What the Khazars Fear Most! CHRISTIANITY!!!

Vatic Note:  Is that why The Khazars killed 63 million Christians after their take over of Russia and another 3.5 million Christians after WWII, with the Russian occupation of Germany?  My next request is that everywhere you see the term "Jews", please substitute "Khazars".   Real Jews follow the Torah and the non-Babylonian Talmud. The khazars carried much of their pagan religion with them into Israel and their version of the Jewish Zionist faith.  Real Jews are not Zionists.  

They have had to seek asylum in both London and NY from the khazars who are emigrating from Russia.  They are the new settlers in Israel and are NOT SEMITES.  Keep in mind that Brother Nathaneal is a real Jewish person who converted to Christianity, like many in ancient times had done when Christ was teaching on this planet.   Remember also the same Jewish people were also the apostles and disciples of Christ.

What the Khazars Fear Most!  CHRISTIANITY!!!
Brother Nathanel,  Real Jew News, 

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JEWS FEAR CHRISTIANITY more than any other thing. Here’s Why:
1) Christianity tells Jews that their leaders committed Deicide against Jesus Christ. (Jews always blame others for their crimes.)
2) Christianity tells Jews that they must repent of their sins. (Jews consider “repentance” repulsive.)
3) Christianity tells Jews that all men can become “one in Christ.” (Jews wish to be an elite group.)
4) Christianity tells Jews that they must value Spiritual things above worldly things. (Jews are crass materialists.)
5) Christianity tells Jews that they are not to be trusted in spheres of influence because of their hatred of Jesus Christ. (Jews quake and tremble before such a reproof!)

* “We Jews don’t believe in Jesus Christ because he was a mere man who pretended to be God.”
Translate: “We Jews find it repugnant to believe as the goyim.”
* “We Jews have our own religion and the Gentiles have theirs.”
Translate: “We Jews don’t care about the Gentiles just as long as they put up Holocaust Museums.”
* “We Jews are God’s chosen people and do not need to convert.”
Translate: “We Jews have created our own god: ‘Jews!’”

A CHRISTIAN NATION would make the Jews second-class citizens.
This is something that the Jews fear. Jews want to be on the top of the ladder and be the leaders.

But this is a bad idea. Why? Because Jews hate Jesus Christ and who wants Christ-haters telling us what to do?

Jesus Christ was so beautiful. He taught us wonderful things like “love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.” But the Jews don’t like this teaching. Jews see all men as their enemies and wish to bomb them into annihilation. 

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to wonder if the "fake jews" are the goyim, they themselves, despise.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded to ask : Is it the "real" jews who worship the RED jew heifer cow "messiah", or the "fake" jews who worship the RED heifer jew cow "messiah", or a combination of "fake" jews and "real" jews who worship the RED jew heifer cow "messiah"?

Also, the jews in Israel last week burned down a Catholic church in Israel, one of many jew attacks on Catholic churches in the Holy Land. Are the jew attacks on Catholic churches in the Holy Land , including the recent burning down of a Catholic church, carried out by "fake" jews or "real" jews, or a combination of both?

The only thing the jews fear is a revival of very old-fashioned Catholicism. The kind that doesn't exist anymore, not really. Jews don't fear Protestantism, they never did, the jews helped foment the Protestant Reformation, or more correctly, the protestant revolt. As the jews only feared the kind of Catholicism that doesn't obtain today, not even closely obtaining, I would say you can safely relax now Vatic Project Man.

[ No, the jews don't fear Nazism either, just old fashioned Catholicism that doesn't exist anymore.]

One more question : The jews involved behind the scenes fomenting the Protestant Reformation/Revolt, were they "fake" jews, or were they "real" jews, or were they a combination of "fake" jews and "real" jews working hand-in-hand?

I ask you all the above because you're an expert on who is who in the world of jews.

From : Salvatore

Vatic Master said...

I presume your comments are from the same person, so I will address this in one post. The Khazars are the ones that wrote the protocols through their international congress of the day and Rothschild put it into protocols in the late 1800's. The protocols were a global blueprint for world domination by the ZIONISTS who were also Khazars who are not goyim, but instead are a combination of canaanites, turks, and mongols. They were paganists who converted to Judaism to avoid the take over of their nation by Catholics and Muslims. They continued with their pagan religion using Jewish symbols and tools, such as the Babylonian Talmud. They put such restrictions in the Talmud such as "one cannot rape a child under 3.5 years old." They are not the torah Jews at all. They are zionists, land grabbers who have no claim to such land, but needed it as a base to conduct their psychopathic plans for global domination and depopulation.

I suggest you go back and read all that has been written about all of this and how it came about. We have done an extensive history on all of this and much research and found out it is the ASHKENAZI JEWS who are not Jews, either by DNA or by religion (Satanists/pagans). You need to catch up on the reading and then all of this will be much more clear and thanks for giving me the opportunity to remind everyone about who we are dealing with here. Soul-less psychopathic child molesters and satanic ritual abusers. The real Jews have been chased out of Israel and had to seek asylum in both London and New York.