Natural News exclusive: SB277 Referendum leader Tim Donnelly breaks silence on possible sabotage of petition campaign

Vatic Note:  I believe this initiative was a test run for the rest of the country to see if resistance to it was something for the evil ones to worry about, especially if it went nationwide.   If this passes, then one of our most fundamental freedoms,  "the right to act based on religious beliefs" is truly gone.  The evil ones are attacking us in one of our most deeply held religious beliefs, forcing us to go against those beliefs or face prosecution.

When has any government since the beginning of our republic ever done that?  To my knowledge, this is the most blatant and aggregeous offenses.   This is not about public safety, if it were, the same government would be passing legislation that banned chemtrails..... but they have not, so this is an attack on religion and our fundamental right to believe as we wish.

Every single day, it seems, that these evil ones find a way to attack a freedom protected by the Constitution, and get away with it.  This one is simply another one in a long line of continued abuses of our rights which are slowly being stripped away from us as we are being desensitized to that fact.   Soon, there will be no protections of any kind, of our "God-given" Rights and we will definitely become slaves and imprisoned by the system we created, but refused to  monitor and watch carefully.    Now we are about to lose all those gains.

Its time to take a stand and never back down.   We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   Who wants to live in a world run by Satan, certainly not I, said the awakened sheeple. 

Natural News exclusive: SB277 Referendum leader Tim Donnelly breaks silence on possible sabotage of petition campaign 
By Julie Wilson,  staff writer,  Natural News,  October1, 2015

NaturalNews) The grassroots' fight to overturn California's SB277 forced vaccination law is not over, despite reports announcing its defeat.

SB277, which eliminates a parent's choice to opt their child out of vaccination due to philosophical or religious beliefs, would immediately be halted if the referendum is able to produce 366,000 verifiable signatures submitted by California residents.

   Tim Donnelly, SB277 Referendum Leader

SB277 Referendum's leader Tim Donnelly confirmed to Natural News that the votes are not yet in and will not be made available to the public until October 8 by the Secretary of State Elections Division.

When asked if Donnelly believed whether the referendum had reached their goal, he replied that he was optimistic they had, but also terrified they hadn't.

While referendum leader Lauren Stephens announced on September 18 that they had an estimated 300,000 signatures (with 10 days left to collect), Donnelly admits that their "estimating skills may have been off" and their "assumptions didn't pan out."

The paid signature gatherers employed through donations to the referendum effort were unable to produce the numbers that the group had anticipated.

"The professional [signature] gatherers were greatly eclipsed by volunteers," said Donnelly, adding that passionate volunteers who believed in the initiative proved to be far more effective.

California counties still tallying signatures

Currently, signature totals are available for 25 of the 58 counties in California, with six counties receiving petitions after the deadline. Petitions received by county officials after the September 28 deadline will not be included in the final tally. You can keep checking here for access to signature updates during the raw count phase.

Donnelly addressed our earlier report regarding allegations that the referendum had been sabotaged, both from without and within, stating he "does not yet have any concrete evidence or affidavits in his possession" to indicate that members of the referendum campaign intentionally disappeared signature petitions.

He did reveal, however, that there is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the referendum organizers into whether or not any volunteers or leaders committed any misconduct that may have jeopardized the movement's outcome.

In order for the Secretary of State to conduct an investigation, referendum leaders must provide evidence of any wrongdoing.

In regard to the sudden disappearance of the referendum's official Facebook page, Donnelly said he was unsure why it was down, suggesting that it could have been censored by Facebook. Either way, he said Stephens, who is in charge of operating the group's social media pages, as well as the group's official referendum website, is working on getting it back up.

Once the issue is resolved, Donnelly said the referendum's Facebook page will be up and running, providing supporters and volunteers with updates as the count deadline nears.

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