Charleston Shooting: Comprehensive Proof Its a Hoax - Conspiracy Exposed

Vatic note:  I watched the video and the creator of this video is not far off base in his analysis.  This is a must watch to see for yourselves. There are two commentators, the original video person who filmed this, and the presenter who agrees with his analysis. So be sure and wait since we have two speakers on this one, and they both have good instincts that we should listen to. 

This does so remind me of Sandy Hook, that its not even funny.   The tempo and pace of these being interviewed are almost exactly the same, and yet, their relationship with one of the victims, suggests they should have been a lot more upset than they were.  And just like Sandy Hook, these bereaved people are smiling and laughing.  Unbelievably bad acting. 

You could almost tell that what they were saying was scripted and given who runs Hollywood, and our country, it makes sense that this was a "production".  The khazars pulled this off in the middle east and it worked, but its definitely not working here.   In fact, the result of this is a disbelief anymore of any violent actions by anyone against anyone else.  I simply find it impossible to buy into this production.

I also like this list of reasons for the cabal doing this kind of production.  I have said all along they cannot complete their agenda without taking our guns and that is the prime reason for all of this, as has been the case in every single false flag we have had.  As I said before, "Its not going to work".   Either we are God lead in this matter, or the Powers that be are very bad at what they do. 

No wonder the movie industry is suffering a decline.   You watch and see what you think.  Has anyone seen any blood yet???  I hope they at least fixed that part of it from previous false flags.  No blood is a sign that its not real. 

Charleston Shooting: Comprehensive Proof Its a Hoax - Conspiracy Exposed 
Published by God rules, on Jul 16, 2015


1. Erode your freedom to bear arms (own a gun).
2. Erode freedom of speech.
3. Erode your online freedom, by removing "hate speech" from websites online
(and then defining anything the government does not like as "hate" speech).


U.S Law Enforcement Says Anti-Government Extremist Worse Than ISIS (Redsilverj)

Your right to bear arms and speak freely is more dangerous to some in the government than actual terrorists.

Ted Nugent speaks on the idiocy of banning guns in an Interview With Piers Morgan:

Hollywood Idiots Like Jim Carrey Promoting The Banning of Guns:

Charleston Shooting Hoax Ultimate Exposed (Redsilverj)

FNN: Hillary Clinton Speaks on Charleston Church Shooting

Hard Proof of Wax Dummies in Fake Charleston Shooting Hoax

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Anonymous said...


As much as I would love to see the demise of Wall St and the Federal Government, I tend to agree with the idea that we are being set up to be handed over to China. I found a comment on another site where a woman left a post saying she had worked for DHS for several years and then left, she said she left because as close as she could tell the DHS had an agenda:
1 - Overthrow the Constitutional Republic
2- Genocide the American people
3- Facilitate as peacefully as possible a hand over America - all land and improvements to China, a division of the NWO to satisfy debt owed.

I believe that she has given us an honest assessment and it explains why Bush took us from being the largest creditor in the world to being the largest debtor and Obama more than doubled that debt - like Greece, bankrupt and country and hand it over to the ruling elites of the NWO, in this case China - a division of the NWO....why BRICS is the flip side of the same Central Bankers/NWO coin.
How will they genocide American? I am betting a huge false flag is being planned - so big that the resulting chaos will guarantee them a huge reduction in numbers, this will likely be followed by the engineered collapse of the dollar. With the masses starving and rioting, massive death and destruction, the population running to Fema camps for food and shelter - I believe this is what Obama has long been planning for us.
And then yesterday, I found this: