Vatic Note: We have a long history since this was first published, of them taking these down using various excuses, and they are down again, so will try to find them again.  YOU CAN SEE HOW IMPORTANT THIS SERIES IS BECAUSE THESE VIDEOS "INFORMING US" OF OUR POWER, ARE THE MOST GUTTED CONTINUALLY.   I AM VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS.  THERE IS NOTHING NEW AGE ABOUT THIS.  JUST LOOK AT THE POWER OF PRAYER.  Here is just one of the many notes I put up about them gutting these videos..... you can see how far back I have been saying how powerful we really are and how we can do this.

[Update:   -  Someone answered my call for copies of the originals and sent them to me, so I have put them up once again,   These are a must read given the times we are coming into and it now makes sense after reveiwing these again, that the powers that be DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION that they have spent billions of dollars and massive amount of time and energy to hide from us. EMBEDDED VIDEOS ARE AT BOTTOM OF POSTING.]

I have been saying that we are "powerful" in many of our blogs and that is what the dark evil ones are afraid of, is that we would discover and use that power.  Why do you think the teaching system has devolved to strickly left brain system?  

The Right brain is where most of the energy in children is converted into creativity, whole systems viewing and critical thinking skills; its needed  to be able to "see" the truth of a matter.  Its as simple as imaging what we want and doing so in deep belief and it will come true and if 8,000 of us did that daily, it would change the world.   

That is why the bad guys want to keep us busy in fear and anger and hate to keep our vibrational levels low. That does not mean one will automatically go into fear if one reads bad news.  Not true.  Facts are neutral, it is us that gives it the energy, whether low frequency by being fearful or high energy by seeing potential for good and change.    

Our solutions lie somewhere in these videos and articles.   We have pieced together a montage of information both video and articles and links about the power of the mind since they have totally taken the 16 videos off of You Tube.  So watch and read and you will have plenty to choose from to decide how you want to go forward. 

AFTER VIEWING ALL OF THESE I CAN ASSURE YOU THESE ARE A MUST SEE AND THEN  REVIEW THE ONE ON "WATER" that is coming up and connect that to our energy that we need for all of this to work as its suppose to.  What a mind blower this is and all scientifically laid out.  I have been using rainwater for about a year now and I assure you my energy level is WAY UP. 

The Secret Powers Of Our Mind
August 15, 2010

A video made by David Sereda and James Law, original title "Quantum Communications"  is no longer available, but I kept the link up to show you how it was taken off.   But the messages were simply like these two statements below.  Then watch an alternative video I found for you and that one is a real mind blower.  He does an experiment that you can follow along with and it works.  I almost fell out of my chair, even though I know better.
"There is a spirit manifest in the universe, a counsciousness - the universe is alive, and we are part of it.  A scientist's Consciousness affects physics experiments at the quantum level."


"Our nervous system is the source of our energy beginning with the brain and channels stress energy into different parts of our body/organs.   What that means is we can control and intentionally affect that process."   

Keep remembering about Plasma in the sun and in our atmosphere and how its also in our hearts which is the second brain.  This is amazing what we do not know and how long they have kept this info from us.  Well, its now out there. 

Now here is the alternative video with the experiment with hands that he does and it works.  Its a mind blower.

Uploaded by mduckett20 on Apr 27, 2007

Dr. Michael J. Duckett teaches how to use your mind to attract to you whatever you want! It is amazing when you see the hand experiment.


Here is another link to more about the Power of the Mind.  I intend to get this with my Christmas money from my family, since its time we take our power seriously, that means me too.  LOL   Anyway, here is the link and a short description and a short video.  So check it out below.  its time to rock and roll.


We only use 10% of the power of our Mind Power. Only 10-percent! Can you imagine what would happen if your could access the remaining 90%? The results would be incredible!

Actually it has long been theorized by scientists that esp and psychic powers are a result of people being able to access parts of their brain that most other people are unable to access. Some of these people had these powers from birth while others learnt to use them later on in life.

The education system only deals with trivial things. Why not the most important thing of all? How to tap into the full power of our minds.  You are able to experience incredible things when you reprogram your subconscious mind!

Scientists who study quantum physics have proved that reality is dependant on the mind. Without the mind there is no matter or reality. If you can change the way your subconscious mind sees things, you can change your reality.

Can this really be done even without any previous training? Are psychic powers, esp, clairvoyancy, remote viewing, telepathy and manifesting really something anyone can learn how to do?
All of these powers are within everyone. Your subconscious mind just needs to be 'unlocked' and it is relatively easy to do this.

You will be able to communicate with your subconscious mind just by listening to these amazing audios which use cutting edge technology to combine:- Binaural beats, healing tones, subliminal messages and hypnosis. 

**Now read this below as a final toward "how" to do this.  As I said, we are powerful and can defeat those that wish us to celebrated death and darkness in our world.  

Uncover the Secret Powers of the Mind Through Meditation and Law of Attraction

Published May 2, 2011 | By Rhodri Jones
The power of your own mind is truly unlimited. You really can have anything you desire in your life when you know how to your mind correctly. Attract never ending success, happiness and abundance quickly and easily by unleashing the secret powers of the mind.

Many people believed that what you are, where you are and what you have are because of the people around them and because of the external events happened in their lives. You should not include yourself who believe with this idea. 


The power of the mind is wide. It can make you live a successful and happy life. There are two ways on how you can harness the powers of the mind: meditation and law of attraction. 

Meditation: One of the Secret Powers of the Mind

The most powerful and efficient way in unveiling the powers of the mind is meditation. 

Every time you meditate, you focus your attention to de-stress and unwind. You also detach yourself from your everyday work and stress.

For a busy person, they will think that this is almost impossible. However, by practicing and by making it part of yourroutine, you will easily learn and develop this. You will learn how to detach yourself from the external world even for just a few minutes of your time each day. Once you start meditating, your mind is opening up to all kinds of opportunities. 

You can meditate by simply doing visual imagery and deep breathing. Your mind can reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of your worries and stress. You have to let go of such things as your deadlines and activities for the day. The power of your mind is up to you: it is limited on how you can detach from your outside world.

The Universal Law of Attraction: One of the Secret Powers of the Mind
The secret powers of the mind can also help you achieve your goals much easier.
The Universal Law of attraction states that what you focus on, what your thoughts are, is what you’ll attract into your life.

Whatever you tell the universe will come to you. 

However, the universe is not capable of identifying if it’s positive or negative. For instance, you tell yourself, “I’m going to get a parking slot this morning.” Viola! Without spending too much time in the parking area, you were able to find a parking space. 

On the other hand, if you worry too much of losing your job, you are telling the universe that you are going to lose your job. Whatever you tell or ask from the universe, the universe will act on your instructions and give it to you. 

The Law of attraction is responsible for everything – the past, the present and the future events of your life. If you have the life that you don’t want, it is because you are attracting negative energies in your life. You might be thinking that you are always broke, you do not get the job you want and you are not happy with your life.

What now is the importance of uncovering the secret powers of the mind?

When you know how to meditate, you allow yourself to have serene moments in your life each day. You will be able to approach life peacefully. Through meditation, you have the option to choose serenity over worries. Meditating for at least five to ten minutes per day will help you to be calm. Once this has become part of your routine, you will have a more productive and happy day.

Moreover, once you know the universal law of attraction, you will be able to know how to attract positive energies. You will focus more on positive opportunities which will mean that more positive opportunities will come into your life.

Learn to meditate and understand the concept of the law of attraction to uncover the secret powers of the mind.

You have the ability to create whatever it is that you want in your life. Everything that comes into your life you’re in control of.  Start taking control of your destiny and begin attracting whatever it is you’ve dreamed and desire for through the secret powers of the mind.

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Yes I completely agree on the power of the mind and we can achieve anything using this technique. A positive mind affects our attitude and can be useful to achieve almost anything we plan and want in life