Reptilians - Climate Change's Real Reason

Vatic Note:  I do not vouch for the validity of this claim, but decided that there are enough factors that do exist to suggest there may well be something to this, so its worth a read and a watch.  Please keep an open, but discerning mind on this since we did publish the 1966 iron mountain report, where the evil ones recommended using a bogus alien invasion to get us to globalized.  Is this the desensitizing beginnings of a deception to get us in fear and allow globalizing in order to save the planet as the canard they intend to use?

This could be the build up to such a plan or its real.   You will have to watch and decide.  I am still open about this both ways, since I do now believe in demons since I have personally experienced seeing a 14 girl possessed and what that looked like. So, could that demonic possession, actually be an alien in a dimensional environment?   Anyway,  Enjoy....since it is an informative video. 

I also recommend reading this one of 9 parts about Dulce base underground.  Will try to collect the rest and send the links, but for now, here is just one of them..

Reptilians - Climate Change's Real Reason 
Published on Jul 29, 2015

They are claimed to reside under the city of New York, Singapore, and Paris, to name a few places, or claimed to 'not' reside there. Either way, both claims bring and raise an interest, more so, into the Reptoids, an alien species long on Earth, pulling the strings, and ruling the world from gated communities above and below the planet earth. What is to believe? You be the judge while the evidence only continues to build.   (VN: again , is this just another deception as Bill Cooper suggested in many of his seminars???  If not, then why was he killed?)

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