 

"Children are highly vulnerable.  They have little or no power to  protect or provide for themselves and little influence on so much that is vital to their well-being. Children need others to speak for them, and they need decision makers who put their well-being ahead of selfish adult interests."

This is so true, and that is why we must take up that role of guidance and protection for these children, both in our homes and for those around us.  I remember as a child walking to school and knowing neighbors were looking out for  me.  How did I know?  They would come out side if someone tried to accost me or approach me in a threatening way.  In that sense, I felt safe at all times no matter where I walked within the town I grew up in. 

As the oldest of 8 children that was an important "knowing" for me, since I also worried about my brothers and sisters as I was their care giver after my mother.
Elder Oaks covers a wide spectrum of abuses that we covered and then some on this blog in part 1.  He makes it clear our solutions to the problem must begin with us and not reliance on institutions of government as the solution.  I am saying that is true,  not only because it is, but also as we covered on here, those institutiions world wide have become a threat to our children, instead of the protector.   So these solutions rest with us.

Whoops, I have to go to church.  Will continue reputting this back up when I return.  Go to the link for yourselves and read it whole presentation.  Some issues you may not agree with, and s hould be no surprise since this is a religious writing, however, please consider what he says in the context of todays danger to our children.

Remember the bad guys agenda not only  includes depopulation, but everything they do is never for our own good, its always toward advancing their agenda of globalizing, sterilizing and reducing our population dramatically as they showed us in the Georgia Guidestones, so please keep that in mind when you read this and how these things fit within that evil satanic agenda.

The last thing they have planned is to take reproductive rights away from us as well as raising children which the state is trying to corral from us, so they can insure no rebellion...... and here is a great example.


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