Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre.

Vatic Note:    Merkel is the daughter of Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler, as we reported in a blog on this site,  and that makes her a Rothschild, since Hitlers father was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild of Vienna.  That made him a khazar, and thus Merkel is also a khazar.

Then add the fact that World War II was planned by the zionists as early as 1871, and financed by the Rothschild bankers, so what we have is an exact replay of these same zionists bankers, through their khazar elected officials, with the intent of starting WW III to hide the fact that they are attacking the RH neg based Caucasian population to rid themselves of the threat to them of the RH neg blood lines.  I  have no doubt there are other  results they anticipate that would politically leave them where they want to be. 

World wars are effective instruments in accomplishing multiple agendas.   In this case, serious profitability for the banks and their owned corporations, is the first agenda, and secondly, riding themselves of any threat to their hold on power which the RH neg represents to them.  

So her actions, along with this current policy below makes her a traitor to Germany, but then, she is controlled by the Rothschild khazar  bankers.  What else did we expect?   The fact that her father, Hitler, betrayed the bankers  has no  bearing on her role today with respect to the khazar Zionist agenda.

This is definitely a must wait and see if she allows the destruction of Germany where these illuminati's all started and ended up where we currently are today.                                                                              

Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre. 
Published on Aug 26, 2015
Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre.-26-08-2015
erman Chancellor Angela Merkel has been booed during a visit to a shelter for asylum seekers which was the focus of clashes at the weekend.

Far-right protesters shouted "traitor" as she arrived at the newly-opened centre in Heidenau.

Germany has seen a sharp rise in attacks on asylum centres, as it deals with record numbers of arrivals.

Earlier, police in Hungary used tear gas to disperse migrants protesting at a reception camp on the Serbian border.

Unrest flared at a crowded centre at Roszke. Hungary has said it is considering the use of troops to secure the border.

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