AH, Superbowl Sunday, Hitler/Nazi Germany Gestapo REVISITED: "SPY ON YOUR NEIGHBOR" Order.

Vatic Note: Now, for students of history, please see the parallel with this article to early nazi Germany when the gestapo was first introduced FOR "THE SECURITY OF THE HOMELAND". See how they use whatever worked in the past? They believe we are too ignorant, by their design and intent, and thus would not make that connection. Everything you see written in here has been done already in Nazi Germany, including the Hitler Youth, (Obama's Youth Corps) and spying on your neighbors and family. Its all the same as you will read below. Its at this very juncture that the German people needed to make it known,  out loud and clear,  they would not COOPERATE in such violations of freedom with the emerging police state. They did not do that, and paid dearly at the end for that mistake. Where does it stop once you begin to allow such things to happen. We all now know THERE WERE NO TERRORISTS EXCEPT THE KHAZAR BANKERS RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT, same as THEY DID under Hitler and in Russia, and any other country they touched. Yet all violations are being done in the name of the war on terror. You cannot have a war on a concept with no defined boundaries, but we let them get away with it. So now, its time to decide which fork in the road at this junction we are going to take. Compliance or resistance. Those are our two choices. Good luck on making the right choice. Do it before these khazars running our gov kill millions of our people, like they did under Hitler. They have already killed thousands, lets stop it before it becomes anymore and do not kid yourself. As soon as they get those guns, the purging will begin. The tyrant always calls the resistor a terrorist, when in Fact, Janet neglected to arrest a terrorist committing an act of terror right on tv saved for all posterity to see, when the Goldman Sucks bankers threatened martial law on our congress, that is classic definition of terror and they are the only domestic terrorists we have on this soil.  Paulson and Bernanke are still walking around free, so we know who she works for, don't we??? RIGHT, THE TERRORISTS,   EVERYONE KNOWS IT TOO. 

Forget Super Bowl Pat Downs, Big Sis Wants Interrogations And Behavioral Tests
by Paul Watson, Alex Jones' Infowars, February 7, 2011

Even as Christina Aguilera butchered the words to the American national anthem before the start of last night’s Super Bowl, the hard-fought freedoms recognized in that song were being eviscerated as hired goons conducted 4th Amendment busting pat downs on people entering the stadium.

But if you think that was too invasive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As part of Homeland Security’s complete takeover of society, at future Super Bowls, TSA agents will get to interrogate you at special checkpoints which will use “physiological” and “behavioral” tests to determine if you’re a terrorist or a criminal.

“Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a magnetometer, such as those used at airports, and get a pat down as part of the screening process. The majority of fans will enter through checkpoints on the east side of Cowboys Stadium,” reported the Dallas Star-Telegram on Friday.

Big Sis seized upon the spectacle of the Super Bowl to saturate the public with the inherently fascist public-private partnership which has given birth to the “See Something, Say Something” monstrosity, the citizen snitch program that has wiped away any doubt that America is now a rotting banana republic.

But this only marks the beginning of the role DHS sees itself in assuming as part of its occupation of the country.

Homeland Security is also developing technology to be used at “security events” which purports to monitor “malintent” on behalf of an individual who passes through a checkpoint. The video below explains how “Future Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals.

The clip shows individuals who attend “security events” being led into trailers before they are interrogated as to whether they are terrorists while lie detector-style computer programs analyze their physiological responses. The subjects are asked about their whereabouts, and if they are attempting to smuggle bombs or recording devices into the “expo,” proving that the technology is intended to be used at public events and not just airports. Individuals who do not satisfy the first lie detector-style test are then asked “additional questions”.

The fact that Homeland Security’s own internal reports list supporting political candidates like Ron Paul, flying US flags, owning gold, displaying political bumper stickers, or owning firearms as signs of behavioral malintent that could be linked to terrorism or extremism tells you all you need to know about how FAST checkpoints could be used to snag political dissidents who commit the thought crime of believing they still had any rights under the US Constitution that Janet Napolitano is gleefully ripping to shreds.

In the coming years, staying away from airports won’t be enough to avoid a run-in with TSA goons. Homeland Security has embarked on a massive gestapo-like occupation of America where “security” checkpoints will litter highways and roads, transport hubs, as well as public events and anywhere crowds gather.

This in turn will be reinforced by an army of citizen tattle tales being trained to be the eyes of the state under the See Something, Say Something campaign, which was heavily promoted ahead of the Super Bowl.

Homeland Security has already announced that TSA agents and VIPR teams will be expanding their mobile radiation-scanning checkpoints from rest stops to highways and roads in general, as Big Sis accelerates Soviet-style levels of control over the population.

Only by standing up in unison and sending a forceful and clear message that they will resist the DHS occupation of the country can Americans hope to continue to live in a nation that does not come to be characterized as a decaying militarized police state littered with internal checkpoints manned by state jackboots demanding to see their papers, radiation-scan their bodies and conduct “behavioral tests” to prove they are well-behaved slaves.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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American Action Report said...

A few nights ago, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that two people were trying to convince me to help them commit a terrorist act against the government. In the dream, I thought, if I string along with them, I can find out enough to report it to the FBI. On the other hand, what if these guys ARE the FBI and they're trying to pull off an entrapment scheme. In the end, I decided to have nothing to do with them and not even report it.
Is it any surprise that people don't trust "the government"?
Here's another thought: In future events such as the Super Bowl, advance publicity teams should get out and try to discourage people from going. Even if they had no intention of going anyway, they should be very public about it.
That's the other side's Achilles heel. Pinch them in their purses.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Homeland Security is more akin to the Jewish Communists - that is what Chertoff is. Let's not forget the E. German Stassi, the Communist apparatus that was able to turn neighbors against neighbors. One of the Architects of the Homeland Security apparatus was Marcus Wolfe, who was the Jewish Bolshevik from E. German Stassi architect who was brought in by Chertoff. So, the Stassi metaphor is way more accurate on many levels. Peter

Vatic said...

Thank you Anonymous for that clarification. Unfortunately I never had much background on the Stassis, so this is very helpful. Anymore links or evidence you can provide for us to investigate would be great to expand my and others knowledge since this is very very interesting. Its time we took a real hard look at the entire issue of the 'KHAZARS' and what we can expect under their brutal and inhumane rule.

I intended to do that as a project and so anything you can contribute from that perspective would be greatly appreciated. thanks.