GMO crops totally banned in Russia... powerful nation blocks Monsanto's agricultural imperialism and mass poisoning of the population

Vatic Note:   Wait until you read this below and see the tumors on the mice used in the experiment.  It hits you right between the eyes, that both Monsanto, the media, and the politicians that do MONSANTO'S BIDDING, are a serious danger to the people of the United States.  Let's remember, Bill Gates owns Monsanto and a private mercenary Company.

Seldom have I ever seen such danger existing within our nation and I am an old broad.  I have seen a lot, but this seriously explains the expression ".... enemies both foreign and domestic".   That is exactly what we have here with respect to "depopulation  Satanism,  globalizing, soft kill vehicles such as GMO, vaccines, and disease promotion, both verbally, and chemtrail wise",  "ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC".  They are together and without shame, integrity, morals, or any humanity.   In fact, they hate humanity, its now obvious, especially Christians. .

What I find interesting is that both Vaccines, and Monsanto, are both promoted by Bill Gates whose father was head of Planned Parenthood, a savagely dangerous organization (selling body parts of aborted fetuses) with an innocuous name.  The good news is prosecutions are beginning world wide on these people.   India has a warrant out for the arrest of Bill Gates.   This is one of my "DON'T GET ME STARTED TOPICS".  This is what happens when you let a foreign nation run your country (Israeli Khazars).  If there is a third world war, it should be between Israel and all other nations on the planet including the USA. 

What is wrong with our elected leaders,  that we have not done the same for our citizens as India has done to protect her citizens?  Gates is a criminal, murderer, etc, AND WITH INTENT, which makes it a first degree murder crime, and he should be arrested, and yet our nation will NOT PROSECUTE SERIOUS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF THE CRIMINAL ELITE OF ISRAEL OR THE USA.

RATHER THEY PROMOTE THOSE SAME CRIMINALS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF OUR NATION. Hillary Clinton comes to mind.  iF WE DO NOT STOP THIS NOW,  WE WILL BE LIVING IN A FASCIST STATE and believe me when I say,  the results will not be pretty.

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GMO crops totally banned in Russia... powerful nation blocks Monsanto's agricultural imperialism and mass poisoning of the population 
By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,  

(NaturalNews) At the same time that Monsanto's corruption is infiltrating every corner of U.S. academia, government regulators and corporate-controlled media, Russia has just announced a total ban on the cultivation of GMO crops.

"A senior Russian government member told reporters the cabinet decided that any food production in the country will completely exclude any genetically-modified organisms or parts thereof," reports RT.com.

RT reports:

According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years, and currently there are just 57 registered food products containing GMO in the country. The law ordering obligatory state registration of GMO products that might contact with the environment will come into force in mid-2017.

This puts Russia in a powerful position of producing nearly 100% non-GMO foods for both domestic consumption and export. Most consumers around the world, when given a choice, prefer to eat non-GMO foods. In the United States, the criminally-run food industry front group -- the Grocery Manufacturers of America -- is desperately trying to block all GMO food labeling in order to keep consumers in the dark about what they're eating.

Nearly the entire mainstream media, likewise, has also been bought off by the biotech industry and refuses to cover the truth about GMOs. (Which is why sites like GMO.news are becoming so popular among independent thinkers.

Hungary also rejecting America's Monsanto imperialism to produce GMO-free food for Europe

Hungary is also working hard to produce GMO-free food products for its own people. As reported on GMO.news:

Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture believes that keeping Hungarian agriculture GMO-free is a matter of “extremely high strategic importance.” In fact, Hungary’s Constitution states that:

Hungary shall promote the effective application of the right referred to in Paragraph (1) by an agriculture free of genetically modified organisms, by ensuring access to healthy food and drinking water, by organising safety at work and healthcare provision, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, as well as by ensuring the protection of the environment.

Monsanto has infiltrated every institution in America: academic, media, government...

Monsanto, widely known as the world's most evil corporation, has turned the United States into a massive GMO experiment by recruiting a literal mafia of academics by offering them monetary bribes disguised as "grants." The University of Florida's disgraced agricultural scientist Dr. Kevin Folta was recently exposed for financial collusion with Monsanto -- a fact that even the New York Times could not ignore.

See the full document dump of Kevin Folta's once-secret emails with Monsanto at this link.

Monsanto's genetically modified seeds not only pose a risk of runaway genetic pollution and the collapse of food crops; the heavy use of cancer-causing glyphosate goes hand in hand with GM crops. Glyphosate is the deadly chemical that the Seralini study showed causing the growth of massive tumors in lab rats:

Here are some of the shocking findings from the Seralini study which was, of course, viciously attacked by the Monsanto Mafia and its cabal of paid-off, corrupt scientists:

• Up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffered premature death.

• Rats that drank trace amounts of Roundup (at levels legally allowed in the water supply) had a 200% to 300% increase in large tumors.

• Rats fed GM corn and traces of Roundup suffered severe organ damage including liver damage and kidney damage.

• The study fed these rats NK603, the Monsanto variety of GM corn that's grown across North America and widely fed to animals and humans. This is the same corn that's in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn tortillas and corn snack chips.

Learn more about the scientific evidence showing the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate at GMOevidence.com. Or visit GMwatch.org or GMO.news to stay informed.

California has recently announced its intention to add glyphosate to its list of "known carcinogens," and the World Health Organization recently declared glyphosate a "probable carcinogen."

While the United States government openly colludes with Monsanto and the biotech industry to poison the American people with toxic GMOs and glyphosate, Russia apparently realizes that poisoning your own population is bad government.

Go figure.


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