Gulf Oil Disaster: Military Moving In, People Moving Out

Alert: listen to this video below.  Please take this for what its worth, its not been confirmed or factually supported but it was sufficient to put it out there to let those who would do this know that we now KNOW WHAT THEY INTEND and hopefully stop it from happening.  Its the only reason we are putting it up as you know we have avoided all the fear hyping, but these psychos are capable of desparate acts and this could well be one of them.  Toward the end of the video, they  have a very interesting scenario that at 4 am tomorrow morning BP/Obama is going to set off a nuke in the gulf, which is crazy,  but if true, could be devastating to the residents down there.  So, please watch for any signs this maybe true.  Radiation and Corexit is a killer combination.  If they do this,  THEN WILL YOU BELIEVE WHO OUR TRUE ENEMIES REALLY ARE AND WHO NEED TO BE ADDRESSED DIRECTLY WITHOUT HESITATION?  I hope so.

Vatic Note: (for the remainder of the blog that was the original subject of this posting.)
Remember, the corexit after 84 days has not done what the BP and bankers wanted done so they began using Evergreen airlines (CIA drug running airlines) to dump corexit from the plane over land at night.  So this could be real, but again use caution , but if this is real, this is war against the American people. People are capable of leaving on thier own without the military. Our national guard better back us when the chips are down. The world as we have known it is gone. Now its what we do with it that matters.   I have talked with people down in Florida and they know nothing about what is happening based on this video, so please keep that in mind.  Just remember, the corexit did not work as it was suppose to, so now they have to do something.  We will see. 

Gulf Oil Disaster: Military Moving In, People Moving Out

July 12, 2010

Day 84: Film maker Matt Smith, who has been in the Gulf for the last three weeks filming the Documentary "Project Gulf Impact", shares reports from his contacts that the National Guard is moving in and setting up roadblocks, on the Phil Webber Show called The Land of Confusion . Matt also reports that people have started evacuating on their own.


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Video by youtube NotForSale2NWO

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Anonymous said...

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Vatic Master said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. His blog continues the massive scare tactics of BP. Yes, I know, BP is pretending to hide their massive distruction and now that there is no mass movement out so far, it didn't work, so the CIA used their planes to dump corexit over land at night.

We had a blog on that a few weeks back and that didn't work either, so now more and more fear being pumped out. I think that fear is turning into serious anger and like the Japanese said "I fear we have awoken a sleeping tiger", and by golly I believe that we are on the verge of that happening and if it does, those bankers better seek aslylum in Britian with their masters, the Rothschild and Queen.