We're All Indians Now

Vatic Note: My goodness, he is right. We are now just like them and soon we will be on reservations or what I call Ant Colonies. You should see the models I saw of how they intend to house us. See, in this new global world, we will not be able to own land. Rural living will not be an option since they sustainable 21 UN program will prohibit any humans from living in the rural areas. I just watched the Zeitgeist moving forward and I almost croaked when I saw what this documentary film maker was recommending.... globalizing, society more important than individuals and no real life or future, just survival, and also socialist planned economy which my husband had already experienced living in Poland. He said they had to wait in line one a week for toilet paper, and a different day for meat, and a different day for veggies. It was so horrible that he and his mother left and came west. So Russell is wise and understands fully what is going on since they have had to live it for decades.   The lakota have started their own bank and they use gold and silver as the foundation for their currency.  They also withdrew from their treaty due to US violations and are claiming thier lands back.    He has a great understanding of what we are going through.  Amazing. 

We're All Indians Now

Interesting comments from Russell Means on similarities between life in America today and the kinds of controls put on American Indians.


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