Eve of Destruction and Where have all the Flowers Gone?

Vatic Note: This again, is the kind of music WE NEED TO BE HEARING EVERY DAY so we deal with reality in this world that is going on day after day after day even if it isn't in our lives, its in the lives of millions who hurt from our actions. It will also be coming to a bomb shelter near you if the bankers have their way about it, and soon, I suspect. Let s watch and listen to this, and stop it now before its too late and never forget. Please. REMEMBER WHEN YOU WATCH THESE, THEY ARE FOR THE BANKERS AND NOT THIS NATION THAT THE BANKERS HAVE DESTROYED BOTH FINANCIALLY AND IN EVERYOTHER WAY IMAGINABLE.   We must get our old country back again and the values that went with it..... no torture,  no rendition,  no murdering children and pregnant women or unarmed civilians, no treating our soldiers like fodder.  WE MUST REFUSE TO COOPERATE IN ANY THIRD WORLD WAR AND CONVINCE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME, NO MATTER THE COST.  Time to take a stand with courage.

Song #1
Eve of Destruction - song combined with visuals from Where have all the flowers gone.
September 21, 2007

I redid "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" video and changed the music to Eve of Destruction, by Barry McGuire. I think it's a better version.

Song #2 - Where have all the flowers gone

Vatic Note: Just a reminder to those of us who lost loved ones in war, and to those who may in the future do the same since perpetual war seems to be the plan that we must stop. We are never shown any of the RESULTS of these wars to those most affected, like the families, the coffins, the dead, the maimed, and the victims who were invaded, so now its up to us to view these old films because it is today just as much as it was yesterday. I KNOW, because I cry everytime I hear this song. I lost someone dear in viet Nam. It hurts even today. This is up to help us not do this again. WE MUST STOP THE ORWELLIAN AGENDA NOW WHILE WE STILL CAN.  DO NOT COOPERATE IN ANY WAR EXCEPT THAT AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND THEN MAKE THAT ONE GLOBAL OR A WORLD WAR.  Its part of the plan, read the protocols of zion.  Rothschilds & the Zionists grab for global domination.... fight it tooth and nail.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Kingston Trio
PRev1, December 10, 2005
Protest song of the 60's, by the Kingston Trio, Song is Where have all the flowers gone.  First done by Peter, Paul, and Mary.   (VN: This is for those that lost loved ones in Viet Nam and for those getting ready to send someone in the future since this is the Khazar bankers orwellean wet dream of perpetual war time and mega profits)


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