Morning Brief: New BP oil cap appears successful (Oh, gee what a surprise!)

Vatic Note: We made the observation over the past 48 hours that something dramatic was changing in both the coverage of the news and the FEAR MONGERING which had dropped dramatically after we posted the rumored threat of a nuke in the gulf for this morning at 4 am that was theoretically scheduled. That got out all over the place and it was after that we began to see changes. Do we know if that is what made the difference or was it a coincidence? We don't know, but it appears we have some breathing time here and that is what matters. Remember, at the same time that was exposed,  so was the military movements in the gulf and so was the movement of ships out of the gulf and over to Costa Rica, so all of that together by all the blogs, I believe,  made a difference. It appears the ex CIA guy was right that the power for people was in blogs getting information out rapidly and correctly which would aid in getting the powers that be to back off out of fear of getting caught and exposed.

Can't conduct a war with everyone knowing your every move either before or during the time you are doing it. This QUICK stoppage of the oil leak and successful repair also leads us to believe the entire fear mongering extinction event  being promoted was not only bogus, but didn't work the way they wanted. NOBODY BELIEVED THEM. So there was no mass exodus out of the gulf shorelines. Also remember we had exposed a whistleblower leak to SHTF4  about what was really going on in the gulf and that the entire leak and crisis was completely controlled by BP as evidenced by only tar balls showing up on the shoreline which supported the whistleblowers leak about the controlled release from a tar oil vocano through side drilling and oil that was reddish in color which is what old oil at the bottom of tankers (there were quite a few of them out in the gulf for most of the time during the crisis, remember?) looks like due to rusting from sitting in the bottom and that is exactly what the oil looked like as we can see here. Then remember the lock down on photos and press and experts, why?  Would they by chance see the bilges working on the tankers?
CHECK OUT THE VERY LAST SENTENCE OF THE ARTICLE.  Compare that to the extinction event they said this was going to be and pumped that non stop for days telling everyone to move, get out.... now look at what they are saying????   This is what a pure false flag looks like.  Classic.  Something was never right about the whole thing. 

So, an investigation needs to happen about what has really occurred and we need independant scientists now out in the gulf to confirm the truth of this entire bogus event. We also noticed they stopped the chemtrails and the corexit flights of the CIA over the gulf and the land within the past 48 hours or sooner when that got exposed as well by the blog system . Yup, something is up. We will see, keep an eye out and take nothing for granted with these psychos. .

Morning Brief: New BP oil cap appears successful
Posted By Joshua Keating, Foreign Policy.com
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - 8:30 AM

Top story: BP's operation to install a new cap to divert oil from the still-gushing well in the Gulf of Mexico appeared to go smoothly last night. Over the next 48 hours, engineers will test whether the 150,000 pound cap can successfully divert 25,000 gallons of oil per day to a surface ship. High pressure readings in the cap will indicate that it is working. Low pressure will indicate another spill elsewhere in the well. In either case, the flow of oil won't actually be cut off until two relief wells can be drilled, probably in mid-August.

Work on the new system began on Saturday when the old cap, which was capturing only about 15,000 barrels per day, was removed from the well. For three days, oil was flowing freely into the Gulf.

Even if the operation is successful, scientists say oil will continue to wash ashore in the Gulf region for several months and hardened tar balls could continue washing up on beaches for more than a year. (VN:  well, that is a far cry from an "extinction event and a planet killer, huh?")

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