What Does Hastert Know About Hillary Clinton That His “Scandal” Popped Up Out Of NO WHERE?

Vatic Note:  If he knows more than we do, then Hitlary is in real trouble...... because what we know would already get her impeached before she even wins any election, and that is going all the way back to Arkansas.  Just the Libya situation alone, would get her arrested anywhere else, but not here now that her friends from a foreign country have already taken control of our government. 

Hillary is a tool of the Zionists way more than Obama is and that is saying a lot since Obama is locked up in the Khazars Hook, line, and sinker.  She is locked up no less than Jeb Bush, so its not just the Dems, its also the GOPers.  I used to ask myself,  "why did she agree to take a lesser position and give up fighting the results of the Obama win?" And she agreed to this before the Bilderbergs meeting and before the election results were announced and she did not fight it and became Sec of State, why?

As vicious, smart and psychopathic as she is, she would have won easily, if she really wanted it.  I think it became clear that if she won the nomination, the dems may have lost the Presidency since Ron Paul was cutting into her lead, with democrats that would have voted for him.  Now the question is "what does Hastert have on her?"   On the other hand, this could be the Nazi's setting him/her up by alluding to a scandal that does not exist.   That is strictly speculation on my part.

Anyway, its an interesting proposition he is putting forth here and may have something to it.  Read it and watch the video and see what you think. 

What Does Hastert Know About Hillary Clinton That His “Scandal” Popped Up Out Of NO WHERE?

Hastert officially became speaker at the beginning of 1999, following the tenure of Newt Gingrich.  Hastert ended up serving in that position until 2007.

Hastert spent many hours around the Clinton’s, shuckin’ n jivin’.   All of the sudden, in 2015, 8 years after he left the Speaker post, a scandal presents itself, leaving Hastert on the defense??   True, what he did was wrong & he should be found out.  Especially this scandal: Child Trafficking, hat tip, Chris H. And the fact that there is a truth behind the allegations against Dennis Hastert that involved Queen Hillary…

But, why has this all come out now??   Why not 7 years ago before Hillary Clinton decided to be Queen of America?  We all know how the Clinton’s have a death pool: The Clinton “Dead Pool” – Nachumlist.  So, they will stop at nothing to get in power. 

Hastert was also one of the Rep’s to march in with impeachment papers for Bill Clinton in 1998.

So…What does Hastert know about Hillary Clinton….? Inquiring minds want to know.


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