KICK OUT CONGRESS: Fast-Track Passes – Obama has Authority to Negotiate Trade Deals

Vatic Note:    Double check the votes on this fast track and see if your Congressman or senator voted for it.  If he did then he/she needs to be gone.  Its another Nafta and our jobs will fly overseas to slave labor countries.  We have discussed this before, but now, its a reality. 

Breaking: Fast-Track Passes – Obama has Authority to Negotiate Trade Deals
By "The Resistance Journals",  June 24, 2015

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June 24, 2015

The Senate voted Wednesday to give President Barack Obama “fast track” authority to negotiate trade deals—one of the final steps in a long political battle that pitted the White House against House Democrats.
The bill—which passed 60-38 in the Senate—will be sent to the president’s desk later this afternoon, but it was not immediately clear when he would sign it.
Visit our article here to see what you can do to stop the TPP. I will warn you though, now that Fast-Track authority has been granted to our dictator, it is just as bad as if the TPP was passed.
Source – CNBC

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