Revealed: UK through the BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse

Vatic Note:   Historically, the British leaders in almost every field, especially in the school system,  have been caught paedophilia children within their country.  Its almost a joke anymore, its been going on for so long and the British people have done nothing to stop it.   

Its that lack of action by millions against thousands, that causes a civilization to destroy itself and the enemy really has to do nothing in the way of risking their own lives.   Britian is a prime example of the results.  Today, these abused children are the adults of that nation and they are fully subdued through the act of pedophilia, and it doesn't stop there.  

We did blogs proving that Royalty are as guilty of it as their people in power, and why is that?   They are Khazars, who worshipped the phallic symbol and got kicked out of nation after nation and I believe its because of that practice, along with killing these babies as we blogged about, and drinking their blood to extend their lives.   

Its more than just wanting to globalize, its about the loss of civilized behavior and the returning to barbarism, that destroys nations.  Just look at Israel under these Khazars control.   There is no more barbaric nation on earth than Israel and the only source of their wealth is related to perversions of the worst kind.  Remember, 

- prostitution is legal in Israel, 

- Kidnapping women from other countries and forcing them into prostitution in Israel is legal, its only illegal if they are Israeli citizens.

- Israeli's biggest and most profitable industry, outside of weapon sales, is PORNOGRAPHY.  They make billions. 

- creating babies to kill and drink their blood, is another barbaric practice. 

-  They are satanists, therefore, stealing the productive wealth of others is a practice long done by these satanists, so these evil useless feeders do not have to break a sweat,  just sit back and enjoy their perverted lives while others slave to pay for it.  

- Finally,  they are big players in the International Child sex and labor slave trade globally.   

-  They hate Christians and have a history of murdering millions of them as we saw in Russia and the decapitation in Syria, which has a very large Christian population in that country, and the decapitation was in compliance with the Noahide Laws, which makes Christianity Illegal and a decapitation offense.  That is how I knew the rebels were really khazars and not semites.  

Otherwise, the khazar Zionists, have developed nothing in the way of innovations and creations that advance civilization, only destroy it.  Now you know why it will be important to fight to the death to keep them holed up in that little country and contained, in the Mediterranean and never let them leave again.   Britain is such a fine example of what can happen and how far down you can go as a nation, if such men run it.


Revealed: UK through the BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse  
Mark Watts — Exaronews.com,   The Truthseeker,   Oct 1, 2015   

BBC 1’s Panorama is planning to attack survivors of child sex abuse and others who are uncovering evidence of a ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Many journalists at the broadcaster fear that the program will prompt a backlash because two established cases of VIP paedophiles were among the BBC’s biggest stars – Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.

They point out how the broadcaster badly let down abuse survivors previously, including one who featured in a Panorama on the pulling of an expose of Savile by BBC 2’s Newsnight and another at the centre of the latter program’s implicit and mistaken identification of Lord McAlpine, a former conservative treasurer, as a paedophile.


Panorama plans to smear abuse survivors, criticise Exaro and other media over reports of VIP paedophiles, and undermine MPs who campaigned on the issue.
Simon Danczuk, one of the cross-party group of seven MPs that successfully called for an overarching inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (CSA), has been interviewed for the program.

He co-authored a book that exposed Sir Cyril Smith, who on three occasions successfully avoided prosecution for sexually abusing boys.

John Mann, another MP who has campaigned on the issue, tweeted his concern: “Panorama acting very oddly on child abuse. Twice in three months asked for interview and then vanished. Looking like a hatchet job on survivors.”

Exaro can reveal that Panorama’s repeated delayed program will reveal that:

* a CSA survivor will claim that the late Lord Brittan, former home secretary, sexually assaulted him only after he was told by a campaigner to identify the senior politician:

* the Sunday Express ran a false story on its front page that a female ex-MP sexually abused an under-age boy;

* campaigners exaggerated the evidence of the sexual abuse of boys by prominent men at the notorious Elm Street Guest House in south-west London.

The hour-long program is also planning to repeat smears already published in newspapers about CSA survivors who have given accounts to police for criminal investigations.

Panorama insiders say that the main target of the program is Chris Fay, a CSA survivor who was an advisor to a campaign group, the National Association of Young People in Care (NAYPC).

He said: “The BBC’s real agenda is an attack on victims. I question whether the BBC will be declaring its own interest in this. It still has many questions to answer over decades of child sex abuse by BBC VIPs.

Pictured in London before his death in Jan 2015. The former Home Secretary Leon Brittan was also among the accused . Click to enlarge                               Pictured in London before his death in Jan 2015. The former Home Secretary Leon Brittan was also among the accused . Click to enlarge                                                                                

Panorama insiders say the program will accuse Fay of using a system of coded signals during media interviews by a CSA survivor so that he would identify prominent people as perpetrators.

The CSA survivor is said to have told Fay that one abuser had a distinctive birth mark and that his first name was “Leon.” Panorama accuses Fay of strongly telling the witness that it must have been Brittan.

Panorama is understood to have persuaded one CSA survivor, an especially vulnerable victim in a live police investigation, to give an anonymous interview to accuse Fay of putting words into his mouth.

The program interviewed Fay, but did not put this key allegation to him during the filming.

Fay told Exaro: “I have never at any time put words into the mouth of any abuse survivor. The allegations about ‘secret signals’ are ridiculous and untrue.”

Panorama also plans to claim that Fay made up evidence about “snuff” movies in which children were killed during sexual abuse.

Fay denies making up the evidence.

Exaro revealed in March that Panorama was seeking to debunk” claims of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. It has had to soften its tone following a clash with BBC News.

Panorama insiders say the program has to go ahead because it has so much spent on it.

Work on the program began at least 18 months ago, and costs have mushroomed because of a large amount of legal advice. Panorama sources say that an edition typically takes two or three months to make.

Despite all the effort, according to Panorama insider, the production team realises that it does not have a story.

Exaro also revealed this month how BBC bosses are trying to delay publication by Dame Janet Smith of her inquiry into Savile until after ministers agree to the broadcaster’s charter renewal.

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