Full Documentary - Khazars, History and Their Extensive Influence and Control Over the West.

Vatic Note:    This is one of the most comprehensive documentaries I have ever seen on the Khazars as the Ashkenazi Jews and their role in dominating both the Western leadership of Europe and America, as well as that of the rest of the world. Be prepared to spend the time required to truly understand it all.  If you have to, do it in small segments, digest what you saw and when comfortable, go back and get more.   What makes this one of the best was that it did 3 things that seriously needed to be done, and that is this:

1.  It was supported by massive documentation, in both government and the Library of Congress of the many studies and hearings conducted by the military and Congress, resulting in the conclusion that Zionism was indeed a threat to the interests of America.  Notice it did not say "Jews", rather "Zionists" was a direct threat to the interests of the USA and that is why so many top level Pentagon officials were released from military duty, since they were adamant about telling the truth and not manipulating us into doing Israel's bidding.

2.   It made and focused on an important distinction between the religious Jews of the world and the non religious, opportunistic Rothschild Khazar Zionist Jews that currently control Israel and did so with great detail and supported evidence proving it was not the real semitic Jews of the Bible,  doing all this, rather the pagan kabbalistic Ashkenazi Jews of Israel who are khazars.  Is that were the term  "Nazi" came from? After all, Hitler and the nazi's were funded by the Rotshchild bankers with the objective of creating the state of Israel.

3.  It also educates, and provides rational solutions to solving the problems we are seeing without resorting to anti-semitic acts and speech, as well as violence and that is very important to consider.  I highly recommended replaying the last part of this video where the solutions are outlined in great detail.  

Ted Pike and his team, obviously did a masterful job of research and documenting all that they covered.   I was personally impressed and decided that this was a must view video if we want to fully understand what we are going through, and how, who, when, what and why of all of it.   

Just a reminder.... Vatic Project did a blog proving who some of these leaders were in America that allowed these things to happen, during WW II and now into present day,  and it proved that men and leaders such as Roosevelt were, in fact, Khazars.   His family line last name was "Rosenfeld".  That explained a lot, and you will see why after you watch this video and listen to the evidence that you can confirm for yourselves.  

When you finish all this, you could  get a PHD in History, real  history that is. 

Full Documentary - Khazars
Published by John Matrix on Jan 17, 2014

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