Leaked! Videos Purported to be Flyover of Gulf Oil Spill Hits Internet. Real or Hoax?

Vatic Note: For the past couple of months Vatic has been alone in saying something wasn't right about this entire gulf crisis. We were not sure, but nothing changed that made sense and we could buy the official story. It reminded us too much of the 9-11 false flag. Here is the story.

Now this is what I received in an email this morning and I watched the videos. It was someone unknown who "said" he had flown over the gulf (without someones permission???) and filmed the devastation that was a crisis bigger than we had even imagined. The link took me to Alex Jones site to watch those videos and I have them here for you to see. Watch it and then watch the last video that shows the HOAX that it was. So they are getting desparate. Things were not working, the spill is not the disaster they said it was because they would not let anyone confirm that who is not tied to the oil industry, which made it obvious. So now instead of speculating, we can show a hoax even though we don't know who did it.

What we do know is that whoever did do the videos, had something to gain for all the effort they put into it which was substantial. You will see when you watch it. They did not expect us to know about an obscure documentary out of canada and took the risk of using it instead of real filming of the Gulf. Also checked with residents down there and they said the beachs at tampa and below are fine, white with no oil. Hmmmmm. That is odd. Well, here it all is. ENJOY. we are out of it now. Unless they just decide to do something rash.

Here is the email that started me down this path.......

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Leaked! Videos Purported to be Flyover of Gulf Oil Spill Hits Internet. The videos were uploaded to YouTube under the anonymous user name: SpillOnSpilling Youtube

July 15, 2010

Leaked video of fly over of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Leaked video2 of fly over of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico


UPDATE – Hoax! Videos Purported to be Flyover of Gulf Oil Spill Hits Internet
July 15, 2010

UPDATE: This video is a hoax, it is ripped entirely from a 2007 movie entitled Petropolis. You can see the same footage from the 1:09 mark in the following clip.


Whoever did this believed that the obscure ecology documentary film they used from Canada would not be familiar or recognized here.  Well, you can't put one over on Alex Jones followers and Jones then picked up on it and followed up and sure enough, it was the trailer of the movie. Anyway the film was "Petropolis" and its about severe pollution by oil companies and its a very narrow subject so not well known among the average person, especially in the US.   But then again, this is so elaborate that I dont' know how they managed to keep it going for 90 days without getting caught.  Now they are saying the blowout well is capped and now they discover that that wasn't the hole that was leaking... huh????  Well then what hole were those videos showing for a full 90 days??   Anyway, that is in the next blog coming up.  Put these two together and something stinks even worse than it did before they fixed the leak they THOUGHT was the bad one.  LOL  AFter 90 days, they still don't know???  Or are they trying to leave a back door open to doing the nuke they wanted to do in the first place????   Lots of questions and finally answsers are showing up. 

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