Bloggers are now targets of Cointelpro, Provocateurs,Disinfo Agents

** This is living poof of this article below.  It was scheduled for 2 am this morning and they changed it to hide it by taking my 10 am and scheduling it at 2 am, so this has been up since 2 am but hidden behind the 10 am one.   LOL   Thanks, Mossad for doing that, otherwise I would not have had on-site proof of the blatant treason.  lol   I will be changing the time on this one to 10 AM so I can run it for another time unit, since this is the one they messed with.  Mossad, don't you have someone bigger to harrass like rense or Alex Jones???  lol  They do misspellings, sentence manipulation to try and discredit the blogger and much more. 

Vatic Note: I am putting this up because contained in this video are cointelpro acts by the FBI, now going on against bloggers and rapidly increasing. Cointelpro through the military is also increasing and they even mentioned using vigilante acts to counter the bloggers free speech. This gives examples of past acts of these traitors to their country,  who are dual Israeli citizens and target those engaging in free speech as protected by our first amendment. WE NEED to see this so we recognize it when it occurs. ITS GOING TO GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. That is why its important so you know what you are looking at when it happens.

Bloggers are now targets of Cointelpro, Provacateurs,Disinfo Agents


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Anonymous said...

It's all designed to keep us uncertain whether we should sh*t or go blind. Since we can't be sure of anything... trust nothing... especially if you thought you knew it... you were, more than likely, lied to. Go on intuition and get in touch with your higher consciousness.

Alex Jones and Rense out themselves with their own words... both spoken and what is left unsaid. Who can say they don't have a gun to their heads? What would any of us do if that were the case? Probably hold on till you can sense the rest of the world is right there with you... then KaBloom... the tables turn on the controllers... the coalescing moment.

I still have faith in my fellow humans... we are the children of God, the creator or universe... take your pick... all roads lead to enlightenment.

A thought: The numbers show up more freakishly for 2011 than for 2012... wouldn't it be right up their alley to make everyone think they had a year + to get prepared and spring the trap early?

Peace, love, truth and mercy... pass it on.

God bless and godspeed.

Vatic said...

Yes, it is, you are right and you are right about constantly trying to keep us in fear. But for some reason Americans are not reacting as other nations so far have reacted.

There is a certain amount of a combination of factors that I believe contribute to that. First of all, when you are an armed nation, you do not have near the fear as those that are unarmed and thus feel they have nothing to lose by going out unarmed and dying for their point. While those armed are willing and often committed to trying to make the system work, and I believe that is us.

Second of all, like Europe, many thousands of Americans are responding to the massive increase in plasma energy we are experiencing and thus are using that energy collectively to bury the low vibrational effects of the work of the dark forces. To do that they have to use "directed energy" based on truth as must as possible.

The only way I know what the truth is, is by which of my blogs they mess with the most and from that I redirect my searches to those areas and try to keep "truth" real and hopefully solutions then for using that directed energy can be used by the thousands if they have enough where with all to understand the value of listening to the truth "objectively" and unemotionally. If they are fearful, they will not want to hear it, thereby defeating the very information they need to use in energy directing toward thwarting those actions.

Right now, energy needs to be directed toward transparency. notice I do not spend very much time at all on Egypt since that has a two prong use by the dark forces to keep us distracted and away from what is really the biggest issue which is pole shifting coming soon and the dwarf planet that is already here and up by the sun along with her attending smaller planets. The fact it came from the south, means the damage will be mitigated and not near as bad as if it had come in on the elliptic.

Yet, we are told nothing about any of this and deflected from the information. I just had a video gutted as well. Good guy aliens apparently neutralized a nuke in the dome of the rock. So, I know what you are saying, and I do try to seek truth to give those here in their mission the solutions they can master by energy manipulation. I just hope it works. I am doing my mission while others are doing theirs. Lets hope anyway. LOL