Are You a Targeted Individual? Foolproof Research Criteria Secrets - part 1 of 2


Are You a Targeted Individual? Foolproof Research Criteria Secrets
By Deborah Dupré,  Before Its News,  July 28, 2015

Some people suspect being a Targeted Individual (TI). Others know. Too many, however, are unaware that they are. Too many are unware a loved one is. Most TIs’ family members and friends disbelieve loved one’s accounts because perpetrators, their tools and weapons, and tactics are top secret, some designed to induce mental injury that the unwitting casual observer calls mental illness. 

Thus, by design, most TI’s are revictimized and isolated, a perfect set-up for worse assaults. “Knowledge is power” and one cannot overcome evil until knowing its name. Secrets enshrouding today’s gang stalking TI phenomenon, therefore, must be exposed. Understanding criteria for defining a TI is a first step to overcoming a rapidly expanding, state-sponsored crime against these innocent victims.
While the term victim carries negative social stigma in some circles, reality is that stalking is an ongoing form of victimization – something happening against a person’s will. As multiple stalker victim QVC’s Lisa Robertson said on ABC News after stalked 20 years, “No one should live in fear in their own home.”1 

Contrary to being self-pitying, weak and disempowered, crime victims “are often the most strong and courageous among us.”2 As a qualified mental health professional, this author concurs with other professionals that no one desires or chooses to be a crime victim.
Every TI reading this about one of the worst crimes against humanity is to be commended. Isolated, misunderstood and terrified – they are prisoners in their own home – courageous survivors attempting proactivity, despite being tortured. 

Every TI loved one reading this is to be commended. Understanding a targeted loved one to advocate for them, despite operatives’ threatening you and lying to you, is a brave act of itself, and life-saving. Turning your back on your loved one or remaining silent is unacceptable complicity.
Existing Stalking Data, Tip of the Iceberg

With media support, criminal leaders are waging a global counterinsurgency war against empowered people with enough integrity and charisma to impact others. The ruling cabal has deemed these human obstacles to their crimes “potential enemies,” “noncombatants,” enlisting congressional acts permitting “surveillance” technology to root them out, stalk them to death. 

Leaving the flood gate open to persecute TIs, few U.S. national studies have measured the extent and nature of stalking, odd considering at least 7.5 million people are stalked per year in the U.S.3 Obtaining reliable data regarding stalking prevalence and incidence is a formidable international problem. Stalking experts doctors J.H. Kamphius and P.M. Emmelkamp say there’s “a great international need for systematic monitoring of stalking cases….”4 

Despite growing awareness that stalking is a public health issue, available information about its toll inflicted on victims is scarce.5 It’s often acknowledged that stalking harms victims6 yet few studies have actually addressed its socio-economic effects and even fewer, psychological / psychiatric injuries.
Even stranger, psychiatrists systematically “overlook” stalking, according to Kamphius and Emmelkamp.7 Why? Considering 76% of intimate partner femicide victims have been stalked by their intimate partner; a surge in multi-stalking cases; corporate government stalking leadership evidence; and operational psychologists’ role in torture; could psychiatrists be following orders regarding Tis? 

Orders might include something like: “Add to injuries by dismissing gang stalking accounts and diagnose mental illness (paranoia); thus negatively impact stalking research and protect stalking perpetrators.” Once the foundation of the caring fields, “Do no harm” principle has faded from the professional caring community to the point that American Psychological Association leadership in torture is focus of upcoming international conference in Toronto.
While what is known about stalking comes in dribs and drabs, existing data shows most single and gang stalkers roam freely, terrorizing with impunity and their crimes are far more prevalent than media and research admit. A US National Violence Against Women Survey on stalking phoned 8000 women and 8000 men: 8% of the women and 2% men had been stalked, one in 20 interviewed – 800 individuals,8 yet “criminal stalking cases merely reflect the tip of the iceberg.”9 Only half of stalking cases were reported to police; only 25% of those led to arrest; and only 12% were criminally prosecuted.

Stalking is a crime whereby a person pursues a victim, often obsessively. It manifests in numerous forms “because stalkers know no boundaries to the deviousness of their imaginations.”10 The U. S .National Institute of Justice Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NIJCDC) said in an April 1998 paper: “Stalking generally refers to repeated harassing or threatening behavior against the target, such as following, appearing at the home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages/objects, or vandalizing property. 

These may or may not be accompanied by a credible threat of serious harm, and may or may not be precursors to assault or murder.11 Generally, stalking is behavior causing pervasive and intense personal suffering.12 Stalking is typically defined as “willful, malicious, and repeated following or harassing of another person that threatens his or her safety.”13
Quick Facts
  • 76% of intimate partner femicide victims were stalked by their intimate partner.
  • 67% were physically abused by their intimate partner.
  • 89% of femicide victims physically assaulted had been stalked during the 12 months before murdered.
  • 79% of abused femicide victims reported being stalked during
  • same period that they were abused.
  • 54% of femicide victims reported stalking to police before killed by their stalkers.
  • 2/3 of stalkers pursue victims at least once per week, many daily, using more than one method.
  • 78% of stalkers use more than one tactic.
  • Weapons are used to harm or threaten victims in 1 out of 5 cases.
  • Almost 1/3 of stalkers have stalked before.
  • Intimate partner stalkers frequently approach their targets, and their behaviors escalate quickly.14
Stalking is a crime under laws of 50 U.S. states, District of Columbia, U.S. Territories, and Federal government.
  • Less than 1/3 of states classify stalking a felony upon first offense.
  • More than 1/2 of states classify stalking a felony upon second or subsequent offense or when the crime involves aggravating factors.
  • Aggravating factors might include: possessing a deadly weapon, violating a court order or condition of probation/parole, a victim under 16-years, or same victim as prior occasions.15
Family members, friends, even professionals typically deny protecting and advocating for stalked victims, freeing the stalker assault and kill their prey. Erin Brokovitch details critical importance of people to take stalking victims’ need for safety seriously in the following National Center for Victims of Crime video.

39% of cases remained the same after victims asked social services to help; 41.3% thought criminal justice officials were unhelpful, and 48.9% thought stalking remained the same after reporting to justice officials. 28% of victims thought police did not want to get involved.16
A Justice Dept. supplemental survey measured stalking as: “making unwanted phone calls; sending unsolicited or unwanted letters or e-mails; following or spying on the victim; appearing at places without legitimate reason; waiting at places for the victim; leaving unwanted items, presents, or flowers; posting information or spreading rumors about the victim on the internet, in a public place, or by word of mouth.”
The Justice Dept. reports that most common reasons victims believe they’ve been stalked are retaliation, anger, spite (37%), or desire to control the victim (33%).17
Top TI Traits
While some TIs have been hit-listed for revenge by a jilted lover with the right connections, and others seem to be target practice or weaponry experimentees, rudimentary data show most Tis are dissenters, political activists, whistleblowers, and anyone else with potential to effectively oppose corporate government crimes. These “enemies” of the criminal state have strong convictions, oppose crime, and thus uphold actions for betterment of humanity. In fact, three most common TI traits are:
  1. Very high IQ
  2. Charismatic: Capacity to influence others
  3. History of political activism
Other traits:
  • 46% of stalking victims fear not knowing what will happen next.
  • 29% of stalking victims fear stalking will never end.
  • 1 in 8 employed stalking victims lose time from work; over half lose 5 days or more.
  • 1 in 7 stalking victims move due to their victimization.
  • People of color are more likely targeted.
  • Women are nearly twice more likely targeted (30.3 % females, 16.9% males) according to one US study, while a Canadian study showed 80% stalking victims were women. Stalked males, however, report stalking as much as stalked females.18
  • Prevalence of anxiety, insomnia, social dysfunction, and severe depression is much higher among stalking victims than the general population, especially if stalking involves being followed or having one’s property destroyed (as all gang stalking victims are).19 (Note: Mental or psychiatric injury differs to mental illness in that if environmental injuries end, with care, psychiatric injuries heal. With mental illness, the basic condition remains.20
  • Physically injured: 21% of U.S. stalking victims are physically attacked by one or more stalkers.
  • Other: Least frequent behaviors reported are altering personal appearance and getting a weapon.21 Many victims feel suicidal,22 but committing suicide is unreported, since BJS surveyed only survivors.
Perpetrator Traits / Characteristics:
Psychopathology is characteristic of stalkers. They are “a heterogeneous group whose behavior can be motivated by different forms of psychopathology, including psychosis and severe personality disorders.”23 Stalkers are bullies with psychopathic traits, including hiding their injurious intent and behaviors. ” if you don’t have a conscience, if you don’t really . . . love, then the only thing that’s left for you is the game—it’s about controlling things,” says clinical psychologist and former Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door. Even highly trained professionals in the field are often fooled by stalkers. Common personality characteristics of the stalker:
  • Narcissistic behaviors
  • Selfish
  • Domestic violence history
  • Inability to cope with rejection
  • Obsessiveness, controlling, compulsive
  • Impulsive
  • Suffering delusions or severe mental illness interfering with perception of reality
  • Jealous
  • Manipulative
  • Sexually maladaptive
  • Deceptive
  • Socially awkward, uncomfortable, isolated
  • History of falling in love instantly
  • Dependent on others for sense of self-worth
  • Low self-esteem
  • Temperamental24
One in twenty-five everyday North Americans is secretly a sociopath, according to Dr. Stout. She and other researchers have explored how society has been molded into the psychopaths’ image. For Global Research TV: James Corbett interviews researcher Stefan Verstappen on psychopathy in modern culture trickling from top leaders down to community members.

  • 2/3 of stalkers pursue their victims at least once per week, many daily
  • 78% of stalkers use more than one tactic
  • 20% of stalkers use weapons on victims
  • Almost 1/3 of stalkers stalked others.
  • 42 to 46% of stalkers electronically monitor their target with video/digital cameras, listening devices or bugs.
  • More than 25% victims experience cyberstalking (e-mail (83%); instant messaging (35%)).
  • 1/10 of electronically stalked victims have unwanted global positioning system (GPS) technology used on them
  • 21% – 25% of forensic stalking cases eventually involve significant violence in the US.25
  • 2% of stalking cases in the US end in murder/manslaughter.26
  • 90% of women killed by their ex-husband were stalked.27
Multi-Stalking / Gang Stalking
Gang-stalkers are sociopathic “bullies on steroids,” recruited, trained, paid, highly organized multi-stalkers operating at each level of society to apply all single-stalking tactics along with sophisticated weaponized technology to amplify worst psychopathological hell possible to neutralize the target. Instead of using technology solely to monitor, watch, follow and harass the victim, many gang stalkers also use military grade technological weapons on their targets. Unlike the Justice Dept., the CDC recognizes gang stalking in one line only: “Because of the possibility of multiple perpetrators, combined row percentages might exceed 100%.”28 In 2009, the Justice Department published its stalking survey report on 3,424,110 stalking victims, including hundreds of thousands of multi- and gang-stalking victims. Highlights included:
  • 2,111,220 or 67% of victims reported single stalking;
  • 619,300 or 18.1% reported 2 stalkers;
  • 213,770 (6.2%) reported 3 or more stalkers;
  • One in four victims were stalked by a stranger.
  • 139,000 victims eventually were assaulted with a weapon.29
A Freedom Of Information Act request to DOJ (# 10-00169) result reported higher numbers:
  • 446,790 US stalking victims are multi-stalked or gang stalked by 3 or more stalkers
  • 4 in 10 of stalking victims (over 200) are stalked by “offenders working together” – gang stalkers.30
Shadowy Corporate Government Gang Stalkers


Two main groups of gang-stalkers exist in the organized system: high-ranking and lower echelon perpetrators.
1. High-ranking perpetrators in the system initiate the treatment and coordinate logistics and funding. These include: the FBI, 15 partnering intelligence agencies with government operatives, a multitude of classified subcontracting corporations, criminal syndicate members, and corporate elite.
FBI and NSA records on Echelon Program, Carnivore System, Tempest Systems and information collected by Naurus Systems, a wholly owned defense contractor Boeing subsidiary producing sophisticated mass surveillance computer systems that the FBI and NSA use for gang stalking.31 Just last week, one of the world’s largest and most secretive investment funds, Carlyle Group, paid Booz Allen $2.5 billion for part of its lucrative spy program, including spying on Americans in the privatization of government intelligence. “Booz Allen has been deeply involved in some of the Bush administration’s most controversial counter terror programs, including the infamous Total Information Awareness data-mining scheme.32

“And they don’t just provide technology. They provide, you know, all kinds of expertise and all kinds of management, consulting to these agencies, you know, help them decide how to spend their money down the road,” explains Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing author Tim Shorrock.33 “And they have many, many people on staff who have played very senior roles in intelligence… [in programs] designed to, you know, collect all kinds of information on American citizens to root out — to allegedly root out terrorism here [in the U.S.]. 70 percent of US intelligence budget money goes into private contractors’ hands, so oversight is a joke.”34
2. Lower echelon gang stalkers include recruited government rogue operatives, lower ranking military personnel, petty criminals and street thugs that are paid to daily physical monitor and harass TIs. Police gang-stalkers are called rakers.35
Gang stalking could be called extremist stalking. Doctors Kamphius and Emmelkamp recognize “more extreme forms of stalking,” describing typical gang stalking tactics used alongside common single stalking unwanted intrusions:
  • Smearing target by placing false advertisements or announcements…”
  • Spreading rumors about victim
  • Starting numerous frivolous law suits
  • Smearing victim’s home
  • Destroying or moving their property
  • Threatening violence and actually attacking victim
  • Intrusive following… ie: loitering in front of target’s home and other unexpected, unwelcome appearances in target’s private domain.
  • Persecutes targets by unwanted communications… frequent (often nightly) telephone calls, letters, e-mail, graffiti, notes (ie: left on target’s car), or packages (i.e. gifts, photos)…”
  • Involve people connected to victim – third party “victimization by association” — family, friends, colleagues, lawyers, psychiatrists or psychologists, etc.36
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Third Degree” Gang Stalking Aim
Terrorize, manipulate and torture the target to neutralize, eventually causing death from suicide or ionized radiation effects of covert weapons while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate.37 In the “War on Terror’s” counterinsurgency, this psychopathic “Watch Him Run” game via the world wide web technology enables observing TIs every move, 24/7, learning what the TI most appreciates in life to ruin it, making the TI wish, believe or ensure death; eventually killing the targeted prey. Computer technology is so pivotal to gang stalking, Swedish expert in the field Magnus Ollson calls TIs “Online Targets.”38 Any unregulated hate group, social or religious organization, neighborhood/community watch group with a computer-savvy member can obtain all information on any individual with only one initial bit of his/her personal information, and then, use all the new information to stalk, psychologically manipulate, and covertly induce injuries. That’s what surveillance looks like. Steven Ramba discusses dangerous consequences of dismantling privacy rights (below) in Anonymity Is Dead – Get Over It!, Computer-Aided Investigations, Databases and Privacy, Privacy is Dead: Community Watch Harassment, Electronic Profiling.

US research shows slightly over half of stalking cases cease within one year and one-quarter last 2-5 years .39 Gang stalking, however, can last 20 years or until death, according to Gunderson. Some TIs report the first three years of third degree-type attacks are the worst.
Most stalking victims were stalked long before realizing it. This consciousness can take years of 1st and even 2nd degree “bad luck;” “odd”, frightening, even terrorizing criminal harassment in various geographical environments by different stalkers, including a spouse, strangers and/or new “friends.” In discussing onset, psychologists of integrity with stalking victim expertise urge clients, “to determine when the stalking really began, keep thinking further back.”
Gang stalking became an operational U.S. government program in the US in the 1980s when government introduced the domestic counterinsurgency war.40 Mainly senior whistleblowers began being gang stalked then.41 Gang stalking has subesequently increased in scope, intensity and sophistication with new surveillance technology, including but not limited to  codenames Echelon Program, Carnivore System (out of Fort Meade, Maryland) and Tempest Systems. (The latter can decipher what’s on a computer screen a quarter of a mile away.)42
George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” declaration hours after 9/11 attacks was apparently a long-awaited call to arms for gang stalking mobilization in communities globally, against “unlawful combatants” – anyone opposed to the global cabal’s inhumane principles. With surveillance systems in place, annihilating the right to privacy completed the stage for a new era of gang stalking. Likened to Nazi Brown Shirts, gang stalkers’ post 9/11 pre-emptive strikes on innocent, low-profile, people of goodwill escalated dramatically internationally. Fox News in Salina, California, interviewed TI Lawrence Guzzinno. Local Santa Cruz police Lt. Larry Richard. Officer Richard told Fox that gang stalking’s been going on before the internet age and police are “becoming more aware of gang stalking.”
Nevertheless, some police officers gang stalk, such NYPD officers. ACLU reports that these police are called rakers: plainclothes officers deployed to spy on by parking nearby, track, photograph, compile information,, listen to conversations at Muslim restaurants and businesses, and identify“hotspots.” According to countless TI accounts, rakers are not limited to New York nor spying on Muslims. “Names of thousands of innocent New Yorkers have been placed in secret police files. Information is kept both in an intelligence database and on a standalone computer used to generate intelligence reports.”42 ACLU reports rakers are operating throughout New York City and extended to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and more – “on a false and unconstitutional premise.” In the Fox gang stalking report (below), it stated, “If found guilty of gang stalking in California, the stalker can face criminal conspiracy and stalking charges, all of which are felony charges.
Overarching Method: Track and Attack
In “3rd degree gang stalking,” ongoing mind and body attacks via gang-covert weapons are applied. Frequency and duration of extreme tactics are keys that eventually prompt TI awareness of being an innocent subject of interest.
Lower echelon gang stalkers place miniaturized microwave antennae close to the TI’s home/place of work, cars, along with computers and phones, enable tracking the target 24/7. Microwave surveillance weapons provide the target’s precise coordinates so perpetrators know exactly where to attack. Military grade microwave weapons in the Electronic Weaponry (EW) arsenal deployed for domestic use are then applied to invoke fear, terror, anger and/or other negative emotions; project mental imagery (such as self-mutilation, torture, murder of adults and children), project audio voices sending negative verbal messages (such as death threats) to continually fill the ears and radiate the target.43 Gang stalkers on foot amplify this technologically-induced behavior with in-community “foot soldier” traumatizing tactics, eventually inducing psychiatric injury.
In the U.S., several thousand gang stalkers44 are recruited, trained and paid in one form or another, such as drugs, according to PI David Lawson, author of Cause Stalking, a book based on his infiltrating a gang stalking cult.45 In training, gang stalkers are threatened, “Speak about the treatment; become a target.” Lawson says gang stalkers’ M.O. is fourfold: 1.Identify, 2. Vilify, 3. Nullify, 4. Destroy.
Using the phones and Iinternet data, gang stalkers coordinate taking turns attacking in-home and in-community, starting with small but noticeable tactics, increasing to more life-threatening ones. A typical gang stalking tactic snapshot includes: workplace mobbing target out of employment; blacklisting to ensure poverty; mail misdirecting, tampering, stealing; re-routing phone calls; cyber-hacking emails, passwords, “secure” bank details etc.; brighting: day or night oncoming or parked cars flash or keep bright lights on the TI at home or out in community; cars frequently honking at TI, frequent alarms, sirens sounding only when TI passes or is near; slander / smear campaigns; bugging home / workplace; trashing TI’s front yard / place of work; unforced home/office/car break-ins, often without stealing leaving increasingly threatening signs in home/workplace to alert TI someone invaded private space: trashing it, gas-lighting – e.g. moving objects/furniture in home, leaving blue ink stains, ripping/staining jeans/other clothing, or leaving cryptic messages, Nazi or KKK signs and death threats such as dead birds, feces, animal parts; remotely ruining electrical equipment/devices and vehicle; causing isolation and financial strain; street theater performed near TIs when out – small skits using messages specifically related to TI’s personal life few would know unless extremely stalked; sounding alarms each time TI passes nearby, such as car alarms, fire engine sirens, shop alarms; turn family members and friends against the target (such as the TI is subject of an investigation and gaining agreement by ordering complete confidentiality); ongoing computer hacking and phone interferences to isolate the target; poisoning, weapon assaults, deliberate vehicle “accidents,” set-ups on drug and other felony charges; murder.46
A Key objective: Isolation
Gang stalkers spread rumors and threaten people close to the TI to enlist others in shunning the TI. If the TI complains to friends, family and professionals, they join the persecution, re-victimizing the TI by ignoring, dismissing, insinuating mentally illness, and/or possibly forced institutionalization. Socially isolated, perpetrators can more easily terrorize the sitting duck without witness.
Some 10 percent of TIs experience gang stalkers’ “3rd degree treatment, Trauma-based mind control based on super computer programs, behavior modification, psychological conditioning, etc. founded on: 1) neuroscience, 2) psychology, and 3) ritual abuse torture.47
Reading the list below, consider the U.S. government’s sordid history of government non-consensual human experimentation. Also, as Robert Perry in a Consortium News special report states, “The U.S. government decries leaks, but the other side of the story is that key chapters of American history are hidden from the public for decades and maybe forever.” Key researcher in the field of mind control, Cheryl Welsh adds credibility to reports of perpetrators use microwave weapon antennae to deliver excruciating shocks, sub-dermal burns, internal heating, and sleep disruption/deprivation to slowly break the TI. Typical technologically attacked places are: spinal cord, ears, brain, uterus, other organs, legs and hands. Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services physicist Barrie Trower details microwave weapon assaults in a Stop The Crime interview by Deborah Tavares: Scientist Barrie Trower Targeting US UK citizens with Microwave weapons Cancer.
Jose Delgado’s brain-to-computer-to-brain technology is employed to attack the TI with continuous stimulus-response-type signals. Perpetrators hit the TI’s EEG with an antennae-causing interference pattern, in turn downloaded/demodulated onto a computer. Non-consensual implantation of RFID chips and other above-mentioned technology are unregulated, thus publicly unrecognized for the perfect crime.
3rd Degree Technical Assaults/Symptoms
Welsh lists the following typical TI experiences:
  • Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
  • Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
  • Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
  • Manipulation of emotions
  • Reading thoughts remotely
  • Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
  • Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
  • Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
  • Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
  • Control of sleep patterns.
  • Computer-brain interface, control and communication
  • Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities.48
In retrospect, technological programs have been revealed as having been in use for years, even decades, before their public revelation. While time reveals all (tempus omnia revelat), Dr. Cheryl Welsh, Dr. Barrie Trowers, Paul Baird, Magnus Ollson, Marshall Gregory Thomas, Ted Gunderson and others show that each control tactic listed below has at the very least been a goal by the U.S. government and an aim by defense contractors for Full Spectrum Dominance.49 One can speculate they are being applied to TIs as non-consenting human experimentees.
Mind Control – Controlled, manipulated thoughts, feelings, ultimately behavior
  • Control thoughts, feelings and expression to control behavior.
  • Apply dark neuro linguistic programming and gang stalking street theater coinciding with programming that anchors feelings to specific words, colors, types of people, objects to create illusion of ”guilt,” “frustration” and other negative emotions.
  • Apply hypnotic “trigger words,” psychotronic attacks, voices/sounds in head (V2K) to induce sensations, feelings, behaviors.
  • Use monitored/manipulated remote neural influences and subliminal ELF low hertz waves from Cell Towers etc. to control attention (where to look, what to think, in what terms)
  • Mind-read verbatim and broadcast thoughts; erase/alter thoughts/memories; induce memories and ”synthetic” associations to false memories (possibly by intelligence super-computers).
  • Induce disturbing, lucid dreams, visions, thoughts, imagery.
  • Induce sleep disorders/deprivation, possibly temporary paralysis or micro-comas to force trauma, visions, sounds, and fear of sleep.
Social Control Isolate TI
  • Fabricate criminal evidence, incarcerate.
  • Discredit by spreading lies, rumors.
  • Workplace mob into poverty.
  • Manipulate loss of friends/family with rumors, threats and/or direct control so loved ones are continually rude, hostile, condescending – creating emotional trauma and isolation.
  • Mental illness set-up: Use weaponry to induce mental illness symptoms (subconscious voices, V2K) so describing experiences prompt mental illness diagnosis/possibly forced institutionalization.
  • Substance abuse set-up: Food tampering to induce substance abuse signs and destroy reputation;
  • Induce disease pain/debilitation: Weaponry can mimic virtually any disease.50
  • Thought surveillance. Read TIs’ thoughts by brain-mapping from Low-Orbiting Satellites connected to Cell Towers and Super-Computers on Earth. In some extreme cases, see though a TI’s eyes in real-time. (TI brain implants are common; with RFID implants or wirelessly with inhaled/consumed nanites/nano machines in the bloodstream attaching to nerves.)
  • Remotely track to know where TI is and is directing attention.
  • GPS surveillance. Track TIs 24/7 with cell communication towers and satellites.
  • Remote Neural Monitoring: Brain-mapping – brain functioning as a fingerprint, then picked up by satellites, enabling surveillance thoughts. Gang stalkers often let the TI know s/he is under surveillance and convince no escape is possible. Stalkers insult the TI, or say something only known by the TI, indicating verbatim “Remote (Real-Time) Mind Reading.”
  • Financial surveillance. Organize stalking tactics forcing bankruptcy and/or poverty.
Torture: Physical, Mental, Psychological - with ICT-Implants and/or non-lethal weapons.
  • Gradually intensify 24/7 body pain using ICT-Implants/other transmitting devices “non-lethal weapons,” Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) or simply radiation.
  • Induce pain in spinal cord or back, lethargic, aching pains; back of head (Cerebellum) or various regions responsible for memory and imagination; “amygdala” or limbic system; forehead or frontal lobe (induces scattered or slurred speech).
  • “Cook” brain (slightly heat brain or hypothalamus to induce synthetic emotional states or stress disorders (ELF waves also cause depression or stress tuned at 6.6Hz).
  • Electroshock brain, nervous system, body to cause involuntary body movements.
  • Induce chest pain, palpitations, adrenal rushes; toothache, gum-bleeding, pain in jaw and/or glandular regions; heart attacks or slowed heart beats, panic attacks, chronic anxiety, fast-pace heart beats; pain in vital organs: liver, stomach, heart, lungs, eyes, genitals among others; beam eyes like pin prick causing itching, tearing and/or red eye
  • Contaminate food in home, shops, restaurants etc.
  • Heat air near nostrils, lacking oxygen.
  • Electronically “rape” TI (asleep or awake) by inducing genital stimulation or swelling.
Hypnotic trigger words
  • Manipulate trigger words to mimic any above-listed symptoms: radiation, pain, bad tastes, head aches, and so on or trigger unbearable fatigue.
  • Trigger words come in whole sequences, like taken out of a dictionary with all symptoms and all words that sound alike or similar.
  • Some trigger words affect mind and body. Others have emotional effects only (sensitization of TI to certain words that trigger negative emotions, i.e. disgust, fear, anger).
  • Reinforce trigger words with dark NLP and local gang stalking tactics.
  • Couple TI routines with trigger words (initially difficult to recognize).
  • Cause brain to be unable to always differentiate between manipulated belief and reality.
  • Once TI discovers trigger words, they are “released.” “Truth” awareness wins over lie the mind’s been told. Perpetrators then typically introduce new trigger words by programming them into the subconscious.
Mental pain
  • Loud synthetic telepathy. Stalkers speak to some victims 24/7 using CIA or secret service interrogation techniques, “V2K” (voice to skull, or loud synthetic telepathy). A learning computer with a synthetic voice modulated in any voice, initially takes over partially and later, full time for sleep deprivation, keeping TI tired, thus lowering natural immunity system and emotional control.
  • Silent synthetic telepathy. Without hearing stalkers’ voices, thought manipulation occurs, directing attention. This communication is experienced as a repetition of “thoughts,” like a tape repeatedly playing one’s thoughts, word by word.
Psychological pain
  • Bullying at work, at home by friends and family
  • If TI relocates, new “attackers” and “manipulators” are in new location (globally connected via phone and internet)
  • Gang stalkers perform public street theatre, acting rude and insulting. Up to 20 gang members in public when TI is out alone strategically hatefully glare or point and laugh at the TI. This might appear to follow a pattern, but when the TI sees that, is no longer shocked or is prepared for it, gang stalkers reset to new harassment. Gangs might perform a whole show, appearing as a predetermined plot based on the TIs thinking; “thought surveillance” perceived as humiliating.
  • TI rarely sees same participants twice. Gangs can have as many as 100 – 200 or more members in one community, all interconnected to gangs in other communities nationally, even globally.
  • Stalkers enter TI home with unforced entry tools, at first with no theft but leaving signs, such as moving items. Eventually, stalkers destroy items and/or leave foreign objects, kill pets…
  • TI experiences ongoing theft when out in various places.
  • Stalkers destroy means of transportation.
Denied support
  • Health professionals dismiss TI accounts without investigating.
  • Possible forced psychiatric institutionalization and loss of all human rights.
  • Police (I.e. rakers) gang stalk or refuse to help TI.
  • Workplace mobbing and computerized employment blacklisting for forced work far below specialization or unemployment.
  • Forced to take wrong medication and agree to stigmatizing labels to receive pension
  • Media ignores TI-cause.
Other possible experiences/symptoms
  • Frequent, strange, “odd” coincidences occur, up to several times a day.
  • In thoughts, TI can intercept TV programming, depending on subject of interest.
  • TV personalities copy and harass TI.
  • TI thoughts become reality
  • Expectations become exactly opposite, leading to cognitive dissonance.
Further technological information of the TI treatment is presented by Paul Baird on his Surveillance Issues51 website and watch Thomas Marshall’s 10-minute video commentary (below), Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment (Marshall formerly worked in NASA Technical Department until discovering evidence on secret unlawful activities. He then became wheelchair bound. Rehabilitated, Thomas pledges allegiance to the TI cause.
In conclusion, if you are among your community’s best members, you are higher on the gang stalking hit-list. Upon realizing being persecuted through stalking, only seek support from understanding, most trusted people you know. Avoid not only stalkers as best as possible, but also every person, family member or other, who minimizes your reports and fears by saying you are overreacting. Every week, stalkers harm people. Their assaults can be lethal. It’s illogical and cruel for anyone to imply you caused the stalking, and /or, “Get over it and it will go away.” It’s is dangerous to believe or trust discrediting people. Many people do understand. You are not alone.
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